Sending jpeg files from mac to pc

The role of an email client is simple for both incoming and outgoing messages. It has to encode and decode the messages correctly, create and interpret the HTML tags with proper reference for graphics, and set the correct content-disposition attributes for each attachment. In macOS The link is temporary, and will expire after 30 days.

By default, Mail Drop is turned on for iCloud. Here are several ways that'll come in handy whether you or the recipient don't have cloud accounts. Read More.

Mac and Jpeg images

Your message will reach them faster and bypass the whole issue of attachment size restrictions. In macOS, some graphics files have an invisible component called a resource fork. This stores file information like type, icon, metadata, image thumbnails, and more.

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Thus, they appear as extra unreadable files. This option also appears as a checkbox at the bottom of the file selection dialog when you click the Attach button on the toolbar. If you frequently send files to people using Outlook Mail in Windows, ensure that you select this option to strip the resource fork from all outgoing graphics.

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If you have an image file without a file extension, you can double-click it to open in Preview. Other types of files open in their default apps too. It relies only on file extensions. Adding the right extension could make those files readable again. We'll show you how to mass edit file extensions.

For this reason, before you drag a file into a message, ensure that the file has an extension. When you select this option, Finder will always display filename extensions on the desktop, in folders, and elsewhere. You can then double-check that all attachments have an extension to make life easier for Windows users.


When you drag and drop a file into an outgoing message, Mail places the icon or a full-size image at the spot where you dropped it. Their email app may not support inline graphics, or the user might have turned off inline display. But this does not affect whether an attachment appears as an icon or a thumbnail. If you right-click on an attachment and choose View as Icon , you can make the full-size image show as an icon instead.

But this does not affect how Mail sends the message—just how it displays to you. This will turn off inline images entirely, including images you might have in your email signature.

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To turn on inline images again, enter:. Alternatively, you can zip files before attaching them. Solving the attachment issue is tricky. While every email app tries to ensure the best compatibility, you can never be sure what will happen when attachment goes from sender to a recipient. We have you covered with methods for blocking email in Gmail, Outlook, and more. Read More to prevent annoying messages. Your email address will not be published.

Rahul, thank you for this article. This drove me to distraction when I moved to a Mac 12 months ago, can't remember the reason but whatever I tried Apple Mail or whatever it is called insists on embedding the image into the body of the email.

How to convert HEIF images into JPEG format with macOS Preview

I gave up in the end and installed Outlook. Sorry can't be more help. TTT 17 I also had similar problems when sendings files to my wife at work, what worked for me was to put the images into a folder then send that as an attachment. Since mac v pc debates are now seldom seen in these forums it must be the former.

Quote: they may be in CMYK, which PCs usually struggle with either you have no idea what you are talking about or you want to turn this into a mac v pc debate. Coast 11 1. I've been using Mac for almost 2 years and mail account is Yahoo which I access via Safari. Never had any issues sending jpeg files to my work pc or to family who are on windows based pc.

Have not ticked any windows options in settings either as it has worked straight out the box from day one.

Even using the Apple mail client I have not experienced this. If you find out what it is that is causing it though it would be interesting to know. Perhaps I do have some idea what Im talking about, perhaps I couldn't care less about starting a mac vs pc debate and perhaps I was trying to offer some help to answer the question. I only work on macs, most of my clients only work on PC's, most of my clients cant open CMYK files or have problems with them, presumably as most of them have either fairly old PC's or old software, I've no idea which, so in my experience its still a common problem.

The way the mail program embeds the image and how the receiving mail program decodes that sounds more like the issue rather than windows having an issue with CMYK as after all programs like Photoshop and the GIMP have been running CMYK files on windows for quite a few versions of the OS, to my knowledge since the last century at least.

Mail 3.1 - how to attach a jpeg/gif so it isn't embedded?

JPG file. Doing a search on that basis turned up the following which looks to support that it is a problem of mail clients. Last modified by strawman on 12 Jan PM. It's the "Apple knows best" way that Macs insist on embedding jpegs instead of emailing them as proper attachments that's causing the problem. Simple question. If you can't open a CMYK file what are the chances that you have any use for it? You must be a member to leave a comment. Remember me. Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more.