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If the "Most Recent" feed is not being displayed chronologically, please note that this is not actually an FBP issue, click here to read more. If after opening the Notifications menu bell button at the top of the Facebook page, the notifications suddenly all disappear, just leaving the "See All" link, this is caused by a bug in the "Sort Notifications Chronologically" option located under the "Notifications" heading on the FBP options screen If you re-open the notifications they should be there again. If you find this bug to be too annoying, turn off the "Sort Notifications Chronologically" option.

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I am looking into fixing this at some point. You can still view the notifications in chronological order by clicking the "See All" link. FBP's Sort Notifications Chronologically option is not working correctly for some people, if thats the case, turn the option off, you should still be able to view your notifications sorted chronologically if you click the "See All" link at the bottom of the notifications menu. If your newsfeed is completely blank, make sure you have not ticked the 'hide "Newsfeed"' option, as thats exactly what that option does!

Other possibilities are the filtering options you have selected are filtering out all the posts. If the option to post to your Newsfeed has disappeared from the Status Update box at the top of your Newsfeed page, leaving only the "Your Story" option, this is due to a bug in the hide "Stories" option located under the "Hide Right Column Links" heading on the FBP options screen which is supposed to hide the "Stories" box in the right hand column, and the post to "your story" option that shows in the status update box.

This option works for most people but for some people it is hiding the post to "newsfeed" option.

If that issue is affecting you, you can turn that option off for now and I posted a Custom CSS code fix for the issue, here. If you are using Chrome and you find FBP is repeatedly getting disabled automatically every time you restart Chrome, this may be because you have a faulty Antivirus or Security program that is incorrectly disabling it. Another possibility is that you have removed the permission for the extension to access Facebook's site data, without that permission FBP cannot function, and you need to click the extension icon it will then say "reload this page to use this extension" then you need to reload the page each time you want to use FBP.

If you are using Google Chrome, you can restore the permission to access Facebook's site data by clicking the FBP icon in the Chrome extensions toolbar, then selecting "This can read and change the site data" on "Facebook. If you are using Chrome and click the "Import Settings" link and the file chooser dialog does not popup, this bug has been fixed in the latest release of FBP. If you have set a background colour and the whole page has changed to that colour so you can no longer see anything on the page, im looking into what is causing this.

Until i figure out a fix, turn off the background colour setting. I realise you can't access the FBP link to open the FBP options screen in this situation, so the workaround to be able to access the FBP options screen, is to visit this link where you should be able to see the FBP link that will let you access the FBP options screen and turn off the background colour settings. If you are getting a "Connection failure" error when trying to install the Firefox extension version of FBP, try temporarily disabling your Antivirus and or Firewall, or any other security software or extensions as there is a bug in Firefox that stops extensions being installed if you have antivirus software checking your web activity.


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For a workaround to this issue, you can try the following: "Right-click" on the "Install F. Purity" button and then click "Save link as" then save the. Now drag the. Please note if you have the "widescreen newsfeed" option turned on under the Experimental Options heading on the FBP options screen please turn it off, as this option does not work, and is being discontinued.

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Also if you have any added any Custom CSS code, try removing that also as certain codes could cause the shifting left problem. If you still have the problem after doing all that, its not FBP causing it.

If your newsfeed reloads when you click anything or open a video full screen, this may be due to a bug in the "News Sort: Most Recent" option which occurs when you have that option turned on and have manually switched to viewing the "Top Stories" feed, then click something on the page, or open a video full screen.

To stop this happening, turn off the "News Sort: Most Recent" option. Its not going to be easy to fix, so this option might not get fixed for a while, if at all. You should still be able to see the Full Date and Time the post was made if you hover your mouse pointer over it. Apple's latest version of Safari v13 does not currently support Tampermonkey, so until that situation changes, the only option for installing FBP if you have that version of Safari is to install an alternative browser, and run FBP on that instead. I am looking into fixing this bug.

If you have tried installing the latest FBP extension, but the FBP link doesn't show up in the top navbar, try closing your browser completely, then re-opening it, that should fix the issue. Another possibility is that you have "localstorage" storage turned off in your browser somehow its either caused by a browser setting or an extension. Follow the rest of the steps in the troubleshooting guide to figure out what is causing your problem. If you don't see any posts in your newsfeed, just the "More Stories" link, that may be because FB Purity is filtering out the stories you don't want to see.

If your feed only loads a few posts and wont load any more even if you try scrolling the browser window downwards, and you just see an empty post with the pulsing grey square and grey lines, i'm not sure what is causing this, it may be a network issue, try reloading the page, and seeing if that fixes it. If your newsfeed appears stuck and you can't scroll any further, a temporary workaround for this is to visit m.

If you are using the "X" button to hide posts in the newsfeed, but find the posts are returning again, this is nothing to do with FBP.

