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Prepare to face the horrors lurking beneath its bloodstained decks. Shoot your way through a bloodsoaked nightmare straight out of a horror movie. Confront hordes of alarmingly intelligent enemies as the ship's deck lurches constantly under your feet. Features:Clever action: Interact with close to a dozen different traps offered by your environment to eliminate frantic and fiendishly clever enemies, or choose in an array of seven devastating and varied weapons.

Horror to the gore: Fight your way through a blood-soaked nightmare straight out of a horror movie. Spill your path with liters of blood as you blast through hordes of lurking, vicious enemies. Into the center of the storm: Survive in the middle of a ferocious arctic storm that constantly rocks the ship's deck under your feet. Every step you take, the raging weather wind, waves, rain and breakers will oppose your advance. Rock the boat: Challenge or take advantage of the constantly shifting environment: cling on handrails, avoid deadly falls and lure your enemies into dangerous areas where only you can survive.

Real shivers: Immerse yourself in one of the most detailed and realistic horror experience. Will you have what it takes to confront it? A riveting storyline: Discover how it all started in a startling and brilliantly told storyline. Get help from mysterious and attaching characters and oppose sick-minded mobsters and mad scientists. Horror new territories: Onboard a mysterious whaler ship, or deep inside the entrails of a sickly parasited oil rig explore vast, crumbling, oppressive and constantly moving environments. Altered Beast for PS2. Players take on the role of a special military operative in a team, sent to a small West Coast town to investigate a deadly genetic outbreak.

Quickly the team realise that their mission is a battle for survival as they are hunted by all manner of monster. With bullets unable to hold back these unholy beasts, the team are forced to manipulate their own DNA systems in order to survive. Changing into a Werewolf, Dragon, Minotaur and many more, you will take on wave after wave of the mutated genetic monsters. As the line between human restraint and primal instinct blurs, nothing is left but the savage desire to uncover the true nature of the beast.

Features:Morph into more than eight creatures, each with their own combat techniques and skills. Manipulate your Genetic DNA system to assign powerful and strategic attributes to each beastGraphic CG sequences show the horrific transformations from man to beast. Huge 3D areas to explore, each with its own monstrous boss to defeat. Uncover clues and follow a twisted tale of genetic experimentation to discover your true origin.

MX vs. Area 51 for PS2. ToCA Race Driver 3 is the latest edition of the long-running series that's famous for providing the most exciting wheel-to-wheel racing action on console and PC. ToCA Race Driver 3 takes the variety of motorsport experiences available in Race Driver 2 and expanding on it even further, so no matter what your taste in racing, you'll find something to suit you.

Race on tracks from all over the world, take the story-driven "world tour" mode if you want to get straight to where the action is, or for the people wanting the nuts and bolts, take the "Pro Career" mode and work you way up the ladder in different disciplines of motorsport, aiming for the pinnacle of your chosen field. Sniper Elite for PS2. In Sniper Elite, players assume the role of an American sniper, disguised as a German soldier and dropped into war torn Berlin by the American OSS to gather intelligence on the top-secret German Atomic research.

If his mission fails, control of the world's Atomic technology will fall into the hands of Stalin and the Soviet Army, throwing the world's political climate into chaos. In the undercover mission, players will utilize their sniper training to gain access to key positions by taking out machine guns, armored vehicles, guard posts and sentries through stealth and pinpoint accuracy. Like a true sniper, players will have to follow their wits and instincts and utilize both first and third-person perspectives to negotiate through 28 open-ended levels in war-torn Berlin.

In taking aim at enemy soldiers, players will need to consider gravity, wind speed, heart rate, breathing and posture to successfully hit their target in one of the most authentic sniping mechanics ever devised. Players can even take up the fight or go head-to-head with a friend in the cooperative or competitive offline play modes, or even engage in a game of worldwide cat-and-mouse with up to eight players online. Create a rider or skier and build a career as you progress from a slope-side wannabe to a black-diamond-dominating rockstar. Compete for medals or just tear up the massive new mountain, but make sure you look good doing it because your reputation is always on the line.

Pull off jaw-dropping monster tricks to out-style your competitors while hurtling down the slopes at supersonic speeds. SSX On Tour is packed with all-new highly detailed tracks, new stylish player customization options, new monster tricks, and multiplayer options. Define your style as a boarder or skier with tons of customizable assets including licensed equipment, hairstyles, and accessories.

The Tour: Create a snow-slicing, gravity defying mountain icon and climb the ranks of the circuit to become the ultimate black-diamond rockstar. All-New Shred Challenges: Raise your status on the mountain by dominating off-track races that reinvent the way you face off on the slopes. Once you prove yourself in the shreds you'll be ready for the first stop of The Tour. From crowded groomers to untouched powder fields, no detail is too small in this diverse environment as you seamlessly explore all four unique sections of the mountain.

Try On Twin Tips: All-new skiing lets you create tricks in a unique way and add another dimension to the racing gameplay. Huge Air and Monster Tricks: Defy gravity and throw down the all-new Monster Tricks with a touch of the right analog stick. The Culture Comes Alive: Experience life on the mountain like never before with fresh art, pumping music, grown-up bosses, and new Monsters of Metal and Style Blaster events.

WWE SmackDown! RAW delivers the deepest and most realistic wrestling experience ever. New high-resolution textures and motion-captured technology bring WWE programming to life like never before. The improved fighting system will bring a new level of realism and tactical thinking to matches, while the enhanced online mode will create a virtual WWE championship on PS2.

