Is safari or google chrome better for mac

Windows was shunned for the same practices, albeit, understandably so. You can't deny that if this were flipped with any other company, you would not be championing it so. Please quit with the double standard that you feel being a Mac user affords you. If Mac is great at anything, and it most certainly is, it's great at getting people to, at least momentarily, suspend their objectivity in it's favor.

You can't blame Mac for Chrome when Chrome is obviously the one that is a hassle on your system. Just look at they way it's the only application to install a ton of files on your system including the hidden ones. If you're used to Windows then that is the issue not Mac. Windows file structre is horrendious hence the need to partition hard drives. Also you fail to mention Chrome only ships in bit for Mac. So be biased all you want, but at least use facts. Mac Book Pro here; Capitan. Safari browser. Considering using Google Drive as a type of Portal for board of directors of nonprofit.

But to print from Google docs, etc. I have downloaded the latest drivers for the printer; but no change in compatibility. Any suggestions? I have a problem Firefox, Safari, Chrome - each has its own set of problems, things I don't like about them, et cetera. Right now it's the fact that Chrome runs relatively well on my machine, while on the other hand I don't find Safari to be all that awesome.

Safari does its own thing differently from the other browsers, which is in keeping with Mac's and Apple's way, but I happen to also own a Windows PC and I have to work with Windows machines in my office I would prefer to work with either Chrome or Firefox as they are cross-platform; that way I might be able to sync my bookmarks across devices I can sort of do that with Firefox but it is probably the worst of the three.

5 favorite macOS Mojave features!

It has quite a few features that I really like but it seems to be unstable and slow in Win. Chrome is alright but I could never get it to sync my bookmarks properly, and one day it even deleted a bunch of bookmarks I was trying to organize Now I'm trying to see if Safari will scratch my itch but I always find something that I think is really goofy about Safari that the other browsers don't do.

My latest complaint: Google Drive works atrociously in Safari For some bizarre reason, things become unclickable on a regular basis and it makes it impossible to work; I'll select one item in the browser window, and after that I can't seem to interact with the rest of the page in any way You have a windows machine and since you dislike the mac so much sell it and just use the Windows machine in your office. It has Firefox and Chrome. No need to worry about Safari anymore since you hate it and you hate Apple's way. I've recently switched to Safari from Chrome and the speed plus smoothness is very clear on a Mac computer compared to a Windows computer.

Safari works surprisingly faster than Chrome on a Mac! Is it me, but nobody is complaining about ads every millisecond. Adblock plus works great in Safari. My biggest complaint about Google is the Teriyaki on a toothpick, Jehovah Witness, in your face advertising instead of content. I'm on this page reading because I am reconsidering an ecosystem for a business platform.

Browsing gives me the same experience as shopping for a new car and a salesman. Adblock plus is not blocking ads. Search for another adblocker. To find out which one works the best browse a couple of the same pages that create popups while using different popup blockers to see which ones actually do block the ads.

There was no reason for me to use Chrome on Mac. Safari suffices pretty well! When I attempted to upload a folder to google drive, it prompted me to use Chrome; a folder upload is possible only on Chrome. Create a folder in Drive then open the folder on your computer and select all the files then drag them to the folder in Drive. You shouldn't have to download chrome for something that simple. I manage my multiple Google Drive accounts on Safari daily. I found this thread as it looks like you cant get advanced google analytics tools such as the page analytics extension, tag manager.

Also facebook power editor is chrome only. I'm a college student and I'm looking at a MacBook Pro 13 or 15 in display. My school requires chrome, Firefox, silver light plug. Will these work on my system? Thanks for this. I've noticed the performance and speed issues using Chrome against Safari. Recently switched back to Safari as too many issues slowing up my Macbook using Chrome making it almost unusable at times. I've used Chrome for years having switched from Firefox and liked it's clean, simple look.

I miss some of the extensions I use everyday in Chrome. Hopefully they will start to appear for Macs or I'll still need to revert to Chrome every now and then. I prefer to have everything in one place, working as intended not crashing my machine - yes even Macs can't cope every now and then and I've realised Chrome is probably the main culprit. I used Firefox for a while, until a few years ago I switched to chrome because of the reduced CPU usage. Then it broke, so I went back to Firefox, which is better in every way I know of.

