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This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question The Clipboard is a service provided by OS X, not the application program. It stores only the last content copied or pasted IOW, when you Cut or Copy the new content replaces the previous.

The content is not deleted regardless of how many times you paste it.

Make the Macros Easy to Use

If your HD is getting full what you need to remove are any files you've created but no longer need. Move them to another storage device for future use if necessary.

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I suggest that you not use any utility program that claims to 'clean up' your HD Control-click or right-click the new toolbar icon and select Properties. In the Properties dialog, the View dropdown menu will let you set whatever combination of text and icon you prefer. The arrow next to the icon will produce a dropdown menu that lets you pick an icon.

Using Copy or Cut to Delete the Clipboard

To create a custom icon, you must create your own picture normally 20x20 pixels in any image editor, and use the Paste Button Image command to transfer it to Word. New in Word you can also click Keyboard Word: mac. But the better ones can hold text, formatted text, images, and more. Feb 18, PM. I accidentally pressed 'helpful' and now don't know how to retract this.

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  7. I meant to say; really unhelpful and quite rude. Did not help my search for information on this subject at all and was rude to previous person. Maybe consider not giving advice on communities? Sep 26, PM. I've read a few of these replies, and have a few observations: coming from a customer's point of view, this function of a clipboard is essential to creating many, many different documents.

    Simply getting snippy with your customer base for repeatedly voicing a valid concern does not help anyone.

    Knowing what is on the clipboard(Mac)

    Is there any way the clipboard function Mac already uses can be made to stay open when you click away from Finder? One would think, with an operating system this cool, that one of the basic functions wouldn't be so far behind the competition. Just saying.

    Apple is sort of known for being the Creative Person's Computer. Why make your customers go somewhere else for something they really do need when being all "creative? Nov 13, AM. This is a user-to-user support community. With the exception of the Apple hosts that manage, and maintain this website, all assistance that you receive is from international volunteers, not Apple employees.

    So you are not critiquing Apple employees here for their customer support commitment.

    There are community guidelines about conduct though, and some stray — thinking they are on Twitter, instead of a helping nature. Apple continues to use the same clipboard functionality as in their beginning. It is a single-level, unordered, garbage in copy , garbage out paste scheme.

    Any new copy to the clipboard replaces the previous content, with unlimited paste from the current clipboard contents between the Finder, and any applications that support the Apple clipboard, and its current data format on it. The Terminal has the pbcopy, and pbpaste utilities that also access the clipboard. There are third-party clipboard utilities in the Mac App Store that offer extended clipboard features. Nov 13, PM. I found this link in the Microsoft communities. Seems that for Office , they do now have a Clipboard pane like exists in the Windows version.

    It appears from reading that it has to do with the way clipboard works for a Mac. I teach Office at our community college, and I know that we teach the Windows version. I have student starting to come to class, or participate in my online version that use the Mac operating system.

    How to Delete Text on a Mac Clipboard

    It has made it more difficult on me since I don't know the Mac systemd, and don't have access to a Mac computer. Hope that helps. For starters, you're yelling at the wrong company. Apple does not have the source code for Office, nor can they tell Microsoft what to do with their apps. If you want to gripe to someone about the lack of a multi-clipboard in Office for Mac, go to Microsoft's forums.

    I did some searching, and there still isn't a multi-clipboard in Office , if you have the perpetual license version. It seems to be in Office , though. One page on Microsoft's site explains how to use it. Going by that, I looked for the same function in Office for Mac.