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Choose your color carefully. Full Cover tends to darken as it dries, so it is essential to choose a color that is two shades lighter than the skin tone. Pro tip: on problem skins acne, etc.


After powdering, the result is spectacular and, depending on the amount applied, natural and well-set. A shade two tones lighter than the skin should be tested before application. Leave to dry before choosing the best color when drying, the volatile oils contained in the formula can change color For light corrections:. In both cases, Full Cover must be applied around the corrected area and blended in with the skin tone.

On problem skins acne, etc. This is an amazing product. Covers dark spots completely without looking cakey and does not budge. I use a thin layer around my nose and lips and thicker layers on my dark spots. Love it. Covered all my dark spots. Blended into my natural skin tone. Easy and safe purchase : insert the products in the basket, choose the options and it's done!

Review Paint Pot di Mac Cosmetics - Soft Ochre

Cantoni Trading S. San Marino, Rovereta. Read more Read More Cosmoprof Bologna is back, 49th edition, March 18 to Cantoni will be present at stand B22 - Hall The wedding day is rare, sparkling, full of emotions. Not only for the bride but also for whoever is Tag Archives: concealer. Also with the powders? Thank you so much… Y honey and Y ALmond. I will be very happy for your reply, cause as Im from SLovakia tehre is now chance to find it here or in Austria your product, only online order… Could I please get suggestions for the shades I should use for your baking powder, over achiever concealers for brightening and contouring and fauxfilter foundation?

Thank you so much! Hi, I m shraddha from India. My skin is light brown color. Please suggest me perfect concealer and foundation shade of Huda beauty. I was able to get matched with Sugar Biscuit which was absolutely perfect at the time when the SA from Sephora applied it. I immediately bought it but noticed that after a while it became darker on me, almost dark orangey pinkish.

Should I buy a shade or two lighter? I was overseas when i bought it in store but now im back home so my only option is to get it online. Any recommendations?? What shade should i get? Overachiever Concealer. Hii Huda! As Im in Srilanka, I am unable to buy the concealers and the foundation but would love to get hands on them. As it is quiet pricy, love to try out first.

Is there any possibilities that I could get few samples? Any samples at all, i would be really thankful before i purchase the products. Thank YOU. Yes they were! For your FauxFilter foundation we would recommend Dulce De Leche and for your concealer, for a shade match you would use Graham Cracker or Toast Almond and to brighten we would recommend Sugar Cookie or for a more enhanced brighten we would use Cookie Dough.

We hope this helps. I use dior backstage foundation in 4. Hello GM…i need a concealer,i am lightskin and my undereyes are very dark a majority of the time,i use a tarte concealer now,and also a mac concealer…i want to try something different for more coverage,so i need 2 know exactly what shade to get in a lighter tone??

Thank you. I want to do it all… conceal, brighten and contour! What shades would you recommend? Thanks xx. My shade is amaretti, which baking powder would be best for me and which shade of contour would I be? Help me please Huda! And which shade for contouring? What shades would I be for this concealer conceal AND brighten?? To brighten you should use Sugar Biscuit, to conceal use Toasted Almond and to contour use Butterscotch. For our concealer, we would recommend Cookie Dough to conceal and Nougat to brighten. Please can you advise me on the best concealer for concealing and brightening.

I currently use nc42 mac studio fix foundation powder. For a more full coverage foundation I use Estee lauder spiced sand 4N2. Current concealer used for brightening; Nars creamy concealer in Ginger. Thanks SB xx. For our Overachiever concealer, we would recommend Granola to conceal and Cookie Dough to brighten. We hope this helps xxx. To brighten, which shade would I buy if I currently use urban decay naked 0. Hello I currently wear Lancome What would you reccomend for brightening?

Also what color would you recommend to contour with? Dear Huda , may you please advise what over achiever concealer and foundation shade I should get..

How To Find Your Perfect Overachiever Concealer Shade Match­­

I use the Mac studio fix foundation nc37 and nc And concealor nw I have deep dark circles. To conceal use Cookie Dough and to brighten use Coconut Flakes. I really want to try this concealer as I have really bad dark circles. I want to get something that is close to my skin tone for daily use.

Could you please recommend which shade I should go for? Im super stuck on what shade to get. I have yellow undertones and super dark under eyes. I was matched Swan in the new too faced concealer and would love to know what shade would be best for me in this one! Having a hard time choosing my shades and no sephora in my area carries the concealer in store! Wondering if I could get some help on this! I use Mac face and body foundation in C6 for light makeup days and on nights out I use Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation in shade 8.