RAW Destroy All Humans! Sequel to the widely acclaimed hit - Destroy All Humans! Start new story missions without returning to the Mothership or explore the open world with a huge variety of side missions relevant to the game's storylineCo-Op Multiplayer - Team up with another player and Destroy All Humans together via split-screen Co-Op Game mode. Play through the entire single player game together or replay missions already completed. Plus, play in special two player mini games throughout the game like PK Tennis and moreNew Weapons, Mental Abilities and Upgrades - Take on the world with enhanced alien weaponry, including the all new Meteor Strike, and Disclocator, or utilize your mental abilities with old and new favorites like PK, Cortex Scan, Transmogrify and Mind Flash.

Upgrade your weapons and abilities or purchase new ones through the Abduction Vault on the Mothership. Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires for PS2. In Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires, the armies of the kingdom are at your command! The player's ultimate goal is to conquer the 25 regions of Ancient China and build an entire Empire using cunning diplomacy and uncompromising force.

Before each battle, the player will meet with the war council to decide upon military and political policies for the kingdom; then it's time for war. Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires gives armchair generals total control of their kingdom. Now, gamers can issue direct orders to each officer or signal general commands to officers on the field. Players will order when the army will take the offensive, defend their ground, or have all officers gather for an ambush.

Gamers can also choose the officers for an attack force, entice captives into joining the kingdom's service and even expel officers from the kingdom. There's even greater authority over Government, Product Development, Diplomacy and Battle Tactics with the game's 25 new policies for a total of 75 in all. The game's imperial-sized action includes 4 scenarios to unlock, 2-Player Co-Op play in "Empire" and "Free" modes, new items to unlock, and control of over officers! Once the dust has settled, there's the real history of Ancient China to discover in the game's detailed Encyclopaedia.

College Hoops 2K7 for PS2. Dante's past is now revealed as Devil May Cry returns to its roots. Master Dante's multiple fighting styles while battling never before seen demons and new characters as you fight your way towards a brutal confrontation with Dante's mysterious twin brother, Vergil. Key Features:Choose Dante's fighting style - maximize the impact of close-up blade attacks, or blow enemies away from a distance.

Huge arsenal of weapons - handguns, shotguns, swords, and more. A horde of demonic enemies - more ferocious than ever - with powerful weapons and abilities to transform and fly. Ford Racing 3 for PS2. Ford Street Racing for PS2. Gran Turismo 3 for PS2. Featuring gameplay that is true to the original, NBA JAM will have players spinning with ankle breaking moves to the basket and on the way to high-flying, backboard-smashing dunks. At launch, gamers will be able to take on all rivals playing Classic 2-on-2 online for the first time ever, measuring their success on Friends and Global Leaderboards.

In December , the online features for NBA JAM will expand significantly with several major online features being delivered through a free title update for connected gamers. In December, connected fans will be able to team-up locally and online to compete in Remix Games, including classic arcade hoop games like Backboard Smash, Domination Free-for-All, Elimination, and Fans will also be able to make it a Jam Party online by inviting up to 3 friends to play.

Plus, gamers will be able to take on the world in Online Progression, levelling up through a series of challengers and secret online JAM Challenges to unlock online exclusive rewards and hidden content in the ultimate quest for global bragging rights. NHL 07 for PS2. Ratatouille for PS2. Salt Lake for PS2. Thorgal: Odin's Curse for PS2.

Warriors Orochi 2 for PS2. NBA 2K9 is the premier basketball game for serious players, and will deliver the most realistic, stylistic, and feature-rich simulation experience ever available in the NBA 2K franchise - from game play to graphics, presentation and online features. Features:Shot Stick Advanced - The revolutionary Shot Stick control system takes it one step further, allowing you to change your shots in mid-air.

Your teammates will initiate cuts, picks, and post-ups based on how you handle the ball, while your opponent modifies strategy to fit the pace of the game. The Association 2. With NBA. All-New Broadcast Team - Analyst Clark Kellogg and sideline reporter Cheryl Miller join color commentator Kevin Harlan to create one of the most knowledgeable broadcast teams in the game.

This also includes the newly revamped Reelmaker, where you can now direct your own digital video highlight reels and post them on 2KSports. Welcome to the Arena, where high-ranking warriors are transformed into spineless mush. Abandoning every ounce of common sense and any trace of doubt, you lunge onto a stage of harrowing landscapes and veiled abysses. Your new environment rejects you with lava pits and atmospheric hazards as legions of foes surround you, testing the gut reaction that brought you here in the first place.

Your new mantra: Fight or be finished. Devil May Cry for PS2. Onimusha Warlords for PS2. Improved controls allow players to move and fight with analog-stick precision. The crisp, high-definition visuals support widescreen as well as the original resolution display. A new soundtrack brings the feudal Japan setting to life with an air of authenticity and intrigue. Experience this enhanced version of the best-selling action-adventure classic! Grab your board and take on the slopes of SSX as you've never seen them before. Two brand-new runs, six never-before-seen riders, and tons of original tricks, shortcuts, and jumps make SSX Tricky the ultimate snowboarding experience.

If you think you've mastered every trick in the book, think again. With voices supplied by Hollywood celebrities, the SSX Tricky riders come to life on the snow-covered icy mountain courses. Establish friendships, create rivalries, and show off your high-flying skills in three different types of races, and when you're ready to catch real air, reach into your bag and bust out one of the new crazy Uber Tricks.

