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If you use Photoshop for business reasons this is probably going to be one of the smallest business expenses you have. The only non-subscription version of Photoshop currently for sale is Photoshop Elements, or you can use a non-Adobe Photoshop alternative. See below for more information about those options. On October 18, , Adobe announced the releases of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC under a choice of Creative Cloud plans ; it was also announced that Lightroom 6 is the last version available through a perpetual license.

This indicates that non-subscription Lightroom 6 is disappearing from the retail channel. Again, Adobe has stopped selling new or upgrade licenses for Lightroom 6 directly from their website. The Lightroom 6 feature set and list of supported cameras is falling further behind Lightroom Classic. Also, after November 30, , the live map view in Lightroom Classic 7. The live map view has been updated and continues to function in the current versions of Lightroom Classic CC version 8 and Lightroom CC version 2.

This was true throughout the first half of , but when I checked the Acrobat Pro DC page at the end of August , the perpetual license options had been removed. On the Mac, hobbyists and others needing something more advanced than Apple Photos can turn to Acorn , Pixelmator , Polarr , and others.

These are generally very capable raw processors. These extensions bring the image-editing capabilities of Photos closer to Lightroom. Since switching to a subscription model, Adobe has reported many quarters of record revenue growth partially driven by Creative Cloud subscription rates that exceeded their projections, year after year.

Adobe seems to have found a combination of products, services, and subscription pricing that works for the customers they want. Hi Conrad, Thank you for all the wonderful and informative information you provide. I am always pleased when I find an email from you in my inbox.

Virtualising Adobe Creative Suite with Mac OS X / OS X / macOS

It is full of useful information and has helped me navitgate through topics and questions that have caused me great confusion. Your latest article on Creative Cloud subscriptions, and if one can still purchase CS6 was extremely helpful and very timely. Thank you for providing some of the best information on the internet. I just called the number to buy a perpetual license.

I was told that Adobe will no longer sell Photoshop CS6, due to Adobe no longer offering technical support for the software. So technically you can still buy CS6 products as long as you want all of them. This is the only recent article under that search. What would be your suggestion? The reason that you see al lot less information about buying Photoshop after is that Photoshop CS6, which came out in , was the last version that you could buy in a store. In , Adobe made all future versions of Photoshop available only for Adobe Creative Cloud members, which requires a regular payment.

And you can only download it from Adobe, not any other store. I mentioned some other ideas Mac software near the end of the article. There was a time I tried to upgrade, did the process calling and the person on the other end more less flat out said no. Great post Conrad. While with services like Netflix it makes sense to have subscription service as you use it probably quite regularly, with software this is ridiculous.

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It may work for digital studios, or professionals, but what about amateurs that need to use the software from time to time only? Why should I pay monthly fee, I want to pay once and use it whenever I need to. For the price of the annual subscription you would normally own the software, but now — no, you pay for a year and still have nothing. I was wanting to buy photoshop for my grandson,who is at college, for his 18th birthday present now I find this is no longer possible. Very, very disapointed as I use both lightroom and photoshop.

I share your sentiments also. Adobe needs to become more user friendly. For persons who are hobbyist and will want to use photoshop from time to time this subscription fees are not worth it. Come on adobe you can do better. You are running potential customers from all over the globe. I am in the process of writing a history book with pictures and was encouraged to use InDesign.

This is the first I have heard of your program. I am new to this and am not sure where to even start, from what I have read on this page, the program is in a virtual cloud, is this correct? Can you please reply, thanks. Hi Grace, InDesign is an excellent and widely used program for creating books; I used it to lay out all of my print books.

If you use InDesign or other Creative Cloud programs, a complete copy will be installed on your computer, like most programs. Except for an occasional check-in with the server, you do not need a continuous Internet connection to get your work done.

Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection Mac CS6 - Download

Creative Cloud programs can only be installed by downloading them from an Internet server; there are no discs available similar to how phone apps are installed. If all you want to do is use InDesign to get a book printed, you can do just that and not get involved with the rest. The other aspect of Creative Cloud is how you pay. Make sure InDesign is selected in the top menu, and then click the menu below that to see your payment choices.

