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Apple stopped shipping RubyCocoa with its default Ruby, which was upgraded at the same time from 1. While Apple still shipped RubyCocao for Ruby version 1. Thus it didn't come as a surprise when OS X While wkpdf reportedly works in OS X I like my system Ruby installation to be untouched, because messing with system Ruby will cause problems in the long run.

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Installing an additional Ruby in a different location may solve the problem for experienced users. But over the years, I received too many support requests from novice users with custom ruby installations, that messed up their installation causing lots of frustration and difficult to diagnose problems.

This was my reason for only support a the canonical stock system ruby installation. Because this is no longer possible, I decided, as of December , to no longer maintain the RubyCocoa version of wkpdf and to pull the corresponding gem from RubyGems. So what's next? As my own use of wkpdf was very limited over the last couple of years, this is however not very high on my priority list. How you can help: If you are interested to contribute to porting wkpdf from RubyCocoa to Objective-C or Swift, please let me know.

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If you are not a developer but would like to see a modernized version of wkpdf that runs on a current OS X system, you may consider offering a development bounty. Please get in touch with me, if this is an option for you. Although there are plenty of browsers available for Mac OS X, I could not find a command-line tool that allows for downloading a website and storing the rendered website as PDF.

This was my motivation for creating wkpdf.

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The application uses Apple WebKit for rendering the HTML pages, thus the result should look similar to what you get when printing the webpage with Safari. There are plenty of use cases for wkpdf. Then delete this "answer"! Or a moderator might do that for you. Disable Right-Click on the toolbars. Need for a style separator in Writer.


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