The "X" button that FBP adds to posts, is just a shortcut to Facebook's own "Hide post" menu function, so if the hide post function is not working, that is just a bug in Facebook and there is nothing FBP can do about it. If you are using Firefox, and find that occasionally the FBP link won't show up and FBP's functionality has stopped working, try reloading the page, and if that doesnt work please clear your browser cache, then re-install via fbpurity.

If the FBP link still doesn't show up after that, close the browser completely, then re-open it. If it doesnt show after that try installing the ECleaner extension from the mozilla add-ons directory, and use it to clear FBP's saved data this will remove any FBP settings you had. If the page reloads when you try to watch a video, this is a bug in the "News Sort: Most Recent" option, to stop it occuring, turn off the "News Sort: Most Recent" option, until I can come up with a fix.

Try the following: "Download an addon called eCleaner 1. After it is installed, remove FB Purity, then click on the options in the eCleaner. You'll see a list of addons you have or had installed. If you are using Chrome and have Facebook as a pinned tab, this seems to cause the FBP chrome extension to crash. Try using Facebook without pinning its tab, that should in theory fix it.

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I don't know why this is happening, but I presume its due to the Facebook tab always being in memory, and Facebook's pages are not a fixed length, they can continue growing until they eat up all the memory, at which point fbp may crash. Palemoon users, may notice the latest version of the FBP firefox extension won't work for you. You could try using the Greasemonkey Script version of FBP instead of the extension its available on the same page as the extension version , which should work ok. Please note: Palemoon is not an official supported browser. Please also note that the latest official available version of the Greasemonkey extension won't work with Pale moon either, so you either need to use an earlier version v1.

If you click the FBP link and nothing happens, it probably means you have 2 versions of FBP installed at the same time. Check your browser extensions for 2 copies of FBP. If you have greasemonkey installed, you may have an extension version of FBP and script version of FBP installed at the same time, remove one or the other to get it working again. If that doesn't fix it open the Browsers Error console, and check for any errors. If the birthdays box is not showing in the right column please note that if you have the "Expand News Column" option enabled, that option hides the right hand column, which includes birthday reminders, and pokes etc.

If the guest lists on event pages are not showing, or admin section of group pages, or anything in the right hand column is not showing that should be showing, that may be due to the "Expand news column" option being enabled.

Either reload the page to see the missing section or else turn off the "Expand news column" option. If you find you cannot tag your friends in statuses, make sure you have not turned on the option to hide "Auto tag suggestions", as that's exactly what it does. You can temporarily disable that option to re-enable tagging by typing the " " character, or permanently turn it off on the FBP options screen. If the numbers are missing next to the links in the left column, make sure you have not ticked the hide "Story Numbers" option under the "Left Column Links" options heading.

If you have set a background image and are wondering how to turn it off or change the background image settings, you can do so via the FBP options screen, under the "Fonts, Colours and Design" section. If the image was not a Facebook image and it disappears it might mean the original image has been deleted or the server it is being hosted on may be down, again to solve it find a valid Image URL that is working, and paste that into the background image URL box. Clicking the notification link, will hide the notification and take you to the FBP fan page, where you can read the latest posts from the page.

If the notifications come back again for posts you have already seen, its most likely caused by either 1 you logging in via a different computer 2 logging in again with a different fb account. The reason for those occurences is that FBP saves its settings separately per device, and also per FB user account. If this does happen, you can always click the "X" next to the notification to dismiss it, and if you don't want these notifications at all, simply un-tick the "FBP News Notifications" option on the FBP options screen, but i would advise against this, as its very important to stay up to date with the fbp news.

If you are using Firefox v22 or above and are getting the following error message popping up "Error: Illegal operation on wrappedNative prototype object" or the FBP extension is disabled and can't be re-enabled: Clear your browser cache and then re-install via the install page on this site, for the fixed version. If that doesn't work, make sure you don't have any extensions that have changed your browser's "UserAgent" string, as the install page delivers a different version of the extension depending on whether you are using Firefox 19 or below, or Firefox 20 and above, and needs to check the browser's useragent string to determine what version of the extension to deliver.

If you navigate to the Jobs page and find it blank, this is a known bug in FBP that is causing that, I am investigating why it is happening and hope to fix it soon. If you are having problems with your FBP settings not saving properly, or your settings seem to have been wiped out. Its also possible you have a problem with other extensions interfering with FBP you need to follow the full troubleshooting guide in this case, which involves turning off all other extensions. Another possible cause for this is cookie cleaning type software such as CCleaner, which can potentially wipe out FBP's settings.


If you are finding Facebook or your browser gets really slow after a while of using it, try not opening lots of Facebook tabs, as Facebook tabs take up a lot of memory, you can also try recycling your Facebook tabs, by recycling them I mean copy the URL of the Facebook tab, then close the tab then open a new tab with the URL, doing this refreshes the browser's memory and clears out any memory anomalies.

Another thing that may slow things down is using a background image, if you have chosen to set a background image for Facebook using FBP, try turning that off, as that could use up lots of computer ram. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

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