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Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Did you noticed that? Does it bother you? Yes, noticed. Yes, it's annoying for home play. Print Search. Author Topic: Audio dynamic range in movies - is it too big for home play? Read times. In a normal room, with normal ambient noises for a city home, it's either that the action scenes are too loud, or the dialogs are too low to hear them during normal or quiet scenes. First, I don't have any hearing problems that I know of, and I noticed the dynamic ranges is annoying especially in the recent years movies.

I tried the dynamic range compressor from VLC, a few other compressing or voice enhancing settings from the sound card Creative SB Pro , and not happy with the results. I don't need theater sound quality at home.

System wide dynamic range compression

All I want is to hear the dialogs from ALL scenes without shaking the windows if there is some action scenes. How can I do that?

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Will a hardware compressor as HAMs sometimes use work better for this kind of application? Just pure wow. You are being annoyed that the AV materials you get at home are in too high quality?

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You just have to be kidding. Do you know how much of a hard work it is at least here in the ass of the world where I live , to get a movie or two at home, that will have both reasonable video and audio quality? Do you know how freaking bad the majority of AV media sound, if you have anything slightly better than average commercial chinese crap at home as a sound reproduction system?

Not only Due to people thinking this way, they just usually preset utter garbage as AV media today.

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Sham on people thinking this way! I can't disagree more. The more dynamic range, the better. Both for movies and for music.

Adjusting Audio Dynamics in VLC

I can not choose any of the three. Because it both bothers me and I like dynamic range. You can always compress the dynamic range if your set is shitty or you don't like it, but it does not work the other way round!

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  • Accessing VLC Audio Effects/Filters – Equalizer, Compressor and Others.

The following users thanked this post: wraper , fourtytwo Cerebus Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Well mastered film soundtracks will, in digital formats like AC3, have accompanying dynamics information. This can be used by the decoder, along with end user settings for dynamics, to adjust volume levels to effectively compress the soundtrack. Somewhere your home theatre system should have a setting to tell it to take notice of the dynamics information and turn compression on - my Sony system labels this as "Dynamic range Compression".

Sadly to say, many soundtracks seem to be missing the encoded dynamics information.

Anybody got a syringe I can use to squeeze the magic smoke back into this? The following users thanked this post: mikerj , tooki. Quote from: Yansi on January 08, , am. The following users thanked this post: mikerj , tooki , nugglix.

Setting up the audio compressor in VLC

Quote from: Cerebus on January 08, , am. The following users thanked this post: fourtytwo Decoman Regular Contributor Posts: Country:. I am not sure what to think about this. I guess it would make sense to adjust the volume to get to hear what people are saying, when watching a movie at home, but then, when the scene goes BOOOM! Presumably, this habit of mine, of lowering the volume when the movie becomes loud, is partially a fault of mine, though I do suspect that a movie can be too noisy for the dialogue to be heard well.

On my computer, I can get to enabled "loudness equation" to better hear sound from when watching movies, which I like a lot, as it tend to raise the volume of the sound of speech and also lower the sound of what would otherwise be too loud unless I am mistaken about this last part. At the cinema while watching 'Dunkirk', I felt my seat vibrating as the sound of the roar of the Spitfire engine was put through the speaker system, which I kind of liked, but maybe that one movie was a little too loud.

What's dynamic range compression? (AKIO TV)

Same effect happened at the start, when gunshots rang out. I also noticed that the speaker system was used to play the advertisement before the movie started playing, something that sounded HORRIBLE with clearly a distorted sound, and everything that was meant to be base like sound, turned into noise.

How to use Compressor Tool in VLC Media Player on Windows 10

Look for a feature called 'night time' mode or similar. It's absolutely correct that the source material should have the full dynamic range of the original film soundtrack, though. Range compression is easy to apply at the point of reproduction. If one particular player or decoder doesn't have the option to apply compression to your liking, you can't really blame the film. Personally I wouldn't want any range compression applying at all.

Detached house, no kids, 5. I can see both points of view. In ideal listening conditions: a fairly well sound-proof room, having a large dynamic range is a good thing. This should go a long way to setting the audio volume at a reasonable level without peaks and troughs. The settings you are most interested in are Makeup gain, Threshold, and Ratio.

Makeup gain is the setting you adjust in quiet sequences to raise the volume, Ratio is the maximum level of all audio within a movie, and Threshold reduces louder sequences to even things out. Attack time and Release time can also be useful. These settings graduate the changes to ramp them up and then down again rather than initiating them immediately. To truly make a difference in TV or movie audio playback, you need to use the audio compressor. It is a powerful tool built into VLC that can completely change the audio of any media.

Try this to normalize volume in VLC. It helps you watch movies while people are in bed without waking them, allows you to watch gunfights in apartments without waking neighbors while still having the dialogue at an audible level, or anything else along those lines.