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I can download class presentations on the left and take notes on the right!!

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The greatest find since I started school!! Should be part of every Apple laptop user's toolbox. As a designer, this product works flawlessly with Adobe CC, especially if you have to work between PhotoShop and Illustrator images. I love that it gives me the ability to multi-task!

This app is very convenient, and I have never had issues with it. Split Screen Ultimate is the most comprehensive app to manage windows on your Mac. With window snapping and keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly split windows and boost your productivity. Buy Now to get started! Your browser does not support the video tag.


Customer Testimonials. YES this app changed my life " I'm a grad student and a teacher who writes many papers and lesson plans.

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This app really helps me to organize the many documents I need open at once and allows me to seamlessly transfer information from research articles to my thesis papers " "TerinK USA ". Schoolwork life saver!! Should be part of every Apple laptop user's toolbox " The ability to have split finder windows is awesome when trying to move files into Dropbox. Awesome app!

Press and hold the Command key and drag the window with your mouse to any corners of the screen. The window will snap in half.

Stop dragging windows on your Mac. Here's how to use Split View to multitask

To make the window full screen, just hold Command key and drag the window to the top. The window is now full screen. Enjoy this most useful feature of Windows, now in Mac. Shrink Right 2.

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Shrink Left 3. If you are new to Split Screen, this ultimate guide is for you. Here we have covered almost every aspect of the feature. So sit back and read through all the different ways to use Split View:.

Split Screen Ultimate

Step 1. First off, open the two apps that you want to use in Split View. Step 2.

Then, click and hold the green button at the top-left corner of an app window. Step 3. Next, you have to drag the window to the side you want to keep and then release the button. Open the two apps you want to use in Split View and then click on the full-screen button. Or you can swipe up with three or four fingers to invoke Mission Control.

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Next, you have to drag a window from Mission Control onto the thumbnail of the full-screen app in the Spaces bar. Additionally, simply drag one app thumbnail onto another in the Spaces bar to work with both the apps in Split View. To resize the windows in Split View, simply drag the separator bar, which is in the middle to the left or right.

Note: Just in case the toolbar is hidden, click the window and then move the pointer to the top of the screen. Shoot your thoughts in the comments below.