What are you waiting for? Grab that board and get Tricky! Features: All new "Garibaldi" and "Valdez" courses. Garibaldi, located in British Colombia, Canada, appears as a instantly fun "big air" first course, but in reality has even more replay-ability than any of the courses in the original SSX. Set in the Wilds of Alaska, Valdez features near vertical sections of snow that link the multitude of huge cliff drops on what promises to be the scariest, "edge-of- your-board" course yet.

The characters are coming to life! Details correct at time of going to press. Wile stochs last. Manufactured under license by Electronic Arts Inc. It might be a long way off, but Final Fantasy XI is stil getting us excited. The player wilt be able to select from a number of options such as. Players will be able to form teams of up to six players for adventuring and chat in real-time.

The location for the game is a fantasy world named Vana Dir, a civilization blessed with the. In recent history this power was used to ght a battle with the monsters', a war that decimated beautiful cities and villages,. Twenty years after the ghting ceased, this world is starting to get back to normal - until evil begins to disseminate again across Vana Dir and the people look to the Crystals' power as their saviour As is the norm for RPGs, in particular those of the rinal Fantasy series, the plot may seem rather. What should be of most interest to less RPG-. As was previously announced the title will be played through a Web-based portal called PlayOnline and your characters and games will continue to develop even while you are ofine.

The game looks to include an abundance of NPCs non-player characters to bolster the action. Furthemiore, there will be a large variety of 'ethnic. Can someone translate the translation please? The Humans are the most balanced in their abilities, but they are by no. Oi Kazunori-sanI We'll be your best mate and everything!

Bass Strike. Why not make a game that involves standing around In a drafty boat trying to catch sh you'll never get to eat. Oh, they already did. The game is due for release in April he week 0PS2 went to press. Great news then that SCEE. During an interview with members of the Kingdom Hearts development team at Square's HQ in T okyo, 0PS2 was given a hands-on preview of the game In action that revealed impressive graphical representations of some much-loved Disney characters.

The stoiy as we understand it centres around a boy named Sora who sets out on an adventure with Donald. Duck and Captain Goofy. Both parties are searching for missing people: Sora for his two best friends RIku and Kairi. They are characterised by their ability to change their form by stealing the hearts and souls. Sora, Goofy and Donald do what any right-minded game heroes would do and set out to save the universe. It might seem odd for a Japanese company famous for Its complex RPGs to be embarking on an action adventure,. Square has had to obey certain 'rules' of Disney - you certainly won't be able to kill off Pluto and vtlnnle should you wish, 'The Disney characters don't die,".

Hashamoto assured us, "We've tried to keep In with the Disney philosophy and mix it with our visuals There are no ;un shootings! Other than the Disney philosophy. Square has been orced to engross Itself in its all-Important style as well. SquatB staff went to lectures and studied the animation of Disney in depth.

Disney saw our character modelling and aid It's excellent - it was great for us," continues. Hashamoto, As you can see from screenshots here, they vere right to lay on the praise. It seems the pairing is a good one, and one that may e repeated, as Hashamoto enthuses, "We hope Disney ipproaches us to do two or three more.

[ MB] Download Lagu SSX TRICKY All Characters Tricks MP3 - Cepat Mudah GRATIS

MGS2 gets the Kubrick model treatment. Need them. Yup, we've got the Planet Of The Apes ones too. Solid 2 coilectabies. KubrIcK the cool toy company that has already produced miniature models of the characters from The Blair Witch And thie Japanese magazine thiat coughied up these babies..

However we reckon these stylish Kubrick. Attack Skeleton destroying double-sword stabs and power-ups. Defence Although fairly weak, has access. Samurai Warrior chic - the looks of Japanese lm star Kaneshiro Various magical attacks and blg-assed sword moves. Vitality can be restored with yellow souls and Imbibing of the urb A devastating 'special attack' provided by blue souls.

Ghosts'N GoMns. Destroy the undead without taking too many hits - if you do, Maximo has to ght in his pants. Samanosuke Is the warrior hero of Capcom's Onimusljo: Warlords. With his female companion Kaede, Samanosuke is '. After this, you certainly won't attend another aggression management session.

Virgin is a registered trademark of Virgin Emerprises Ltd. AH rights reserved. All other copyrights and trademarks are property of their respecUve owners. Through the USB modem the only problems you may encounter relate to how good your connection to the Internet is. Although the ability to play online THPS3 has preceded the release of Sony's ofcial Network Adapter out In spring , there are still two options open to those wishing to experience the pleasure of face-slapping another skater who's being controlled on the other side of the world.

The game ran ne when we tested it, with Just a few very occasional glitches. We tested two different types of connection both of which were Incredibly simple to set up. Here's how to do it Ttiese are available for under 40 online or in high street retailers. You simply connect the modem to the PS2 with the USB cable, then plug the phone cable included from the modem Into the socket you nonnally run the Internet through for your home computer or any other available phone line. After following the on-screen instnjctlons you will be asked to type in you dial-up connection number, username and password for your ISR This will be exactly the same as the one your home computer uses.

You are. Over a LAN, the game runs exactly the same as normal except with the added enjoyment of an opponent without the split-screen. Level swapping and game mode changing showed no sign of becoming slower. Plug a USB keyboard in to the other port and you can insult skaters In real-time. Important For information on compatibility please check the manual which comes with the.

