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Sephora Holiday Look #4 - Silver and Black with red lips!!!

First, you can enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. Second, enter by following me on Twitter and retweeting RT the following message:. PST on Friday, April So much yummy MAC goodness to look forward to, ladies! Tomorrow Pret a Papier , already available online, drops on counters. Those boogie on down to MAC counters on May 6. I use a skinny angle brush, the one I got is a travel size brush from sephora.

I love using my Stila eye Kajal with this brush since the liner is so creamy. It takes away the redness and the color of Poersurge becomes very bright. If my pencil eyeliner is hard to apply I warm it under a lightbulb for 10 seconds and it glides on nicely. I also use white eyeliner on my bottom lids to make my eyes appear larger. I need to get some toys to play with!

Using a post-it note to help with sharp angles while using liquid eyeliner works our lovely for me! They have really slim brushes and can apply very tinny, if i do not want a very bold look. I love using a slightly stiff Sonia Kushak brush with Buxom gel eyeliner. Put the liner close to the lash line and start out thin, increasing the width slightly as you get to the outer eye and wing it up for a brigh-eyed look.

Using powder as eyeliner makes it less harsh especially if all you use is black on your eyes. I loves me some Chanel!! OH and I use the Sigma brush with it. That or the MAC one for a more precise thin line. I usually wear black liquid eyeliner on my top lid. I start off at the center of my lashline then extend it out and give it a bit of a wing at the outer corner.

I then go back and start at the inner corner of my upper lashline and draw a line to meet up at the center of my lid where i first started. It makes it easier for me that way since its thicket on the outer side of my lid and thinner towards my nose. I read the great review on here and went out and bought it…makes lining your eyes soooo easy and perfect!! I always wipe my waterline before applying my eyeliner.. I usually use a angled brush to go over the line I made with pencil eyeliner. It helps soften the edges and makes it appear super straight and perfect. After applying eyeliner on my bottom lid, I always use a q-tip and dip some loose translucent powder and swipe it right below my eyeliner.

This prevents smudging. And wait a few minutes for the liner to dry! I love to use eyeliner pencils as a base for eyeshadow especially on a night out. It really makes the shadow pop and stick all night! When I put a little pressed powder over my under-eye concealer, my under-eye liner stays put, rather than creeping down and making me look like a raccoon! Hi Karen! For easier application and a smoother finish, I use the side of my eyeliner pencil instead of the tip. I love using bright colored eyeliners as shadow base.

I own the ubiquitous MAC for lining my eyes but I find that I like using the mini concealer brushes that come in brush kits for lining my eyes too! However, I have yet to get any liner to stay put on my waterline. I think this would help me try a new eyeliner look. I usually just tightline. Have any suggestions? I usually just use my fingertips to apply and blend. I may either use a primer beforehand or not. Once done, I would get a fluffy eyeshadow brush, grab some bright green or bright blue pigment and gently pat it over the paint. Quick, easy, not overdone!!! I was watching Lauren Luke on youtube and a tip she gave mostly for liquid liner is to put your pinky finger on your cheek if you are having trouble with a steady hand when applying.

One of my favorite things to do is layer shadow right on top of my liner to 1 set the liner, and 2 help blend any harsh lines. To really set my eyeliner, I love to top off the pencil with an eyeshadow. This guarantees that it lasts all day long!

MAC Greasepaint Stick Dirty Review

I first have to prep my eyes with a primer then i will apply eyeliner. This is the only way to not get eyeliner smudges. The topping it off with an eyeshadow also help too. Thanks for the giveaway!

What do you think of greasepaint sticks?

My favorite eyeliner tip is after using gel or liquid liner, take a matte black shadow, like Carbon from MAC and with an angled brush, set the liner. It stays put all day! I put eyeliner on my bottom lashes and then put mascara over it to help the eyeliner from bleeding. Then I lightly but firmly draw a line. Plus it always helps to keep a sharp point on the eyeliner pencil. I line my top lid with liquid black liner, let it dry a bit and then apply a thin line of Too Faced Neptune wet over it… soo pretty but simple! I like to use a creamy white or light silver on my lower waterline to make my eyes appear brighter.

When I want just a little something under my lower lashes, I use my MAC brush with powder eyeshadow for a soft look. I like to layer bright shadows over black eyeliner to make them pop. Was thinking of trying this for that very use. Great giveaway! My email is butterflychk yahoo. I also retweeted about this! My eyes are pretty small, so I seldom apply eyeliner on my waterline it makes my eyes look smaller. Instead, I use either a small angled brush or just a pencil, and I apply it to the outer corner of my eye.

Then, I make sure to smudge it a lot, so it looks effortless and more natural. To go from day to night, I apply eyeliner as close as possible to my upper lash line I rest the pencil on the lashes, so it glides seamlessly , and I smudge it a little. A little eyeliner can go a long way! I always set my eyeliner with some eyeshadow so that it stays all day long.

