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It has a free-drawing tool so I could write with a pen-tablet.

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It's a bit rough around the edges to use, but it's free and open source, and it saves in an open document format. If you need something a little less rough to use but does save to a more industry accepted file format, then try using PowerPoint. These don't have some of the goofy features of Notebook, but if all you want as I do is just a digital version of what I called the ' solution, then PowerPoint or LibreOffice is pretty much perfect.

Smart Notebook Version 11 and Yosemite and El Capitan

As a migration step, I believe Notebook can export to PowerPoint, so perhaps this blog post's Ruby install hack can help salvage some Notebook files into an editable format I saved most of my stuff into PDF to share, so I have those for salvage, but they're not editable. Hope this helps. Enjoy the holidays! Draw and write using colored digital pens and highlighters, and choose from multiple ink colors including Crayon and Calligraphic Ink, pen thicknesses and eraser sizes.

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It's been a while. As for your question regarding Notebook Star added.

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Quote saved. I have just requested it but wanted to send a proper request, too.

SMART Notebook (free version) download for Mac OS X

One of my staff members is looking to wean herself off of Notebook but, with a new mac at hand, I have just found that my old copy is no longer working. Thanks very much! Smart notebook 11 Mac By rf in forum Educational Software. The time now is AM. All rights reserved.

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If you have Notebook on your computer, Extreme Collaboration is a plug in that you can download. Downloading and Installing. Student Collaboration Demo. Click here to return to the Repository Main Page.

How to download Smart Notebook 11 in 2018!!!

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