On-screen instructions follow after you have selected Network Play from the game menu allowing you to select your method of connection and dene a user name. Vbu are. Oh, and Congrats to Neversoft for making oniine piay so easy. You liove to try this. After selecting Network Play from the opening menu, select your connection method. When Square passed on a sequel, the creative team quit, started ivionoiith Software and took its unique brand of sci- anime RPG to Namco.

While XenoSaga sounds like its Square-produced. Indeed, the ability of characters to impose their wili on others is set to be a theme of the series. The story follows. The gameplay will consist of Free and Event modes.

ssx tricky showoff garibaldi mac

The lengthy cut-scenes that make up the Event mode wili give the gamer anime quality episodes that will inform the playabie Free mode that wiii unfold on a 3D eid map. For more Namco games, turn to page 76 for our feature. Nothing gets through a thick skull quicker than an axe, and you'll need one in order to survive the worli Baldur's Gate. This is 55 levels of explosive connbat.

This is weapons of nnass destruction. This is an epic tale of and adventure that would shame Tolkien. This is Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. All Rigtits Reserved. Coast logo are trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Interplay Entertainment Corp All and copyrights are property of their respective owners. DN the whole entertainment business as a whole develops, not just gaming. Weil maybe. But the fact Goto. The man behind the PS2's shape is already planning the next phase of PlayStation. That's right - he designed the PlayStation 2.

As Sony's most senior and highly decorated. So think broadband technology and what this will do for online gaming. Or advances made by the GScube, which will allow us to play a part In animated lms like Antz. This could be a long way off. When 0PS2 had the pleasure of meeting Goto-san last month, we found a stylishly dressed gure looking none of his 48 years.

Whatever Sony certainly Isn't nesting on its laurels. Like Leicester Square on your mantelpiece. The quote means that the PS3 whenever It arrives will not take the Gamecube route of providing top quality. I'd like to be very careful though and watch how. Maybe broadband modem tted as standard, four control ports as standard and DVD remote thrown In. And It would be covered with lots of. Sega is to port its Mega CD game Panic! The bizarre game stars a cartoon character called Slap and his dog, Stick, who travel the world destroying historic monuments by randomly flicking switches Square has announced it is to put on an orchestral event in Tokyo featuring music by Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu Eidos's Jet Ski Riders will feature a soundtrack from drum and bass label Moving Shadow.

It previously supplied music for Rockstar's Midnight Club. R gameplay Intensely richer," Nath continues This will extend to the car's Interior, Its engine bays and chassis As has already been proved by the critical acclaim lavished on Evolution Studios' World Rally Championship, for fans of rallying realism Is the judge of quality. On paper this shouldn't be a. Colin McRae Rally 3 - as well as rening the car and its bodywork, both McCrae and his co-driver Nicky Grist have been animated so they react to the car's movements.

In order to achieve this Ideal, Codemasters has entered into a unique relationship with Ford Racing This has allowed the development team close access to the technicians. They show the detail to which the developer Is aspiring to In what. Pictures leave my old one for dead. R y 3 RPG characters don't cut It in your books? Then create one from scratch, using an Intuitive 3D sketching interface in Talto's. She sneakily tries on the costume, but only has enough time to pop on the furry head.

Shame they had to go back. Build your hero or heroine limb by limb, colour to taste, then test its ghting and dancing animation on the y before setting off to adventure and battle. Director Shuji Watanabe was. Not if this journo's drawing skills are anything. Thank you, KOEl-san! R i d Q Try a capsule hotel. There's rows of them in a room and they look like something from a scl- movie.

Capsules are surprisingly spacious and even have a mini TV but no bar. Can't have it all Within seconds, a couple of animated corpses burst through doors and you're in such a state there's little time to admire the. You're at the mercy of people In zombie costumes, who attempt to shock as you pad timidly thrDugh the grim environs.

The rst appears In a dilapidated foyer at the start of the ride. It's slow and handly threatening A bit of a laugh, really Events take an eerie turn once you enter the gloomy art gallery though. Decorated with paintings, it's impossible to distinguish whether the zombie lying on the oor is a dressed up dummy - or someone in costume. It doesnt budge. Later, when another slumped against. The worst Inhabitants are those who creep right up behind you, before letting their ptBsence known with a neck-tingling moan.

Just short of breaking Into a run, I stumble nervously Into a grimy Jail block. A decomposed zombie passes In a blur and pale hands make a grab from within the cells. Suddenly, a rotting The evil red-eyed dragon never left home without his teddy bear. Sega and Square.


Fascinating stuff, but the personal highlight is a dinner followed by a karaoke competition with. By the night's end, Mike OPSZs lovely Editor is nally persuaded to sing he'd refused to entertain the notion all week and belts. The experience is akin to the rst game:. Pics available on request. Spent the previous night at the train station, slumped against a vending machine after trying to match Mike's drinking pace.

Just like the real things, they merely emit soft beeping sounds, leaving the rest of the cast to carry the gags. An hour-long loop around central Tokyo, The Yamanote Line gives players the chance to keep said train to schedule, while negotiating typical mishaps like sick passengers or leaves on the track. Sound effects. Over the next few months, we'll be bringing you demos and games to show what you can achieve with only a small amount of programming knowledge.

Hopefully, this won't be a one-way process - we'd like to hear from readers with. SCEI, in conjunction with developer Desert:, has created what has to be moves In time through the corners of an. This montln we've got a simple but cool re effect for you to try out, courtesy of Marc Gale. Hit with the right pressure as It reaches each colour-coded corner.

