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It sets the tone for the rest of the album: sullen, searching and serious. Miller's most introspective moments are telling.

Turtle: The Incredible Journey movie download

Even the album's most upbeat moments Flying Lotus-produced "S. Guest verses come and go, similar to the other sea creatures that the turtle Mac Miller encounters on its journey.

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  • On Watching Movies With the Sound Off, Mac Miller Returns — With a Little Help From His Friends;
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  • » On Watching Movies With the Sound Off, Mac Miller Returns — With a Little Help From His Friends.

Earl the seahorse provides a low-pitched hook on "I'm Not Real. Once album-ender "Youforia" finished, the lights came back on and the screen went black; leaving the turtle's fate up to interpretation. He named his breakout mixtape K.

Mac Miller Talks Watching Movies With The Sound Off

He's a softie on the low, someone who gets sucked in by the heartbreakingly romantic storyline of one of his favorites, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind , just as much as he does by the utter mindfuck that serves as the film's premise. He even recently broke his long-standing aversion to horror films by heading to the theaters to see Paranormal Activity, discovering in the process that he's one of those people who stands and yells "AW, FUCK" when the scenes get intense.

And, like most kids his age, his love of Netflix—the nature docs in particular, which is how he found the sea turtle documentary in the first place—borders on an obsession. The idea of nothing being real, if everything is not actual reality. So [that track] is kinda toying with that. Naturally, with all that percolating inside his head, film references bleed into his music, with numerous tracks on Watching Movies With The Sound Off , as well as his recent guest verses on Statik Selektah and Earl Sweatshirt projects, containing direct nods to Hollywood's creative output.

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This week, XXL visited Rostrum's headquarters to talk movies, sea turtles and the films behind some of his most overt silver screen references. My heart raced as she struggled to reach the shoreline, narrowly escaping the clutches of a ravenous crab. Even once she was swept away by the water, I shuddered as birds repeatedly dove into the water, nearly piercing her still-soft shell with their hungry beaks. I watched her escape great peril, and get lost in the doldrums for a solid five years. I saw her sleep, and eat, and fight, and grow. She coexisted with seahorses and fish and hid from sharks and whales as an infant.

Mac Miller Previews 'Watching Movies With the Sound Off' in NYC: First Listen | Billboard

But as she grew into adolescence, came to peacefully coexist with the sharks and whales, as well. I saw her eat the jellyfish that killed everything else around her, and ultimately avenge her lost infant siblings when as an adult, she feasted on the very crabs that kill newborn turtles.

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  5. I admired a twenty-one year journey filled with so many experiences. Dangers, wonders, and maturation. And at the end of it all, she turned around. Twenty-two years and over ten thousand kilometers later, she returned to the waters she first entered at birth. So few turtles survive their long journey and make it back home. But if they do not find each other, their whole lives are in vain. She happened to stumble upon a male turtle who had successfully conquered the same obstacles as she did, and their union was a magical one. Her final journey was back to the very beach she was born on.

    And there she laid her eggs beneath the sand, carefully burying them, and then returning to the water to live out the rest of her days.

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    Against all odds, and trials and tribulations that best many others like and even unlike herself, she survived. Not only survived, but accomplished what she had set out to accomplish. External image. All you need to do is click on the. Turtle: The Incredible Journey.