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Ways to Log In Remotely to Mac OS X Lion Server

Check back next week. Macs interact well with Windows, and with CoRD the experience is a bit smoother.

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Great for working on the office terminal server, administrating servers or any other time you'd like your PC to be a bit closer without leaving your Mac. CoRD allows you to view each session in its own window, or save space with all sessions in one window.

How to Set Up & Use Screen Sharing in Mac OS X

Scale session windows to whatever size fits you—the screen is resized automatically. The user name and password correspond to an administrator level user account on the host machine, or a standard level user account which has been enabled for Remote Desktop Connection connections. In other words, type in the same user name and password that you would use if you were sitting right in front of the computer and logging in locally. The domain should already be filled in with the computer name.

Note that in this screenshot, I've changed the domain name to the local IP address of my host computer. Occasionally, Remote Desktop Connection will have trouble connecting using a computer name. If this happens for you, try the IP of the host computer instead.

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Lastly, you can select 'Add user information to your keychain' , which saves you from entering these credentials next time. Choose 'Reconnect automatically if disconnected' if you'd like Remote Desktop Connection to attempt to reconnect if the connection is interrupted before you log off or you close the connection manually. The Display tab lets you tweak settings such as the color depth, display size and some other visualization features. These options can help with performance when remotely connected. For example, you can disable the background, themes and menu and window animations and decrease the color depth in order to speed things up on the Remote Desktop Connection Client, especially since these extra flourishes aren't particularly essential for the types of tasks you'll likely be doing via Remote Desktop Connection.

Disabling font smoothing may also make the text more readable, especially when the window is resized. The default Keyboard settings are designed to let your Mac keyboard access inputs such as right-clicks, the Windows start key and print screen. If you're using a different keyboard, you can remap the behavior in this window.

Best RDP client for Mac OSX Lion

You can also change how Sound plays. You can choose to play the sound only on the Macintosh client , only on the Windows-based computer server or on neither. In the Drives tab, you can choose which drives and folders you want to make available to the Windows-based host machine. The drives you choose here will show up under tsclient in Windows Explorer.

Here, you can read and write to and from your Macintosh's hard drive.

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Likewise, the Printers tab lets you make printers connected to your Mac available on the Windows host when you are connected via Remote Desktop Connection. In the Applications tab, you can choose to run just one application when you log in to the remote computer.

This is the Mac equivalent of RemoteApp.

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For example, if you only wanted to launch the Windows Home Server without going through the trouble of loading Windows Explorer and other programs, you could enter the application path and file name here. Now, when you connect, you go right into that program.

When you close the program, the connection is closed. You can give the application access to local folders by entering them into the Working directory field. In the Security tab, you can change the authentication settings. Remote Desktop Connection tries to prevent you from connecting to a computer other than the one you intended by double-checking that the server name on the certificate matches the address or computer name that you entered. If it does not, authentication will fail.

In this case, you can tell Remote Desktop Connection to connect anyway, to warn you before connecting or to cancel the connection. In most cases, the third option, 'Do not connect if authentication fails' , is the most secure. But if you are entering your IP address rather than the computer name to connect, the server's name won't match what you entered to connect, thus causing authentication to fail, even though you are connecting to the machine you intended to. If you'll be using an IP address to connect, choose the second option 'Warn me if authentication fails' or the first option 'Always connect, even if authentication fails'.

After all, as loyal Apple users, we practically insist our loved ones also buy Macs, effectively turning us into unpaid Geniuses at the first sign of trouble. With support for clipboards, multiple displays, and a customizable toolbar, Screens is the next best thing to actually sitting in front of a distant computer.

To get started, point the owner of the ailing Mac to the Edovia website and have them download the latest version.

Wi-Fi Connection Problem Mac OS X Lion

Once installed, Screens Express will verify that the router is set up properly, and if not, it will go through the process of opening a public port capable of serving up the necessary incoming remote connection. Screens 3 keeps a library of available Macs, which can include those in your local network as well as remote systems. The remote user will need their administrator username and password to allow such configuration to take place, so be prepared for at least one phone call prior to being able to log in.

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Edovia also has an extensive Troubleshooting section on its website for tough cases where UPnP or NAT port mapping is disabled or unavailable, including a Google search form tuned to specific router brands and models. Clicking this button opens the built-in Share options, which include Mail, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, and any other services configured on that system.

Email and text messages are the most direct of the available options, so have the remote user send one to you, and then click or tap that link to open Screens at your end and initiate the connection.