And it rocks! Well, classically speaking You play saucer-eyed conductor Takt, who is. Mess up, though, and the recital devolves into a Ljbs. Dawson debacle - and you lose your recruit. Music to our ears? You must organise a large performance to save the day, recruiting folk, Pied Piper-style, by baton-waving in situations ranging from a fashion show to circus trapeze act.

This Is achieved with the help of simple yet tricky Bemanl-style gamepiay, which makes excellent. Web sites try www. This tutorial covers different ways to tackle the problem,. TM Universal Studios. All rigtits reserved. Onimusha 2s combat will be vicious, but at least it won't be lonely. Most interesting is the news that the new hero Jubei. Yagyuu, wiii not be ghting aione as his predecessor did In the originai samurai survival horror Although news is at present based on information gieaned at the Tokyo Game Show, we are abie to conrm that the Keljl Inafuneproduced game wiii feature a further three Inon-playablel characters who wiii help you in your battles.

You will meet these characters during the course of your adventure and If you strike up the right reiationship with them they come to your aid when you're perceived to be in mortai danger Other Information suggests that Yagyuu will possess a new attack that wiii turn opponents into ice for a brief period of time. There has been no conrmed release date for the title.

The rst is the pretty Oyuu, who can be seen in a the screenshot above. The second is Magoi Chi a gun expert, and the iast Is ikel, a hulk of a character who is an expert tactician, ghts with a spear and has a biography that ilsts. EA and Maxis hope to have nished the game by late No news yet on whether you can put you own avatar in, though. You'ii also need to buy a vehicle big enough to transport it and a partner to help you. You then have to give your sound system a name and are set to go!

The game runs in real-time as you drive around the area looking for suitable locations. Next comes the weekend. This brings the opportunity to arrange your chosen site as you wish, being abie to stack your speakers to get the best possible sound, for example. As the night gets underway, punters amve paying the price you have set for your party.

It's certainly a very different take on the sIm game! The gameplay of Juggling resources, deciding when; to. You should avoid mixing too many gameplay styles particularly the direct control. However the more successful you are the more susceptible to being caught by the police you wiii be. The main sections of the game will run as a cross between a football manager game and, say, GT3's menu screens where you control statistics. The areas wlil be played like GTA you drive around and are able to exit your vehicle In order to approach possible punters and break Into likely looking venues.

Or email us at PS2e futurenet. Half-Life Valve, L. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Music Maker, the latest game for wannabe DJs. Taking an almost identical approach to console-based music creation as the. All well and good. With 3, loops, samples and video clips to MTV Music Generator 9, and only 15 tracks to 48, the new kid on the decks doesnt appear to be going for the bigger, better faster vote.

This Is compounded by the fact that Magix isn't planning. Nor is set to produce sample-lled add-on discs as It does for its PC versions. A shame given PS2's impending Hard Disc Drive capabilities, and a necessary though not crippling limiter on the title's ongoing freshness. This said, Magix pretty much pioneered music creation software on the PC and Its Music Maker series is veiy well respected by desktop tunesmiths. So barring an assumption that PS2 owners will be happy with a stripped down version of their regular output, it would be unwise to declare Magix's Music Maker an also ran to Codemasters' master work just yet.

PF Music Maker is out soon. We'ii bring you a fuii rsview next issue. Slightly lacking In the gameplay, but TIF has every major. Great" Release date: Out now 4. Swords and zombies? It just never gets boring on PS2. Midway Codemasters EA Codemasters 7. Drop us a line with the games you can't wait for and and why plus a photo of yourself and we'll do the rest. Most Wanted,. Chief of these is the Al mode which, in conjunction with the Training mode, will give players unprecedented freedom to develop their chosen character's skills.

We asked Chief. The idea is for players to save their own personalised ghter to Memory Card, take it to a friend's PS2 and watch two uniquely trained characters ght it out, cheering from the sidelines. As Suzuki adds. Through a combination of slo-mo action, on-scneen prompts and. You then move to a second mode, where you watch your CPU. AM2 Is also looking to replicate the arcade feature where players can enter or email their stats via the VF. Net network. With all these. Jackie ght for you against another computer-controlled doppelganger As the game plays you're asked questions, like What would you do now as Jackie?

Would you kick or block? Let the fighting commence. PF 'More news will come from the Sega dojo as we get It.. Nokia 61xk series, Nokia eZxx tenes, Nokia 71xx series, Nokta 81xx series. Nokia series. This month: It's alive! Th most perfect videogame footballer in the universe. World Cup qualifying genius. Robotic torso and arms from. Project Eden's beefy android chick Amber; making shoulder-toshoulder challenges a wIn-wIn situation every time.

Just Bring Itfs black, passlon-klller, 'old man' pants and knee pads, for extra protection from crunching tackles. Little Information has been made available, but we have obtained new screens. What's more, Capcom is developing the title for System - the PlayStation 2-friendly arcade platform - so a fast and furious shooter is on the cards.

Veronica previewed this Issue. The latest dinothemed game will attempt to mix action, puzzle solving and shooting prehistoric reptiles and Is compatible with both the old and new models of the G-con light gun. Japan in spring Capcom is yet to make a formal announcement for its UK release, but when it. As an added incentive, the game will unleash new species of dinosaur - one of which, the doublehorned Carnosaur, can be seen in our screenshots. GW Monsters hunters should check back next Issue for.

