Mac os x 35-pass erase

Enter your email address below:. It is still available in the command line diskutil. Multi-pass wipe is only for magnetic old spinning rust drives.

Then just erase it when it is done and reinstall macOS. That will make it pretty much impossible to recover. For secureErase open Terminal and type diskutil secureErase and hit Return. It will show the options which are the same as described here. Faster than and cheaper on time then letting a 35 pass wipe run. My problem is reverse. Week later they called- it was sent out of store to headquarters and completely erased with new operating system installed. Is everything really gone 3 books I was writing, photos of recent nurdered family member, medical records, Photoshop, etc.

Zero recovery thus far. Apple nor DriveSavers will divulge what they did. Once an SSD has been formatted it is notoriously difficult to recover data from, DriveSavers may be right, but you can try to find a SSD specific drive recovery service, I would temper expectations however because it is often impossible to recover the files.

How to Secure Erase a Mac SSD / Hard Disk from Recovery Mode

Sorry to hear about your situation. Also, Apple routinely formats any Mac or iOS device sent their way for simple unrelated repairs, I am not sure why they do this aside from troubleshooting obvious software issues, but it has happened to me and relatives as well got a keyboard replaced, Mac was formatted. The lesson is really about backups, backup your data always. And assume if the computer goes in for service, it will be formatted. The paper this was based on was theoretical and data retrieval was never proven with even a single pass on magnetic disks. It has even less relevance for SSDs.

The DOD 7 pass standard was also based on magnetic disks, and since the DOD does not recommend overwriting with any number of passes—only physical destruction of the disk. If you are Snowden, burn your disks with a blowtorch. Umm… 7 overwrite cycles — varying from 0s, 1s, to random is pretty damn good for a regular drive HDD. Melting the drive with thermite or something else is probably the most reliable way of preventing the data from being recovered.

Big surprise. Because they are not magnetic drives. The hammer will work to a degree, but only if you manage to break the data storage chips. NVMe Express format if supported. Optionally followed by User Data Erase or Clear procedure. It usually takes less than two minutes to complete as well. FYI — ATA is the only technique that purges all the data stored on a hard disk drive using internal commands. When using this method on SSD, it sends small electric current to reset Nand.

Disk Utility erases, formats, repairs, and partition hard drives and SSDs

There is no way to guarantee removal of data on a SSD. The SSD keeps spare blocks for wear leveling and garbage collection. In laymens terms that means you could just format the drive and reinstall OS X as usual, and throughout the standard process of using the freshly formatted Mac, all data that used to exist on the drive will vanish.

One overwrite or one TRIM hit is enough to make it gone. The only worry one might have is that a block might not get TRIMmed off. Quick format, and the TRIM will wipe the data you left in an hour or so.

Securely Format a Mac Hard Drive

This is plenty for most of us. Overwrite the entire disk once with zeros. Thermite the drive. In Disk Utility, select the external hard drive and then follow the last few steps of these instructions to erase it using one of the Security Options described below. This process can take many hours if you select the 7-pass overwrite procedure. I recommend starting this process and then letting it run overnight.

This option only over-writes the directories on the hard drive. Your files could still be recovered. Zero Out Data— Provides a pretty good level of security.

File removal

All of your files are over-written with a string of zeroes. There are forensics utilities that in theory could retrieve some data.

How to Erase Disk in Mac OS X Disk Utility

This is considered sufficient by government standards to erase data from a disk. It writes a random string of ones and zeroes over your data files seven times. It may take several hours or more to complete this process. This option takes an extremely long time, possibly more than one day. Also, there are no longer radio buttons to select how many passes to erase. There is a slider that goes from Fastest to Most Secure. Select your preferred language from the list presented.

In the left pane of the Disk Utility window, click on the hard drive you want to erase. In the right pane of the Disk Utility window, click the Erase tab.