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You should see "Rainloop Web Mail" in the "Make these web apps available on this website" box. Check its box and select "OK". There is plenty of documentation elsewhere that walks through the Rainloop admin panel so I won't cover most of that here, but if you intend to use Rainloop to access MacOS X Server's Mail services then there are a few things that must be configured "just so".

At this point everything will be working You must manually edit the Rainloop application. The four values that must be changed are all found in two pairs in the [labs] section of the file. They should be changed to:. These settings will be live as soon as you save the application. Skip to content. Dismiss Document your code Every project on GitHub comes with a version-controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves.

Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises. If you dive it and try to make changes as you might when using Linux, however, you'll rapidly learn that: Configuration files aren't in their familiar UNIXey locations. Apple uses unique XML-format ". Some configuration files are generated or edited by the Server application.

Some configuration files are broken into smaller components for easier management by the Server application. Step 2: Create http.

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This enables them and writes them to the Apache error log. If you are running a large installation you may want to use a less generous value. This file specifies: The name of the WebApp that will be displayed by the Server application. The path to the httpd. The need for PHP 7.

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Use the "Test" button to verify that communication to the mail services is working. Pages 6. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. Here, click on the Log in button and enter a user with access to the server, preferably one who can create wikis.

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At the Wikis page, you will then see a list of all wikis you have access to. Note that the previous screen showed one wiki and now we see two.

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The first thing most administrators will do is create a wiki. Click on Continue. At the Set permissions screen, enter each user or group to provide access to edit and view wiki pages.

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There is a group for All logged in users, which includes every user with access to the server and another for All unauthorized users, which includes guests to the server. At the Set Appearance screen, you can choose an icon for the wiki shown in the wiki list and when you open the wiki as well as a color scheme for the wiki. Choose the appropriate appearance for your wiki again, you can always change this later and then click on the Create button.

Here, you can click on Go to Wiki button. To do so, click on it from the list of available wikis. Click on the cog-wheel icon and then Wiki Settingsā€¦ to bring up the Wiki Settings page. Click on Appearance. Here, you will have the previous two options as well as the ability to upload a banner which should be 62 pixels high and background for each wiki.

Click on Permissions.

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Click on Save. To do so, click the pencil icon in the top navigation bar. Here you can justify, link, insert media and of course edit the text you see on the screen. I recommend spending some time embedding links, inserting tables, making text look like you want it to and editing the content to reflect the purpose of the wiki.

Keep in mind that link wikipedia, each page should be linked to from other pages in the order they should be read.

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Click Save and then click on the newly created link. You can now edit the new page the same way you edited the previous pages. Click on the disclosure triangles in the right sidebar to Comment on articles, link articles to related articles, tag articles and view editing history. Now for the fun part. Click on Documents. Click on the plus sign and select the option to Upload File to the wiki. At the Upload File dialog, click on Choose File and then select a file to upload. Click Upload when selected. Enter the name or IP of the server and then click on Connect.

Assuming you can access the server, you should then be prompted for a username and password. Enter it and click Connect. Eventually, the file s will display it can take awhile according to your network speeds and how many files are in the directory. Managing wikis is as easy as its ever been, with the new options for appearance being a nice add-on.

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Active Directory integration is as easy as binding the server to Active Directory and using the accounts listed in Permissions of pages.