Time for a whole lot more. Isee issue The axe-based rhythm action game designed by the mysteriously named Japanese artist Is aiming itself squarely at the same gamers who have found button tapping bliss in similar titles PoRappa. A Hard Disc Drive on its own isn't. The same is true for broadband connectivity. Both wiii happen at some point in the console worid, but it is some way off for the average user to need it to enhance their enjoyment of playing games. This would have put the price of the console beyond a lot of people's reach, and ultimately upgrading will breathe new life into the PS2 down the line.

A must-buy - I'm not sure. A must have? By giving it away for free. I'm not sure either will. The add-on will open up new doors for developers, which can only be a good thing.

Most people develop for the lowest denominator which In this. It'll allow some new ideas to be tried. He invented PSone, he invented PiayStation 2 and he's probabiy going to invent a whole iot more before he's done. I it is in T okyo?

[TAS]SSX3 All Peak Jam 12,492,699 17:57

Talented, nice entertainment with Mario, and so on. They are attracting a young audience rst But we are creating new content, pioneering a new market Could you ever see a future when there won't be any rivalries because everything will be linked together? My kids want to connect to their friends. Communication is key. In the future, broadband will connect all appliances - consoles, TVs, phones, PCs, everything.

Then exclusivity means nothing. In the future all companies will use this broadband network. There will be no packaged media and everyone can use a different console to play the same contents. We have no actual dialogue with Nintendo or Microsoft but the ideal situation is that PS2 can connect to Xbox, to Nintendo, to whoever. In the future,. I doesn't mean he isn't a nice guy.

President and CEO of SCEI is what it says on his business card but to the crowd, he is 'Kensan', the smiling visionary who invented a console that has sold over 90 million units. Mobile phone gaming is very, very important for the future, for all of us involved in gaming. Right now, it is not the time.

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It's still not big enough and the bandwidth is too narrow for wireless. It's been a very busy year for PlayStation 2. How important is for PlayStation 2? This year is very important for all of us. There are over 20 million PlayStation 2s in the world right now - it's been a very strong performance. ITie display should be brighter than it is currently and the speed should be. The coming year has a tremendous amount of titles coming. The rst year was a litde bit difcult because many of the developers needed to understand that the PS2 was not the same as the PSone.

Gamers need good response time. It's a related question but can you see PlayStation entering the handheld market? Hardware will eventually disappear. Bigger budgets and bigger teams means games are becoming bigger and better and able to capture what the developer actually wants rather than an approximation of this. Can games ever become art? A lot of developers did moan that they didn't know how to work with PS2.

Some of the. We should have made it easier. Nowadays, a very clever developer can perhaps catch up with PS2 in several months. A top publisher can get to grips with it and nd out what we have put in there! But newcomers who only have expenence with PCs. PCs are very different,. Well, the Game Boy Advance is very, very nice. Right now, it is the best solution, but the display quality is not attractive enough. Nice concept, nice content but using current technology, it is. Games are clearly the core content of PS2. Pbr some people, this will be art just like nice movies or nice music can be.

This is very nice. But we are in the entertainment business. Art is a very personal thing and some creators can express through their games but for me, PS2 is about entertainment. It took them two years. But now developers are getting a very high performance out of PS2 and this year, many good games are coming to our console. With all the talk of broadband distribution. Hard Disc Drives and.

The answer is, 'yes in the future', but not right now. They are the most efcient. This was my discussion with Goto-san! Very nice, very cheap - an established infrastructure and it's easy to distribute. This year, we will still use disc technologies to publish games but we are. The PC newcomer from Seattle, the. No Other PS2 mag brings you playable demos! E game level, meaning it's not just a case of barking a few orders at your faithful hound - you'll be constantly engaging in faux conversations with your partner, his responses corresponding to key words you utter as he leads you through each scenario.

I've now sent it to him. Raphin is now looking for background notes on what type of bomb it is but also told me that this type of bomb is sensitive to movement, so we must calm die hostage down. I must say words to calm him and reduce his heart rate - you can see his heart rate at the side of the screen.

Would you like to go for a few beers at the bar? Raphin is asking for any hints of what the door looks like, what the room is. He's just told me that there is a keypad to the door but we don't know the right number yet. I have said that the room is number but he says that Room does not exist on the sewer blueprints so he is now asking for any other clues as to where I am. There are certain words you can use to calm him but there are also negative words you could use to upset him even more and make the bomb go off!

The words you say register against a database we have included just for this scene. Again, there are words. The conversation. With further plans to include car chase stages where you must ask your partner turn right, turn left, go slower or go faster so you can shoot straight the conversational nature of Dekavoice means it's. It might be good to talk, as the cliche goes, but it's even better when someone answers you back.. Vhat Is it with voice recognition and lunacy? The promo reel features the dubious. The game is about you acting In different TV programmes. Can all that Japanese games are ow ofcially mental.

We give you oake No Marlko. It's a voice. The game tells you how to act and say each phrase, if you say the phrase correctly, you continue. Some further explanation. Over to oake No Moriko's Producer Kurosawa-. If you are acting the part of a butch action hero, then it's time to. If you have that right, you should be okay For the replay function, the game puts together a two minute video cilp of what you have ust acted but In a full movie setting If your acting Is terrible, that will be reected. If you have sung or spoken badly, you will hear that as the replay function puts your own voice In the game,".

