Can i play wow on a mac

The recommended configuration boosts the RAM to 1.

  1. Can I play WoW on a Mac?.
  2. can i play wow on my mac?.
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You may wish to review the in-depth information available on the Intel website, but to summarize, the GMA and GMA, respectively, are marketed as [emphasis added]:. Although both statements are similar, it is worth noting that Intel uses the more conservative "can provide" for the GMA and the more definite "provides" for the GMA Many likely would debate the claims made when referring to either graphics processor, but it is safe to assume that if the GMA meets the minimum requirements, the GMA does as well.

However, one should keep in mind that even the GMA lacks support for "vertex shaders" and "transform and lighting effects".

World of Warcraft functionality on Macs

When it comes to gaming, perhaps the most valuable bit of information is from those who have tried the game on their system and can provide first-hand comments. A thread on the World of Warcraft Forums discusses using the Intel Mac mini, and one person mentions that they have a long ago discontinued Mac mini "Core Solo" 1. Whether or not to purchase an Intel-based Mac mini is entirely your decision. If you have budgetary constraints and reasonable expectations, you likely would be content with a Mac mini model for playing WoW.

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2015 Macbook Pro Playing World Of Warcraft Gaming Experience Iris 6100 Graphics

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How to determine if my Mac Laptop can run Legion

A MacWorld editorial , referring to Apple's marketing of the Intel Mac mini systems as supporting "the latest 3D games", bluntly opines that: Frankly, that's an assertion I dispute. The game ran beautifully and I barely had issues with lag. Ever since the prelaunch of BFA, WoW has been so unbelievably laggy that it is simply not possible to play the game. Questing is fine, but dungeons, raids and pvp are out of the question.

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Basically anything involving a lot going on on the screen at once with make the game unbearable to play due to a huge drop in fps. If I put every graphic setting low as low as possible, its not horrible, but still bad. In Legion I played with my graphics settings on 5 with increases to certain things like pixel quality. Always specify your specific hardware as there are many MacBook Pros with many different configurations.

Can you play World of Warcraft on a MacBook Pro?

All I can think of is the resolution scale setting in your graphics settings. WoW nearly unplayable on brand new MacBook pro Support. Mac Technical Support.

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