Mac brush oval 6 review

Oooh Im so interested in trying these types of brushes. I recently got the sephora pro brush 66 which has the traditional handle not toothbrush style but is similarily dense and I really like it so far. I just looked up the Sephora 66 — oh yes, I remember feeling this up in the store! Very similar bristle head — just turned the other way around. Hm… tooth brushing the face… difficult concept. Glad that you like it. I was thinking about this one. Haha, yes tooth brushing face!

Even in traditional painting, artists do use brushes in this configuration — it paints in a large surface area and provides a very even coverage.

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Ja, I suppose. Oh you want to talk about an unusual piece? Like Liked by 2 people. Never tried brushes like these but I do want to! I can just imagine how silky soft they feel!

MAC Oval 6 Brush Review

Ugh I want one so bad! The box looks quite nice too.. I guess only time will tell! Try to find a cheaper no name version on ebay first to see how you like the style. Good to hear!!

ARTIS Brush Review – Oval 6 and Circle 1R Elite Mirror Finish

Hmm I think I will order the cheaper alternative one! So I kinda feel like you read my mind here haha. My skin hates it when I apply foundation with a brush, it always looks super dry for some reason, which is why I usually stick with a beauty blender. I kind want to try one of these out now though…. It could be that the brush is kicking up loose dead skin making your face look drier. I say stick with what works for you!

And I cannot wait for your review! I trust your opinion on these things though! It seems like it would be more structurally sound with this configuration. I kind of wish that they had done this collection with silver handles and embellishment. Like old fashioned vanity pieces. I would have purchased them in a heart beat! OR, it could possibly be heat sealed right into the plastic since the bristles are synthetic, they can be melted right in. I guess time will tell how well this will hold up to repeat washings!

Is this the brush where you need little to no product and then sweeping the brush around your face spreads it evenly?

MAC Masterclass Oval 6 Brush

I find I use less product with this compared to a Beauty Blender type sponge. Not sure if intrigued enough to spend that much money though….

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Great review! It is weird! So, without further delay lets jump into the reviews. Artis was among the first who brought the oval makeup brush concept in the market. Their makeup brushes are one of the most expensive ones and celebrities, beauty gurus among the world love to use their bushes. They have different models of oval brushes also. The very first thing about the brush set is that it has all the essential brushes from foundation brush to super-precise eyeliner brush.

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It has a very sleek and elegant look. The grip area is made with rubber, so you will feel comfortable while using it. If you are someone who loves to have a flawless base on an everyday basis then the base brushes from this set will help you a lot to achieve that. Masterclass Oval 6 brush. This brush is mainly suitable for foundation, powder or for blush. You can also use it for your contouring. So, you can say this is overall a face brush which can be used for the base makeup.

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Oval Makeup Brush Review

C Oval 6 brush is made with super soft brush hairs which will feel like feature on your skin. So full points for the brush hair. It looks like a giant toothbrush to be honest, but we are not saying it in a negative way.

MAC Oval Brush Review - Liarosealice

Like the Artis brushes it also has the rubberized grip so you can easily handle the brush. Any oval makeup brush is best suitable if you want to have a quick application. This M. Doing small circular movement otherwise called buffing also helps, unless you have dry patches on your face. The buffing motion might cause the dry skin patches to flake, so make sure you moisturize your skin really well.

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If you have issue with streak marks from foundation application, you might find that this brush would help to get rid of that streaking issue. I also find the Oval 6 brush is perfect for blending the foundation into the skin. I simply love the result that I achieved using this brush! I feel like my pores were completely covered, and almost disappeared. Such flawless result! Not to mention, this brush takes out the guesswork.

You can use any type of motion — downward strokes, buffing, stippling to use it. From MAC Website: Ideal for blush, foundation or powder, the rounded, medium-sized brush applies, blends and contours all over the face or cheeks for even, flawless coverage.

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How-to: Apply foundation using Oval 6 brush on the face. Apply from the center of the face outwards.