It i Joyous, hilarious, blissfully Inspired stuff - and no, not mad, but ]ust another example from Japan of how games dont have to be about driving, ghting or shooting They can be about sexy bisexuals too,,,. Because there's a man In a building site helmet holding a mic for a man In running shorts who's singing like a drain over a cheesy J-pop version of. It can even play DVD movies from any region on your PlayStation2t, in full colour - no more green screens! It includes powerful software that lets you squeeze up to. Crammed with thousands of gamebusting PlayStation cheats, Equalizer can even be updated with new codes for the latest games.

All titles and prices are subject to availability at participating stores. Offer Excludes R. Namco's roots might lie in the simpler times of the early Eighties, but the Japanese developer has come of age on PS2. According to Namco's cx rporate literature, 'to play is human' - a. As 0PS2 discovered, you'd have to be less than human not to want to play the beauties spread over the next four pages. The King Of Iran Fist returns anew..

There's a bear wearing trainers on the screen in front of us. A few minutes ago, he was splashing in a jungle stream strewn with fragrant lotus blossoms. Now, he's rampaging in downtown Shinjuku, slamming a Predator-esque alien through the window of a beautifully realised neon-splattered mall. Running into a wall and looking trapped?

You can now jump up high against the wall, bounce back with a sidesweeping kick and oor your opponent in one extremely cool move. But after the destructible arenas, new ghting styles, all-new ghters and, well, walls, where can Tekken go? Along with the character voicing. Yoshimitsu and it's hell up there. Tekken is back. The whole team has always wanted this. It might be a grizzly ghting an ahen but Harada-san has a point.

The fantasy world of Tekken is now far more entrenched in reality than ever before. Cloth rips, water ripples, dry ice billows through a laboratory level and each arena and ghter is, to put it simply, a helluva lot better than Tekken's previous Tag incarnation. According to Tekken 4s Main Programmer, Daizaburo Nakamura, the 5 -strong Tekken team are now using around 70 percent of the PS2's power for their latest ght-fest. Each character is now constructed from around 5, polygons, nowhere better illustrated than in new British-born boxer Steve Fox.

He looks good, and he plays just as good. It's our way of showing how- Tekken can change. Indeed, the Tekken team's hands are already getting dirty with the spat with Japanese developer Tecmo. But now.. We don't. Our games are heading towards the same direction so there is a lot of aggravation of between us. We know who our money's on. We can now siiow far more realistic.

The introduction of destructible objects and walled-off arenas means Iron Fist acionados will have to develop a new tactical. Fighters now interact with their arenas - see how the Expect to see all your favourite characters return for light plays on Steve Fox's clothes and Jin Kazama's torso.

Tekken 4. Nice jacket, Mr Mishima, sir! Blocks and sidesteps are just as important as attacks. Add walls into the equation and this is art, not ghting. One of Tekken's trademark seals of quality is its CG movies. Tekken 4 is no different. Old Smash Court magic, new Smash Court looks We can now use real models with real moves. Because it now looks as good as "We've used 1 , 0 polygons for each player model. It allows us to use.

We've placed a lot of emphasis on this and are condent tennis fans wil enjoy the game more because of it. We want to show just how cool tennis is! From the early PS2 version we played, this summer will see a face-off worthy of the Centre Court itself. That means out with the option to play Smash Court as Yoshimitsu or Jin, but in with the real players. Seles and Anna Kournikova. The polygon count now means the players look very natural and the moves are smooth. There are also four extra players to unlock. There is also a fth tournament to be unlocked.

Thankfully the gameplay is almost identical even in a PS2 version that's. Smash Court veterans can expect the same service intricacies plus the same array of Smash, Power and Super shots -. Link compatibility and a lush graphical update for the PlayStation 2. Yes, it was based on an old.

Gorgeous eel-shaded looks combined with expanded gameplay now Including snowboardlngi to give the game a true next-gen makeover, with a cool collaborative option for a second player to help you out by playing as Klonoa's III' mate, Popka. You'll love this. Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil wos reviewed in. Rnlshed Time Crisis 2 and want to keep shooting?

SSX TRICKY All Characters Tricks

Night will swallow your soul. A game from Wow Entertainment the subsidiary company by Sega and Namco Is a future Gothic shooter where you must track down and kill an evil blood-sucker before he. More mission-based than TCZ Vampire Night promises everything you could want from a horror shooter apart from blood bags and a crucix-shaped G-con. Good Idea that. Almost too but at the risk of repeating ourselves, you have got to see this In action. Does it looks. You'll be reaching for the oxygen mask before the opening credits are up.

Naturally, Namco has even more up Its collective sleev than what we saw. Here an. Mr Driller was a cult success on. A blend Syphon Filter adventuring an Max Poyne slo-mo action, pc has meant this will appear o Xbox a few months before P: It'll be worth the wait We pi; a PS2 version of this for far 1. We want more cars, r. Kazuya Maruyama for it is he is not only playing the new Legends mode, but he's playing it with the stunning new wet weather effects turned on.

And he's just fallen off. At the rst corner. First off, it has beautiful wet weather effects to rival that of whisper it Metal Gear Solid 2. Water on the road wil become like a mirror and you'll see the background reected. Like racing but want to look cool? Arcade or regular Season modes, this is a course you can only play in Legends mode. The difculty is thus much higher than Arcade or Season mode so.