Thanks in advance for the assistance, looking very forward to trying this concealer out! I was wondering what colour I should get? You should use Sugar Biscuit to conceal and Coconut Flakes to conceal. Hi lovely beautiful huda! I wear loreal nude biege pro glow and Matt. What is the best shade for me? I am on the fence on what color to choose in this concealer.

Can someone help? I want a shade more of my skin tone in case I just want to use it and not any foundation since it has such great coverage. If you let us know what foundation you currently use, we can use this as a rough guide xx. Trying to figure out my shade. I use nars radiant creamy concealer in honey. Please let me know if you can point me in the right direction, so excited to try this product! If you cross reference your foundation with our FauxFilter foundation linked below you should be able to work out your perfect shade.

But feel free to let us know your foundation shade and we can try and help! Our FauxFilter Foundation is really good for dry skin, and we do have fair shades so it would be a good option. Although, check out this youtube video to find out our favorite six foundations linked below.

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I wear Baklava shade foundation and it says for brightening i should either use sugar biscuit or cookie dough, which one out of these two has a yellow tone? Love you huda xx. Hi gorgeous, for a brightening effect, we recommend Cookie Dough neutral undertones or Sugar Biscuit golden undertones xx. I currently use Nars radiant creamy concealer in Macadamia.

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I have neutralish undertone leaning towards warm. Hi gorgeous, try Nougat golden undertones or Coconut Flakes neutral undertones for concealer, and go for Easy Bake in Pound Cake for beautiful bright under eyes. Also have visible dark under eye area. Hi, I am currently wearing the Fenty Pro Filter foundation in named warm. I do have dark circles so I am looking for a brightener. Which concealer would you recommend? I am also interested in the Easy Bake Loose Powder, debating between pound cake and banana bread… any recommendations?

We hope you love it as much as we do! Heyyy, so i have recently started to get good with makeup, im having a hard time finding a good foundation and concealer i am more of the cottom candy skin color. I am more dry also, can you helo please? Thanks in advance. Heyyy, so im starting to learn more about makeup and im having a hard time choosing the best shade for and idk which foundation would be good for me im more the coconut flakes and cottong candy skin type and helo on foundation and concealer?? Hi , I use Mac NW25 to conceal under eyes.

Which shade should I choose?

Mac Studio Fix Concealer vs Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer

To brighten and conceal. Pls help me pick concealer shade and foundation. I usually use Nars concealer in shade ginger and foundation in shade Barcelona xxxx. Im really interested in trying out this concealer! Hi, I have dark circles would you recommend me to go for the conceal shades or brighten shades?

If you have dark circles we would recommend a brightener. To conceal we would recommend Sugar Biscuit if you have a golden undertone, or Cookie Dough if you have a neutral undertone. I am confuse over which shade to go for the concealer? The concealer shade will match your skin tone and can be used for blemishes or to conceal your undereye.

If you want to conceal we would recommend Graham Cracker or Toasted Coconut and to brighten we would recommend Sugar biscuit if you want a warmer brightener or Cookie Dough if you would like a neutral shade. We would recommend Sugar Biscuit if you have a golden undertone or Cookie Dough if you have a neutral undertone. Check out this post, if you need help figuring out what undertone you have. Can I return if opened and tested out? What colors would you suggest for me in your foundation, concealer, brighter and loose powder for baking.

Please and thanks. Liquid and dry. What color would you recommend in your brand. For all, foundation, concealer and brightener.. Please and thank you. I wear Amaretti , what would be best concealer for me? I would like both? I wear Sephora shade 05 light porcelain, looking to brighten! Do you know around what shade should be good for me?

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  5. Hello, currently i am using Soft Matte Complete Concealer nars in honey color, what number on the concealer I have to order? Hey i ordered ghraham cracker but had to ship it back cause it was my skin tone, and maybe too orang-y for me? Im shade natural beige in Born this way sculpt concealer. Which one should i get? Hi there! I wear creme brulee as my foundation and I just bought whipped cream for brightening and nougat for concealing.


    Hi I was wondering what number on the concealer I have to order,when I use the foundation Giorgio Armani number 5, Hello, I use tarte shape tape concealer in tan and Nars concealer in caramel can you someone help me please!!! To contour you should use either Salted Caramel Or Butterscotch, which is a little darker, depending on how dramatic you would like your contour to be. I currently is Mac NC25 and think coconut flakes for brightening and sugar biscuit to conceal but what shade would you recommend for contouring?

    Hello I currently use Custard in Nars creamy concealer, is there a similar match in this? Many thanks. We would probably recommend Toasted Almond as a neutral shade and Sugar Biscuit to brighten.