How to change mac wallpaper

In this article, we would like to describe in detail how to change the picture background of the desktop in Mac OS X as well as provide you with interesting information about wallpapers of different Mac OS.

The history of Mac OS X wallpaper

For the first time, the ability to install a full-sized background image on the screen appeared in Mac OS 8. And from that moment on, Apple began to add various wallpapers to its operating systems. At that time, it used three-dimensional geometric objects like flying capsules or UFOs as standard Mac desktop wallpapers. With the release of Mac OS 9, the company decided to change the style of standard Apple wallpaper. It was also made in several versions to fit the iMac colors of those years.

As for Apple computers without official colors, a stylish lilac color was chosen - it gave the system a more refined look. On Mac OS Although, Apple decided to leave only two colors of this image: Aqua Blue and Graphite Gray, as they approached the appearance of the revolutionary OS most of all. With every following release of Mac OS X 0. The users liked these calm and abstract images so much that within the time, practically every PC OEM manufacturer began to equip its products with similar wallpapers. By the time Mac OS X That is why in Mac OS The announcement of the next version of Mac OS Such an image was chosen for a reason since the Mavericks is a popular and very dangerous place in California, where extreme surfers can catch almost the highest waves in the world.

As the name for its next Mac OS In Mac OS Height is 2 meters, a favorite place illegal for climbers who do not use any insurance. Mac OS A delightful national treasure, which is located on the territory of Yosemite Park whereas Mac OS The desert received its name after the Mojave tribe, which, by the way, lives on the reservation to the present. If you want to change your Mac wallpaper, you can find a choice of many background images of the most different colors right on your Mac.

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Besides that, you can upload your own photo. The procedure is the following:. Select the wallpaper you love and enjoy seeing it on screen.

Safari gives you the opportunity to install any wallpaper on your Mac desktop without any extra gestures. Its AI-based algorithm not only finds the exact duplicates in any folder on your Mac, it also compares all the similar pictures and preselects the redundant options for a one-click removal. Again, you probably already have a one-by-one workflow that does this, but is there a faster way?

How to Wallpaper Dual Screens of Different Sizes on a Mac

PhotoBulk is a powerful image processing app that was designed to work specifically with batches of photos, editing dozens or hundreds at a time. Having your photos rotate as your MacBook backgrounds is great. Wallpaper Wizard was created to rescue your Mac desktop wallpaper and bring beauty and inspiration to it. The automatic rotation function is already built in and you can choose from more than 35, high-quality royalty-free images to keep your collection ever-fresh. You can also create your own Rolls by clicking on the plus icon of specific images.

And if you just want one of the beautiful Mac desktop backgrounds from Wallpaper Wizard to be static, simply open it up and choose Set Desktop Picture. You know that you have a screensaver on your Mac by default, right?

How to Change Your Desktop Background in Mac OS X

Your default screensaver would appear on the right. If you want to change it, you can simply explore all the options on the left and click on the one you like. Additionally, many screensavers would present customization options for further adjustments. You might be wondering how to change screen saver to something custom.

How to change your desktop background on a Mac in 4 ways - Business Insider

First, you need to find a suitable screen saver online and download it. The screen saver should have a. Hot Corners is a great little feature that triggers a certain action when your cursor reaches one of the corners of your screen. What you want to do here is set a Hot Corner to lock your Mac and start a screensaver. Change your desktop picture from the Finder From a Finder window or your desktop, locate the image file that you want to use.

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