Excel return inside cell mac

Generic formula. Related formulas. Count line breaks in cell. Add line break based on OS.


How to start a new line within a cell | Office Hack

How this formula works The character used Related functions. Related videos. How to concatenate with line breaks.

Have been searching quite some time to figure this one out. Much appreciated. You just saved my life…. I have been going crazy and needed to get this task done ASAP.

Your email address will not be published. Soo helpful. I was unable to find the answer in the Mac Excel help. This is great, Bless You. You are my best friend in the whole world, this has been driving me insane. Worked like a charm.

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Thanks for taking the time to post — it saved me plenty. Thank you so much. I will postpone running amok in Redmond with an ax. I was going crazy over this — thanks so much for posting — much appreciated!!!

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Thank you for not only figuring this out but also sharing it with the rest of us! Just the information I needed right when I needed it — thanks for posting! Cheers Paul. Another thank you from me. Why do Macs always need to Think DIfferent? I am a recent convert to the mac. This is so helpful! Thanks, John. Its amazing how many people were looking for this. You are a god.

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Thank you so much for making this so easy to find and straight to the point! Thank you so much this was really useful in times of frustration! Well done, and again, thank you. Thanks Heaps — like everyone else I was pulling my hair out.

How to Start a New Line in Excel Cell – Quick Tips

Love seeing how many people this has helped, even years after you initially posted. Thanks Todd! Wow, so simple. Thank you…. Would have taken me hours to work that out as excel help is useless!! The perfect solution to save an intense headache!! I tried every key combo or at least I thought I did.

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Thanks so much…. Here it is 4 years since the original post and this is still uber useful! Rob has interpreted our brief to precision and has gone the extra mile All rights reserved. Call us Get in touch Using Shift-Enter doesn't work, but fortunately there is another key combination that does work: Ctrl-Alt-Enter or Ctrl-Option-Enter That works perfectly - problem solved! I'm using Excel for Mac but I expect it will work in all Mac versions.

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