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Jabra Direct Engineered to optimize and personalize your headset Smart, secure and free call management of headsets and speakerphones. Get the most out of your devices — today and tomorrow. Audio protection levels. Control calls from your headset Jabra Direct allows for remote call control of softphones. Product support. Find support. Mac Headsets With Mic. Headsets With Microphone For Mac An Appple compatible Analog or Digital USB headset with a built-in mic is a great solution for accurate speech recognition and dictation, voice and video conferencing, or gaming sessions on a Mac computer.

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Especially if you own one of Apple's desktop computers like the Mac mini or Mac Pro towers, you'll want an external Mac compatible headset or desktop microphone. These two Apple desktop models do not include a built-in microphone of any sort. The can all be done by the bud in your right ear. Dre - which I was more than happy to toss in the trash and watch them get crunched!

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Sweet vindication! Easy setup, this headphones is very comfortable and the sound is really good! Comparable to road King rk but solid mic boom not flexible. Nothing beats a blue parrot The microphone does not have a wind blocking foam sock. But it does have some noise canceling going on. For example if I'm not talking it has some sort of digital squelch feature and it cuts input completely so backround radio,wind,HVAC noise does not transmit. While I'm talking it's very minimal noise even with air blowing on mic. Audio is quite decent. It's no blue parrot like I said, you can tell it's a cheaper speaker but definitely does the job well.

How To Fix Bluetooth Sound on Mac

Would recommend. Bluetooth Headphones, MindKoo Bluetooth 4.

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Sturdy, excellent-sounding, super comfortable wireless headphones. Easy connectivity with most bluetooth devices like iPhone, iPad, laptop. Has a long play time with just a short charging time, its an amazing experience at such a great price. Working at home when everyone is about can get a bit distracting, so looked for an economical solution. Noise cancelling seems to work for example my neighbour had a new kitchen fitted with the volume set halfway I couldn't hear the builders knocking tiles off or drilling.

Fit nicely over ears with good sound and comfortable on your head.

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Pairs easily to two devises eg laptop and phone, calls over ride music. Voice call are good and clear on both sides. A great set of high quality earphones.

Mac Compatible Headsets With Mic

Provides a fantastic bass and the material is great and comfortable. For the price, it is a steal. Comes with a charging cable and an audio cable to use it wired as well as wirelessly. Definitely recommend it as it can easily compete with much more expensive headphones. I really enjoy these head phones and the last over 7 hours.

How ever I give it 4 stars because it comes with a unusable warranty. Kind of a slap in the face. I tried a few times registering it and the site just has errors. Good head phones though you can feel some bass around your ears that kind of get you moving. You have to love Logitech products - you just plug them in and they work.

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