Presentation mode mac os x

Right-click on the file you want to open on your computer. Press the right or left arrow keys on your Mac to move through the slides in the presentation. Rename File 1.

Keynote for Mac: Play a presentation on a separate display

Right-click the PPS file you want to turn into an editable presentation file. Click "Get Info. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

References 1 Indezine: PPT vs. Accessed 15 August It displays the current time, as determined by your computer in System Preferences.

Navigate between slides

Your audience cannot see this slide. This pane is always visible; it can't be hidden. When you use presenter view with a second display, your audience sees the full-screen slide show, while you see the presenter view on your Mac. Go to the next or previous slide. To go to the next or previous slide, click the arrow buttons below the current slide in presenter view, or use the arrows that appear when you rest your mouse pointer over the current slide.

You can also use the same keyboard or mouse commands that you use when the slide show is projected in full-screen view.

Use Presenter Display to enhance your Keynote presentations

Skip to a slide. In the slide navigation pane at the bottom of the screen, click the slide that you want to skip to. Pause, start, or reset the timer. The timer shows the total amount of time elapsed while you present. The timer automatically starts as soon as you being using presenter view, but you can pause and then restart the timer if you need to stop to answer questions or take a break. Read or take meeting notes while you present.

On the right side of the screen, below the Next slide preview, you can see any speaker notes that you entered for the current slide, and you can type new notes while you present. Simply click inside the notes pane, and then type your meeting notes. You should be able to go through all images in a given directory and navigate through them easily, rather than having to select every image you need to view before loading Preview.

Try Xee!

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I think of it as IrfanView for the Mac, at least in the viewer capabilities — I know IrfanView has a lot more to it than mere viewing. I love my mac also and I love preview. Move the mouse to access the controls.

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Works identical for all image formats that the Finder can render previews for. Preview is good for some things but it is no replacement for Aperture in terms of managing massive amounts of photos and tweaking them. It fits the PDF by height to the screen. I want it by width, otherwise it is too small. I had the same problem. I downloaded Skim, which is ideal for what I and you, by the sounds of it want.

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I love preview. Until PowerPoint is faster read: universal or written for intel , my Preview. Oh, please. I love my Macs, but I can think of at least half a dozen free programs for Windows that absolutely destroy Preview. I mean, Hello! I use it frequently to proof layout and sheet music projects in PDF before sending; makes for a cheap, simple and focused environment for giving everything the pre-flight looksie. Name required.

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