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So, e yields seven options and a has eight alternative versions. So, long-press o and eight options appear. This means more accents can be accommodated.

Macintosh Accent Codes

If there are other shortcuts you want to know about, message me in the comments and I'll add more. No, Thanks. My areas of special Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Look at those lovely accents. David Phelan.

Three Ways To Type Accent Marks on Your Mac (#1408)

Acute accent David Phelan. Grave accent David Phelan. Umlaut David Phelan.

Circumflex David Phelan. Circumflex accent diacritical marks are used in Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek languages. Since computers users in the U.

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There are several keyboard shortcuts and methods to render a circumflex accent mark on your keyboard depending on your platform. Most Mac and Windows keyboards have a caret key — the shift of the 6 key — for inline caret marks, but it cannot be used to accent a letter. The caret is sometimes used in mathematical formulas or in computer programming languages. Some programs or platforms have special keystrokes for creating diacriticals, including caret marks.

How to Type Accents on Mac the Easy Way

See the application manual or search the help guide if the following keystrokes do not work for creating caret marks for you. You have a couple of options for generating a circumflex mark on a Mac.

  1. Activate Extended Keyboard!
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Accent menu : On a Mac, hold down a vowel while typing to create a character with the circumflex accent mark. A small accent menu pops up with different diacritical accent options, each of which has a number beneath it. Either click the number key — in this case, the 3 — or select the accented version by clicking on it directly in the accent menu to insert a character with a circumflex mark in the test you are typing.

For the uppercase version of the character, press the "Shift" key before you type the letter to be accented. Open the menu and type "circumflex" in the search bar. Select the accent you want to use in the results window to open variations on the mark. Select one of the variations to use in your text.