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Shipping started last week with…. ArchiCAD 17 will be released on June 1, , with shipment to customers beginning within a few weeks of the official release.

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  4. — Free Downloads of 3D BIM Objects for ArchiCAD & other CAD Software.
  5. Following a tight release schedule, all 26 local versions are planned to reach the market by the end of Q3 Your email address will not be published. Related Posts. Winfred Blair on July 20, at pm. Jared Banks on February 19, at pm. Please I am a designer and I would like to have this software for my personal usage Reply.

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    Control the display of model information, grid, polygon count, speed, light and background in the preview window. Edit Properties Modify the Properties of the Object or be more precise with selection of individual components within the Preview Window. Edit selected items by object or by material.

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    Control settings by selections within the items list. Set the object scale, rotation, material, transparency, graphics and other properties. View and edit the Properties of a material after it is selected from the Items List or from the perspective, elevation or plan view.

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    Zoom to Selection Have trouble viewing changes to selected elements when editing materials, pen colors, fills and other settings? Select components within a view and set the background color for the elements. Improve object graphics for design presentations and documentation. A Polygon Count Indicator in the 3D Viewer shows red in the bar graph when the polygon count is high. With the Poly Reduced Editor you can decrease the polygons on models that have a high polygon count.

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    The browser offers visual navigation through a library of downloaded objects. Feature List.

    • Free architectural design software — ArchiCAD download & registration.
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