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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Works great! Took me a while to find the no cd patch.

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So far the only thing is that in the introduction it skips to the next page before it's done talking, but it's just a minor detail and it brings you faster to the game itself. Thanks again NRG!.

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One thing that just happened, a little glitch. At the beggining of the Lumos challenge, where there should be three consecutive yellow Lumos platforms at the same height, you might get a lower third one that won't let you progress, not even by grabbing the ledge. To get through this, first stand on the yellow platform facing the platform with the star. Then type harrydebugmodeon.

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You should notice that in the pause menu, there is the word Debug at the left upper corner. Return to the game, and while still facing the star, type harrysuperjump. Harry will automatically jump higher, which will let you continue your game. If it doesn't work the first time, just keep trying it took me three tries to get it.

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To close de debug mode press F7. Just finished it.

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No other problems besides of what I mentioned. Please help I've had what I think was a successful installation but now when I go to open the. I don't know what to do now.

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I can't get the setup. Lourowland14 Jan 14 PM. I can only see "Harry Potter. Where can I find Autorun.

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I'm not seeing setup. Where can I find these? YosriMhiri Feb 07 PM. Same problem, where can i find the setup. Get ready to become addicted. Ready to be part of the magical world of Hogwarts as a student? View All Reviews Submit a Review. This is a unique puzzle game adventure where players have to fold virtual paper sheets to create Origami crafts and figures. Download the free Paperama for desktop PC and learn how […]. Spry Fox that has popularized award-winning games Triple Town, Steambirds and Alphabear is now back with yet another adorable bears too cute to boot in Bushido Bear online game for PC.

In this delightful action game, your objective is to collect bear that brandishes giant swords and sharp katanas to protect the forest from the […].

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Just imagine the cool water crashing on the sand as you frolic under the heat of the summer sun. So get into the fun and exciting adventure in the Picabu Vacation : Summer […]. Have you ever wished that Minecraft have vehicles? Unfortunately, that wish is unlikely, unless you want to use mods. Thankfully, there is a Minecraft-styled voxel game about cars! Enter Blocky Cars PC, a game where you can unleash your creativity and hone your tinkering skills.

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