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Caillat described Buckingham, who often clashed with band mates, as "extraordinarily talented" as well as "unpredictable," "brilliant but difficult. However, Caillat said, "with Lindsey's contribution In the book, Caillat described the unique way in which Buckingham taught himself guitar. He uses his fingernails instead of a pick, which is quite common, except instead of plucking strings upward individually, he can play more than one string at a time by stroking down and up -- with the backs of his nails, which allows him to play several notes at once.

Buckingham honed this skill years before joining Fleetwood Mac when he was bedridden with mononucleosis for six months. At the time they were recording the album, all five band mates were going through painful breakups: The McVies were divorcing, Buckingham and Nicks' long-term relationship was coming to a bitter end and Fleetwood's wife was about to leave him for his best friend. It's all personal drama that Caillat chronicles in his book.

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It's horrible that if it hadn't been for all of the relationship turmoil in the band, you wouldn't know this record any better than some of the previous Fleetwood Mac records. Sadness was contagious in the studio, which Caillat said was besieged with arguments, drugs and alcohol.

Fleetwood Mac: ‘Everybody was pretty weirded out’ – the story of Rumours

During the summer of '76, the band took a break from recording "Rumours" to go on tour to promote their "Fleetwood Mac" album. It was the first time Buckingham and Nicks had played in front of a very large crowd, and the concert tour propelled the band to superstardom. Even though "Fleetwood Mac" was released in July of , it finally hit No. As soon as the album began to lose momentum, the record label wanted the band to have the first single off "Rumours" -- "Go Your Own Way" -- ready to go.

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Caillat recalled that it was John McVie who came up with the album's title. But let's spell it the English way. Another major step involved in creating what would become an iconic album was selecting song sequence, which was "crucial because it can make or break the album's success. And I can only take a little bit of credit for that, but I was really proud to be a part of that. The scatty vocals sound ridiculously carefree for a song about playing second fiddle in the love stakes.

Fleetwood gives the number a certain driving intensity with that quasi-marching beat he does so well, and the shared vocals — one part Buckingham, one part McVie — adds another delightful musical colour. It makes sense that this song is in fact a composite of a number of different pieces of music from all the band members, given how it moves from eerie vocal atmospherics to seventies rock workout in the space of four and a half minutes.

A bitter and somewhat self-pitying lyric from Buckingham has a very direct pop at Nicks. Never Going Back Again A lovely acoustic piece from Buckingham that showcases the skills of a player whose own technique has often been underrated in the rush to applaud him as a songwriter. It was music through chemistry. But it was helping us make the best music. Every so often, one or other member of the band would demand another hit. One day, engineer Ken Caillat substituted a dummy bag full of talcum powder.

When it was next called for, he tipped the bag upside down and emptied the contents all over the floor. But such lighter moments were few and far between. Having spent a year making the album, the master tapes had been dragged across the machine heads a thousand times. In those pre-digital days, this had led to a marked degradation of the sound quality, particularly at the upper end of the register, and the band had to go back into the studio in LA to redub.

Initially, the group appeared oblivious to the power of what they had gone and done. Has melodic MOR soft-rock ever surged with such emotional discharge and human electricity? Has such a highly polished veneer ever been so dramatically juxtaposed with such a scalding cauldron of simmering tensions and seething passions?

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What was going on between us created a resonance that goes beyond the music itself. You had these dialogues shooting back and forth about what was going down between us and we were chronicling every nuance of it. We had to play the hand out and people found it riveting. Released in February , Rumours topped the US album charts for six months. The record sold 10 million in its first year and at its height in America was going platinum one million sales every 30 days. And the heady cocktail of success, drugs and more money than they knew how to spend left little space for reflection or time to slow down.

Outside were parked a pair of matching Mercedes-Benz cars with license plates named after her pair of Lhasa Apsos. Fleetwood bought a cliff-top house in Malibu and a fleet of vintage sports cars. Buckingham — who seemed the least impressed by the trappings of celebrity and money — bought a fine LA home which he shared with Rumours producer Richard Dashut, while John McVie divided his time between a foot schooner moored at Marina del Rey and a home in Beverly Hills. None of the band was reticent about flashing their cash. But she bought into the rich-and-famous lifestyle more enthusiastically than anyone, having been taught to spend money, she claims, during her affair with the notoriously ostentatious Don Henley.

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  6. I need to go to LA. I need to go now. That was the biggest surprise. Everybody was angry, because Mick was married to a wonderful girl and had two wonderful children. I was horrified. I loved these people. I loved his family. Within five months, Nicks had become stepmother to the child by marrying the father. The rest of the band were appalled, and Christine McVie admits she even refused to buy the couple a wedding present.

    Their misgivings were well-directed. Within eight months the couple were divorced. Touring for Fleetwood Mac by now meant private jets and all manner of preposterous demands. Hotels would be told to paint rooms pink and install grand pianos. White, like the one on the cover of Imagine, of course.


    Somewhere in the midst of the madness, the group managed to record further albums. Following Rumours was never going to be easy and the double album Tusk, released in November , met with distinctly mixed reactions. Again it took over a year to record and cost a million dollars — an unprecedented amount of money at the time. I wanted something that had a little more depth. The title track employed a piece marching band. And the excess was equally gargantuan on a non-musical level.

    Exotic food delivered to the studio, crates of champagne.

    Fleetwood Mac’s 50 Greatest Songs – Rolling Stone

    And it had to be the best, with no thought of what it cost. Really stupid. Somebody once said that with the money we spent on champagne on one night, they could have made an entire album.

    Ultimately, it went on to sell eight million copies. Impressive for a double album, but in comparison to 25 million, a relative failure. Other band members were not slow to point the finger at Buckingham. There was open hostility. The initially disappointing sales of Tusk were boosted by a mammoth date world tour, on which every date was recorded for a live album.