Can 9 month old babies eat mac and cheese

However, cow's milk should never replace breast milk or formula until your baby turns 1. Breast milk and formula contain more nutrients that infants need in their first year.

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And large amounts of cow's milk can be difficult for a baby to digest. Using cow's milk to prepare cereal or other foods is fine though. When offering cheese, choose shredded varieties to prevent choking or melt the cheese and spread it on bread or soft crackers.

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Also opt for whole-milk yogurt not low-fat versions so your baby gets plenty of brain-boosting fat, and look for products that are naturally, not artificially, sweetened. You can buy those yogurts made specifically for babies, but they're not essential and may be a bit pricier. The biggest difference is that baby yogurts tend to have less sugar than traditional varieties, although regular plain yogurt has no added sugar. She loved it! I'm a terrible mother, but I don't want to share my mac and cheese.

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I have a deep love for it, all kinds. I totally would. I give her whatever I'm eating.

Today she got corn, tomorrow it could be mac and cheese. We go rounds because of some of the stuff she feeds her. Anyway, don't feel bad about giving Simon mac and cheese. I am sure my baby has had way worse and she is fine. It's a personal thing I have against Kraft mac and cheese though. I hate it and think it taste gross.

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DS will get some of my homemade mac and cheese. Now that is yummy stuff. I've been giving my son Annie's white cheddar mac n cheese since he was about 10 months old. It is all natural and he loves it.

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He hated it! Cows milk is ok if it is in cheese or yogurt.

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Actually it is recommended that you give LO cheese and yogurt starting at 6 months now. Cows milk itself is not allowed until LO is 1. The reason people get so bent out of shape about introducing cows milk in products is because they don't want you to think it's ok to replace formula or BM with cows milk.

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I keep hearing that yogurt and cheese are okay for 6 months and up, but we went to the pedi yesterday and she said hold off until 9 months. Log in. My account. Baby Registry. The Bump Baby Registry. Getting Pregnant. Sign up for The Bump! Variations: You can add finely chopped carrot or other veggie of choice either with or instead of the peas. Like to discover more ways to encourage your baby to eat up his veggies? Can i feed my 7 month old baby this recipe? She is able to gum foods.

Is butter ok? I thought dairy was to be avoided till age 1? I doubled the recipe so i could freeze some to take on vacation with us for a quick meal. It is so good I will eat this for lunch myself.