Somedays, i smudge a dark purple color on top of my black eyeliner to create a more dramatic effect without the hassle of doing a full smokey eye look.

Two Ways to Win MAC Slick Black Greasepaint Stick

Works great! Thanks for the info Karen, and for the giveaway! My eyeliner trick: If you use a white or peach colored eyeliner on the inner rim it instantly makes you look more awake and refresh. I just tilt my head back a little to get the pencil in between my lashes. Then I smudge it with a sponge-tipped applicator. This season is ALL about the greasy, shiny smokey eye!

The warmth allows you to smudge out the tiniest amount which is imperative under the greasepaint sticks. I then color in a bloch area starting at my lash line about 1cm thick and smudge out blending brush. Then use a small amount of vaseline on a brush and draw along the upper lash line and smudge out.

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But I am so stoked about the superglass coming out! I want them all!!! For smudgeless or at least less smudgey eyeliner, always always always buy waterproof! Also, to get a super smooth line, pull the eyelid taught once closed and then draw your line. I take my brush in really short strokes and just go back and forth for gel liners. Pencil is a little tricky or me…I hate pulling on my eyelid to get a straight line, but that seems to be the only way, my hands are not steady at all! So I try not to do that too often. Eyeliner: Loreal Hip Liquid. I try to take my time and let it sit for a bit on the brush before applying.

I always have to remind myself to slow down at this part. I love to tightline my upper lashline with MUFE aquaeyes and skip liner on my top lashline. It looks way less harsh this way! It looks great and lasts. To get a slight wing with a pencil liner, line the top lashline, slightly extending past outer edge, and then, using a clean fingertip to barely touch the edge of your conjuctiva, go upward almost like you are rubbing the line upward.

Go over the lines with a coordinating shadow to set. This is how I achieve symmetry! Then using the same finger tip or another one blend out to get a smooth application, ready for eyeshadow or leave as is. Oooh I want to try a Greasepaint! My fav eyeliner trick is to use a steel blue color on my lower lash line, instead of black. NOT too much though or it will be noticible but just a little more than where my eye naturally ends. I like to use black and then for work I will use an angle brush to soften it a little bit.

Sometimes I will use some eyeshadow on an angle brush to add a hint of color to the black.

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I set my eyeliner by putting a black eyeshadow over it. To make a wing, I put a business card on the corner of my eye. Tightlining changed the way my eyes look and I like it. For Asian eyes, tightline to make your lashes appear fuller — the LM flat eye brush is perfect to use for this technique! I like to use black liner on the top lashline with either colored liner on the bottom lashline or black on the waterline only with light eyeshadow along the bottom lashline. It keeps my eyes from looking too small. I love to create the cat eye effect. I like using an angled brush to pick up color from pencil liners.

Never have to worry about the line getting too thick due to a blunt tip. I started using an eyeliner guard thingie I got from Hong Kong… At first I thought it was uber useless but now it is uber useful! It draws attention to the eyes in a subtle way! And since very little about me is subtle, I can use that. I love applying my eyeliner pencil across my top lashline, applying a thicker line at the outer edge. I then take a pencil brush and smudge the line upwards for a subtle smokey liner effect. When I do a cat eye liner, I initially draw it with a pencil liner then go over it with the gel or liquid liner so mistakes can be easily corrected.

I like only apply my liner about 3 quarters of the way from the inner corner to the end. My eyes are fairly small so if I line the whole length of the lid, it just makes them look smaller. This way, I can still add definition to my eyes without making them look super small! I use a cream liner with an angled brush such as MAC and line my upper lashline and waterline… for the waterline, i use a primer such as Painterly Paint pot, and it stays on allllll dayy!

Tightlining works for me as I have smaller eyes and usually look like a racoon within hours of eyeliner application. I get the extra definition with tight lining without it smudging too much all over and under my eyes. I warm up pencil eyeliner with my fingers before application so there is less tugging on my eyelids. I love to use a with Blitz and Glitz Fluidline for something more dramatic or I enjoy doing a color like mont black with the Especially browns!! I love how I can soften the eyeliner to get a smokey eye.

You cant do that with liquid liners. I usually apply the eyeliner and then soften it with my finger. That way you can make sure the flicks are even without having to worry about smudging! My favorite eyeliner trick is to my small lines that I will continue throughout the lash line till I make a full line. It always works for me instead of doing a whole line. For a nice effect try making your line a bit thicker and line upwards towards the outer edge of your eye.

I also prefer brown over black liners too. I love to use my MAC brush with gel liners. If I am using pencil liners, I put the line on and then perfect it with a brush. Follow us on Instagram. Eyes Mac Makeup limited edition ss10 swatch. Get Beaut. Related Articles. The best lash curlers for doll-like lashes.

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