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Hey guys! Hope you enjoy it! I did a cover finally Hope u liked share me about pls follow me on my insta n snapchat if u wanna stalk graceylloydmusic In this video the acoustic and the studio versions is shown. I really hope everything is clear and please let me know if you have Quick guitar tutorial on Still Beating by Mac Demarco.

Easy chords and cool little melody! For Skype lessons email me at Live in Studio 1A on June 14, I'm sorry that my guitar was a bit out of tune. Please Like and subscribe. Before you ancients out there scoff at the premise of a twenty-something rock-and-roll goofball calling himself an old- anything, consider this: said perpetrator has spent the better part of his time writing, recording, and releasing an album of his own music pretty much every calendar flip.

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If you like Mac DeMarco, you may also like:. Odyssey by HOME. This music had really helped me and inspired me. Can you even pick a favorite track? Every song is so good. Whenever I listen to albums, there's usually a song or two that I skip. Not this one.

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Football Money by Kiwi jr. The Toronto jangle-pop outfit keep things short, simple — and super catchy — on their buoyant full-length debut. Definitely Band by Curling. Indie rock with sunny psych-pop harmonies and guitar work that alternately chimes and crashes. Feel good post-punk that's casual and pulled together at the same time.

Mac DeMarco - Still Together (Ukulele Tutorial)

The vocals are a highlight. At Moonset by Flying Fish Cove. Charming indie pop debut from Seattle's Flying Fish Cove pairs vivid tones with rainbow-hued lyrical expressions of love and loss. Billi Free talks about her new LP and the art of juggling singing, rapping and producing. Explore music.

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Reed Hurst. Reed Hurst This is a fantastic album with great production. I highly recommend downloading in one of the hifi formats. It sounds so good.

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  6. Favorite track: Cooking Up Something Good. I have a theory that the pretense and austerity of the indie scene in the mid 00's and onward gave rise to a rebellion in taste that led to relatively tactless, sleazy and comic personalities like DeMarco taking the spotlight. This album is better than the battle of Hoth, and orgasms. Favorite track: Ode To Viceroy. Mike M. Levi Kadey. Damien, Cheyenne, And Skyler. Shaun B. Chris Lobo. Eduardo marr. Laura Isdahl. Nahuel Andreoli.

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    Jackson Strenk. Eric Lorentz. William Scott. InfectedKitsune "Taro".

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    Paul Carruthers. Robbie Dadomo-Edgington. Mark Skenduli.