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Time Machine now also gets stuck trying to back up this drive presumably as its being constantly indexed at the time? I have a niggling feeling that the cause of the constant reindexing of my HDD has something to do with the fact that I'm now primarily working on my MacBook Pro Sierra with latest software, working in files that are then opened, saved, overwritten etc back on to the old Mac Pro's HDD via file sharing between both Macs. Could it be that Lion's Spotlight has been upset by the fact its reading files that have been created, edited etc by Sierra?

I'm trying to find a way of curing this short of deleting everything, starting from scratch and trying to get hold of a copy of Lion to reinstall.

Rebuild the Spotlight Index

And, even then, due to reasons stated in the above paragraph, am worried that even this won't fix the problem. Posted on Dec 12, AM. Page content loaded. I understand your mac is constantly trying to re-index your hard drive, and I'd like to help.

As a precaution, the first thing I'd recommend doing is backing up all of your important data to a seperate drive to ensure it is protected. Once you've done that there are a few things we can do to try to isolate the issue.

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The first thing we can try is starting your Mac in safe mode to determine if any third party plugins are interfering with the communication between your Mac and the hard drive. The article below will guide you through that process: Try safe mode if your Mac doesn't finish starting up - Apple Support If the behavior persists in safe mode, try using the disk utility to check the health of your hard drive using the steps listed in this article: Disk Utility for Mac: Repair a disk using Disk Utility If the behavior persists, or you run into any trouble we're here to help.

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Dec 12, PM. I've already run checks on both of my drives before.

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Restarting the computer as normal the problem I have of Time Machine not backing up my SSD as well as Spotlight contantly indexing the drive persists. Time Machine now can't back up my HDD and Spotlight can't stop indexing it either, which is why I'm thinking its something to do with my artwork files, or, a particular rogue file somewhere.

My SSD has remainied the boot drive throughout all of this and holds all applications etc. The computer never fails to boot and the HDD works as it should, its just that Spotlight can't stop indexing it and Time Machine hangs halfway through trying to back it up.

How to Fix Spotlight Indexing in OS X – The Mac Observer

The way in which Spotlight constantly indexed the drive is weird too. Its always says '7 minutes remaining' '5 minutes remaining' etc but will always start up again after the stated time has elapsed. Dec 13, AM. Incidently, booting the Mac in safe mode causes Finder to eventually going into a spasm, with a box prompting me to either restore or don;t restore my previous opened windows, however I'm not able to select an option as the screen is constantly blinking as if Finder is constantly restarting itself.

OS X 10.7.5 Lion MacBook - Spotlight keeps re-indexing all the time

Starting the computer normally seems ok through. Instead of turning the whole thing off, you can simply exclude certain drives or folders from Spotlight by using its Preferences. To add items, you can either click the plus icon and navigate to the drive or folder you want to exclude, or you can simply drag and drop drives and folders into the list.

To remove items from the list, and thus make them searchable by Spotlight once again, select the item and press the minus icon at the bottom-left side of the list. The previous methods to prevent Spotlight from indexing items on your Mac covered both folders and drives, but this trick only works with folders and files.

The folder and its contents are immediately excluded from Spotlight and any searches fail to return results from the folder.