Now if you hit the brake and action button, you can pull off wheelies. We've also included a 'burn out', where you can spin the rear tyre to. You'll enjoy it when you watch the replays. No It would not. Altogether now, wakka wakka wakka If you unlock all of these, it opens the Legends mcKle with a new course and such legendary riders as Kevin Schwartz and Kenny Roberts Snr. The difculty is higher than Arcade or Season mode so. We visited the circuits, so we can have rst-hand experience of each course.

It's only bloodv Soul Calibur 2! Yotoriyama-san sits down. We stil have the ring-out system, but now with 3D backgrounds. We stil have the running and ghting with weapons ghting from the previous version but we can now have advanced, more realistic features for PS2. SC2 has a rich story line, elaborate gameplay and strong visual content, and thus needs lively character emotions.

This time around, hard objects will be hard-looking while softer objects will look 'soft'. For example, human skin will have a very texture while arms or even knuckles need a hard texture. The ghters can now run around freely. On top of that, a ghter will be able to make an attack while he or she is running - it's a recent development that wasn't in the. On top of that, the backgrounds wil change depending on the weather, season or time of day.

It will be released on. Want to know what's coming to PS2 in the far future? Get thee down to the arcades, young man The arcade business might be in a somewhat perilous state, but Namco knows where It's heart is. Namco has just announced that the snowboardlng sklllz of Alpine Racer 3 company develops its games on PS2-frlendly System arcade boards that allow a smooth '. See last Issue's Spy In Japan column for a. Developed by King of the Jungle Limited. Game concept created and designed by Sports Interactive Limited. Published by Eidos Interactive Limited, Chanof Eidos Interactive Limrted.

When you have produced four versions of the same. DS: We had a difcult me because we had. We would've liked to have. If we had our time again, we denitely would say 'PS2 only' and it would be a lot, lot better for it. Before Christmas, no less than ve new football games will run out on to the PS2 playing eld.

Leading the line-up is the ever-popular and. People had images in their head as to how realistic the games should be, whereas you could get away with players with strangelooking heads in a PSone game. MB: We've had that a lot with the internal. CD: 1 must admit, 1 love the realism where. PS2 lets you have players that look incredibly real. They have the shirts with the badges, proper faces and stadiums. It's little features as. Just things people have wanted to do for. BF: That's quite ironic because we did have save replays after the last This Is Football, but it wasn't well received.

But where do they - and indeed the future of the football. DR: I'd agree. BF: It's a chance to show off, 1 guess, and those sort of things are going to become more important, especially when football games eventually go online since people will want to show off what they can do to their mates. Among topics discussed are the numbers of teams in games, the quest for realism and the.

CD: 1 took all of them! Do these touches have any other repercussions for you as game developers? MB: PS2 has lifted the cost of actually developing a competitive game. We have problems every year with someone where we don't put his licence in FIFA in the correct manner. There's something like licences in. The rest of us were still working on the engines by this time and 1 think this will show up on the games that are now about to. FIFA this year, because we just can't afford to get sued by some Dutch licensee, say the De Boer brothers, and get the game pulled off the shelf.

Because of that, and because you can now show what David Beckham looks. It's getting ridicTjlous. It's gating like the real football industry CD: It's the same with our Beckham game. We can recreate reahstic strips and have players that look like they should. They know it's Manchester United, but it still seems to tarnish the game slightly DR: [Looks to Chris Dolman] You've worked on other games with a more open format, and now the Beckham game with an individual licence.

You'll obviously have David Beckham looking like David Beckham, but are you going to struggle with everyone else - have you approached other people to get them in? CD: We're concentrating on David Beckham and then there's a rough likeness to the other players. We have the real playmakers in there.

Demanding of real player images the problems with governing body cash for the use in the games? DR: But at what point would it get so expensive that you'd stop in order to over your arse? CD: From our point of view, we feel comfortable paying because we have the Beckham licence that will sell in a few units. I don't see how you MB: I don't know, but our royalty rate for FIFA is still less than our other licensed can do it without a decent name. OPS2: But with such sky-high costs, is it going to get to a point one day where we won't see any new football games - just the same ones constantly updated?

MB: Does the Beckham licence give you rights to the rest of the Manchester United team along with it? CD: No, absolutely not. OPS2: You would have thought they. We speak to the. MB: I think it's a shame, but that is likely to be the case. If our product is pulled off the shelf a week after release because of a. A lot of them don't seem. And it isn't going to cost us millions to buy one particular licence to avoid such a problem. You need the money to be able to invest in those licences, so you can actually release the game. CD: ]Laughs]. No, it's just David Beckham.

But he's big enough woridwide to carry the game, which should guarantee unit sales. In Japan, he's bigger than Manchester United. I think he's the biggest personality there is when it comes to football. I guess the average football player isn't interested in a 0. Saying that, it would be ideal for me to record all the commentary for my game and know legally that I have an insurance policy that grants me full use of aU. Can't see it happening, though. OS: There are a lot of sharks that get involved, too. When they gave us their company logo, it was obvious that somebody had just typed out the word FIFPro and had blown it up to 48 point!

Afterwards, one of their graphic artists saw what we had recreated for the game and said, 'Til take what you've done and just put a Httle swirl around it! We had problems with the De Boer brothers last year, which is ongoing, so we've actually had to go out and do individual bcences with the Premier League, the MLS and the Bundesligue.

But there's no body for the Itahan Serie A, so each team in Italy and the Spanish leagues had to be signed.