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This version of Kokua is based on LL viewer version 6.


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Note that while LL have chosen to just back out the troublesome change in 6. In addition both versions have a fix for the pie menu shown when clicking on your own avatar — Hover Height was not appearing and Dump to XML was disabled. These releases bring Kokua up to LL viewer parity with 6. As well as many bug fixes this version is the first release from LL which includes a search facility for the main menu and the preferences panel.

Note that My Scripts has been moved from About Land to the Me section of the main menu or the View section if using classic menus. This release of Kokua brings the codebase up to Linden Lab viewer version 6. With this release you get three for the price of two! More on that in a moment, first the normal change history information.

These releases are based on LL Viewer 6.

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There is very little new in here for end users — the main change is the introduction of an alternative crash reporting system. RLV has been updated to 2. Once again there is very little in here for Kokua users — most of the changes are already present.

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However, we have taken in the new keyboard shortcuts. This version differs from our normal RLV version in these ways These versions bring a considerable number of behaviour improvements as well as updating to RLV 2. The new code avoids this and is by Ansariel and Tonya of Firestorm. Both: If the viewer is minimised the icon no longer flashes when someone starts and stops typing an IM or is typing a long message quite slowly with pauses due to the distracting effect of this. As Marine notes, should there be adverse feedback about this change it will be made optional with the original behaviour as the default.

Original change from Firestorm by Ansariel. Both: Clean up some formatting and layout errors in the pie menus along with ensuring that More.. Both: The Edit floater is now a little taller to resolve some overlapping that occurred on the Textures tab when Specular Shine was selected. Both: Right clicking in Mouselook will now trigger a menu if enabled on the Move panel in Preferences.

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For those who previously used this as a way to sit on an object sitting is possible through the menu instead or you can turn the menus off and return to the previous behaviour. Both: Avatar Health is added under the Me or Edit menus grouping together a number of features designed to help with avatar appearence issues. Some of these were already present elsewhere in the viewer menus with the remainder being newly added. Original by various authors in Firestorm. Both: After teleporting there is currently a server bug where neighbouring regions will send spurious attachment detach requests.

This version brings in a fix from Henri Beauchamp in Cool Viewer which stops this happening.

The text alongside these switches clarifies that we currently recommend this is enabled along with the other tweaks already present. Thanks to Henri for permission to include this code. Restrained Love articles in this blog. Experimental Branch: 1. Available for: Windows, Linux.

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Cool VL articles in this blog. Mac, Linux bit : 1. Alpha Builds Experimental. Singularity reviews in this blog. SL wiki page. LittleSight version 2. Available for Android.

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