But the monthly plan gives you the option to stop paying immediately after the book project is complete. If you already have good graphics programs that you can use to prepare photos and illustrations for your book, you can use those with InDesign and keep costs down. Online subscriptions suck when they are the only option. I will never like the cloud. Why shun a large portion of their clients?

I use CS4 at work for small projects and the license allowed me to install onto two devices as long as only one at a time was used. I will be retiring soon and have to leave that license to my successor. If I subscribe from my PC, can I use use it from my laptop as well? For CS6 and earlier, you could use the software on up to two computers, but only on the same platform.

Currently, with Creative Cloud you can use the software on up to two computers on different platforms two PCs, two Macs, or one PC and one Mac , if that matters. An Internet connection is required the first time you install and license your apps, but you can use the apps in offline mode with a valid software license. The desktop apps will attempt to validate your software licenses every 30 days. For annual members, you can use the apps for up to 99 days in offline mode.

Month-to-month members can use the software for up to 30 days in offline mode. Yes, you can install and activate Creative Cloud desktop applications on two computers, regardless of operating system, for use by the individual associated with the membership. See the product license agreements page for more information. This subscription model is awful.

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Total rip off. Whatever happened to buying and owning a product? Also, the limited number of days between online verification is an issue, considering I use Photoshop as my primary stress relief during long Naval deployments. I have since acquired a iMac to run newer applications under a newer OS, but my main work horse is the older Mac. But even if I was making money, it would still be hard to justify because as someone who has been at the pro level for over two decades, what they offer is of little use to someone like myself, regardless of what their marketers tell you.

Can I still use the photoshop, and illustrator without it? If not what should I do? Were you using the Internet method of activation? I thought the authorization code was only needed for phone activation, which no longer works as far as I know. Hi, so i just bought the dvd version of lightroom 6 and i have an iMac that no longer has a disc drive. So i was going to borrow a family members disc drive to install the program, but my question is do i need to have the disc in the computer at all times while i am using the program?

If you use a computer with no disc drive, I think you can download the trial version of Lightroom from adobe. All you should really need from the box is the serial number. Ugh this subscription model stinks. Thanks Rob. Definitely as good as anything more recent. Probably just for that reason. I mean it! What is wrong with you? Let people create from their imagination instead of using it all just to run the limited tools? Hi Conrad. Thank you for a very informative article. But I simply can not afford an upgrade. But my choices of using some other software, such as Final Draft will no longer be available soon.

Any honest suggestions? Thank you Conrad! This option would let you modernize your OS so that you could run current software such as iTunes for your iPhone, because El Capitan is the second-newest Mac system and still widely supported. The problems with this option are:. Say a limited budget of just a few hundred dollars to get a more recent but not new Mac capable of running For example a mid Mac mini is supported by OS X It would be ready to run, and the new OS would let you run the latest software so you can upgrade your iPhone. You need to keep your CS5 applications running if the Adobe Creative Cloud plans for the current versions are outside your budget.

Adding a used newer Mac to run the latest software while keeping the old Mac on A Mac mini may be a good option. I can always connect both systems to one another when I need to. The only other issue I see is about affordability with large monitors.

Adobe CS6 Trial Downloads: Direct Links (no Manager or Assistant)

Or do you think finding an inexpensive if I can find one used iMac may be the way to go? You might try the reviews at the TFT Central web site. But within that budget you might find a good standard sRGB gamut, conventional resolution display, and those still get the job done as well as they ever have.

Hopefully that website will help you find a good monitor. I can run Sierra which would be ideal for some of the now discontinued applications, sans the Adobe suite. With a head injury, having everything in one small work space to toggle back and forth between is confusing for me now unfortunately. I know with the physical constraints I have makes finding something that would work tough, and the limited budget makes it near impossible. But I must remain hopeful and keep looking.

You never know what someone has to offer at any given time. Conrad, thank you again for your suggestions and all of for help. This is probably way too late a reply. Can you recommend me any other product without subscription? There is also a free program called Inkscape on Mac and Windows. There are more options than that, but those are the ones that immediately came to mind.

I have been using the Affinity tools for over a year now on a Mac platform. Wonderful apps and if you an old Macromedia Freehand guy like me, Affinity Designer has many features consistent with Freehand. Highly recommended from this designer 30 years in the biz.

