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Introduction: Connected Accounting & ERP Software for Mac and PC

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ACCPAC Simply Accounting

Ruskes What would an insert key do? I think gene is actually looking for the Insert key that allows overtyping. This is not for some special character. That said, doing some Google searches seems to show that this is not something supported by Macs.

Simply Accounting MAC VERSIONS

I need to insert a line - I have accounting software and I need to insert a line - I can do it with mac book running Snow Leopard but not with a mac air running Mountain Lion" OS - any ideas? I keep fatfingering and switching to overtype mode by accident, as if I had pressed an Insert key which is why I'm here incidentally. Granted, I am not using an Apple keyboard, but that would imply that the functionality exists somehow. An external keyboard or on screen keyboard with numpad is required.

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Quickbooks vs. AccountingEdge vs. Sage?

Nobody asked "why" he wanted to do that, rather it was stated that the function he appeared to be requesting is not something that exists on Mac. Synergist talks directly with Sage 50 giving a simple and secure way of posting transactions. Nothing moves automatically, but when you choose to transfer pending transactions up to a cut-off date then all sales invoices and approved purchase invoices that have not previously been posted are put into a batch. Synergist then validates this information with Sage to ensure it will all be understood. Assuming this is fine, it then posts the transactions across to Sage.

If any issues are identified in the checking process they are detailed allowing them to be addressed e. We have hundreds of clients using Sage 50 with Synergist and extensive experience of supporting users of this integration.

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