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Generate the Private Key To create a CSR, the administrator root password will be required along with access to the servers' command line - either via Terminal. Generate the CSR When the second command is executed, the user will be prompted to enter the certificate attributes: Country Name: The two-letter code for the country where the organization is headquartered.

State or Province Name: The state in which the organization is headquartered. Must be spelled in full. Locality Name: The city where the organization is headquartered. Organization Name: The full, legal entity name of the organization. Organizational Unit Name: The department within the organization requesting the certificate. Most of the settings are okay but not all of them.

If you want to upload any file to your Moodle you should add a little bit more upload size in php. Note that these sections are not likely to be consecutive in the php. That's all I hope that everything will be okay. You will find the version number PHP 5. This directive allows you to produce PHP errors when some error happens within intl functions. The value is the level of the error produced.

Default is 0, which does not produce any errors. Please make sure that you start the MySQL database server. First of all start the Server Admin. Activate MySQL on the local server. You must set the password for the user root before you can start MySQL. Add the security phrase to the file config.

Add a database moodle Add a database user moodle to the server localhost. Don't forget to set a secure password.

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The database user moodle should be allowed to administrate the database moodle19 only. It is a bad way to set root to administrate the database moodle If you want to install also Moodle 2. It's much easier to see in the graphical interface than in the command line tools. The image shows the database after Moodle 1. If you want a quick installation then don't fear to use the Terminal.

It's easier to tell you all the commands for the right way with the Terminal than showing you all the pictures to do the same with graphical tools. There are only a few commands to do everything I told you before. Start the Terminal. You will see that we must do the same steps as before but you can read them in a text form. First of all you need to set the root password. If you didn't this before then use the first command line. If you want to change an existing password then use the second one.

This uncomments the InnoDB settings. Please save the file and restart your MySQL database. The folder permissions should be before the installation and after it's done Same MD5 checksum on my side, no worries. Yes, I understand very well. But, may be, my downloading operation has failed. So, if someone can test it for confirmation It doesn't need to be.

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Plus, not zipping. For example, if you additionally zip compress a 4. That is, it is more generous in this case not to use zip on.

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I am not suggesting however, that you re-upload your zipped. As a rule tho', files that are already compressed such as. They are already in a safe archival form. Many thanks, fogWraith, but, the image is not zipped. I hope it's not absolutely necessary, as if not, it will be boring to restart the upload. And it appears that the mirror link doesn't works. I will try myself when my upstream will works well. May be this week, but I need to begin early. Otherwise, we can split the file in two or more parts before upload it.

The image bertyboy shared is working fine, installs in VMWare Fusion 3. If anybody happens to know a link for a matching VMWare Tools image, please let me know. Probably we should, tho' I think you deserve a break from uploading large items for a while. No rush to have any of these things, but if someone else cares to add these, then that is fine too. I have replaced the "Admin Tools' by a direct downloadable copy from Apple Servers As a large file is quite long to upload, perhaps it should be useful Yes, please add it to the archives if you have the time and bw, bertyboy.

This would be a much appreciated addition.

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You should consider uploading all the ppc tiger server updates from apple's site to this page as well. Still, this is pretty cool! If your bandwidth allows uploading, I would be among the first to try. Well, I have not tested this one on this page.

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Like u, I have not the required hardware for. May be it will be interesting to add your version if everybody is ok.

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