Right on! Thank you! On a different note, I was planning on picking up a mid 27 inch iMac when my sister gave me her Hi, I am running Adobe Photoshop Version: This was released back in June According to Wikipedia, there were few updates to this before they went to the subscription model?! But I could not find any updates to download from Adobe. Or did Adobe go to the subscription model right after this version? I am not sure. Also, I am due for a computer upgrade soon and no longer have the 64 bit software. If I decide to keep the version I have and not go to the subscription model, Adobe only offers the 32 bit version of what I have on their website.

Now hit enter and it will begin downloading the. Thank you for showing us that the Mac version can still be downloaded. However, as I originally stated, I am attempting to download the Windows version using the provided links both with and without the space in the URL Just go back to Reply 1 by Mandeep at the top of this thread, and make sure to follow the Very Important Instructions given on the page he linked, and you should have no problem You can download any or all of the Adobe CS6 products there, the free trials in any language.

They all still work fine when using the directions there. I was able to download the. It says:. I'm also having the same problem. I keep getting a failure message like the one you're getting. Have you found a solution yet? Is the trial removed? No, CS6 the trials are definitely not removed —. They continue to work fine from our site as they always have However this is critical:. You really have to make sure you carefully follow the "Very Important Instructions" given near the top of the Creative Suite 6 direct link page Following all steps is absolutely essential, otherwise you will get that sort of message and the downloads will not work for you.

But they absolutely do work if you follow the directions given there, which are required by Adobe. This din't work for me either, I followed the steps exactly as described. To be honest I don't think Adobe really want anyone to download CS6 anymore, even if we have an allready existing CS6 licens based on a downloaded file. I actually believe there was an international ownership law that forced them to make it available anyhow, but seems like they are trying their best to make it really hard to solve. I payed good money for my CS6 Master Collection, now I'm not sure if I wanna keep on being an abused "customer" anymore.

It's all about CC now and everyone that doesn't obey will suffer. Sorry, there is no conspiracy — it's always been a bit tricky with Adobe's direct downloads for many releases, nothing has changed there and we should know CS6 per post 18 above is no different. Adobe calls it strategy. Not conspiracy. Making it extra difficult to continue using earlier versions is a strategy indeed. It's for financial reasons of course. Corporate decisions often are, but they are loosing goodwill by the minute and I think we'll see some Adobe competition within the next few years, it's a perfect window for that to start developing now.

CS6 is still available for download and sale if you want it, direct from Adobe Could not download CS6 Master Collection from that link. I think I'll call Adobe sales support in my country tomorrow and get this straighten out. It's symptomatic that I always have to struggle with Adobe license issues, I remember when I first bought the CS6 MC I had to call abroad to get the license to work cause Adobe had messed up the key database.

There's always something, I'm obviously not alone struggeling with these matters. Some of the Adobe applications are great when they work but the sales structure and marketing strategies are Sorry you're having difficulties You say you always have to struggle with all things Adobe, but this should be no problem because in fact nothing has changed. You might have better luck trying a different browser or computer.

If you have further issues, feel free to post a comment there with details on the exact problem you're encountering. As I wrote to you, and as so many others have written: It's acsess denied on those links.


If your living in a world that's real you shouldn't be posting links that doesnt work on other clients than your own. By the way, are you an Adobe official? That link is not an official TLD from Adobe. You need to get your site checked cause you are not bringing any answers to the table by launching dead urls. Browsers have nothing to do with this. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera. All last versions.

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Please, stop publishing more time wasters. I'm leaving this thread. Sorry Perry, almost everything you wrote is plain wrong or misinformed But we won't bother trying to help any longer, because oddly it sounds like you're happier that way! Good luck to you. You should take a look at the links in post 19 :. Official Adobe download location, not a third party ProDesignTools.

The links they have posted didn't work for me. Granted, i was able to download the file. But, I had no program to open the. So, I found this website and hopefully it would work.

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  5. I have tried everything listed here and nothing is working. I tried calling Adobe and was told there was no phone support for the product and directed me back to here. I paid a lot of money for this program and I am upset they are not offering any way to put it on my new computer.