I'm not going back in the foreseeable future. Yes, it definitely makes your CPU work harder than usual I use an old macbook early with Lion on it and it automatically updated itself to the version And let me tell you it is a nightmare! Long time Mac user and owner or nearly every Apple product down to the Watch..

The fastest way to browse on a Mac. And faster than any Windows browser, too.

It's a refreshing thing after so many years of well iOS perfection to just play around with apps and settings and notifications coming from everywhere. I am currently using both my iPhone 5s and the Nexus and the transition is easy since I decided to stick with Gmail and platform agnostic apps like wanderlist, evernote, last pass and so on to minimize my platform dependance.

The Safari versus Chrome debate finds me in the Safari camp as a user, since I agree that Chrome has its own agenda and will never comply with Apple's philosophy. So I have a problem syncing my bookmarks but this is not really an issue, since after initial transfer, little change is happening most of my time is spent on apps. I have a lowly 6 year old Mac. I've been using Firefox for a long while for it's small memory footprint, but it just feels so alien on the Mac, the UI everything. I've been switching between Chrome and Safari off and on, and from my experience Safari is less resource hungry than Chrome and runs circles around Chrome on the Mac when it comes to performance.

The only thing I'm am really missing are proper favicons in tabs I really want that visual cue, I can't remember all page titles to recognise them immediately… and any decent kind of bookmark synching with Android. But right now I'm back on Safari, it just supports all the OS X native technologies and is better integrated. Chrome is certainly not as efficient as Safari but then again the same can be said for Edge or Internet Explorer on Windows.

The native browser always has a benefit of being because of its close development with the OS. Try that on the same week hardware with Windows or OS X?


Browser wars: Is Chrome or Safari better for your Mac?

Google actually requires most employee's to use Mac's so it boggles my mind how they tolerate Chrome on Mac's? You would think they would fix the battery issues pronto. Most likely they don't see this as the big issue because most likely their facilities are filled with ample AC outlets to keep their Mac's on power supplies. I use Windows, Mac's and a Chromebox and for me the native browser works best on all three.

Of course you have no choice on a Chrome device. OK, so I've been told I need to buy my child a laptop for school so he can be taught to use Google Chrome. He needs voice to text technology due to his learning disability. My first thought was a Macbook, as all of our systems at home are i-based, but now you have me re-thinking….

What do you recommend? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, he's We have some funding to use, so money is not a factor either…. Safari is also the worst performing browser in terms of being compliant with modern HTML5 web standards.

I Ditched Chrome for Safari and You Can Too

Google can not simply do things the 'apple' way because apple is lagging behind in their HTML5 adoption. No one is forcing you to install Chrome or to use it and last time I checked it was free So what is your actual point here? All I can take away from the article is that you are a very angry individual. This is not journalism. I don't use Macs, and I use Chrome, but that's false. Saying Chrome isn't resource hungry on battery devices is crazy.

Also, of course they don't have to install it. They choose to install it for convenience. Its not lazy journalling. I'm sorry you got offended because someone hurt your preferred browser. Totally agreed - Chrome is resource hungry. My point is their is a reason for it. Apple has access to API's that chrome does not.

Chrome is not installed on a mac by default. People choose to install it, people choose to use it, and their are other browsers available should the user require an alternative. So again whats the point of this article? Where's the journalism? You have expressed ten opinions - not ten fact's as to why people shouldn't use chrome.

I opened the same tabs on safari and chrome youtube and netflix. They took about the same time to load although chrome uses about x more CPU and 30x more energy. Is that supposed to happen? I am on a high end Mac Pro, so Chrome's excesses don't bother me. I only switched from Safari a few years ago because at the time, Chrome offered some cool extensions that Safari did not. Most of those are now available on Safari, but now that I am comfortable with my solid workflow on Chrome, they need to give me a reason to switch back. Safari is better for mac. I grew up near that particular wonder, and I somehow doubt your Macbook is quite that loud.

Still, Chrome can be a problem. These aren't bad counter-points, and I thank you for leaving them. Having said that, the speed one isn't true in my experience. I'll admit I don't have numbers, though. Same, for the past month when i was opening serveral tabs on chrome my macbook would freeze and only way i could get my laptop functioning again would be to turn it off using the power button and switch it back on, after a month of this I just now deleted the app, it keep making my fans and start and heat up the device which has never happened in the year I've had it.

I now use both safari more so than firefox. I had chrome open, and guess what? Chrome takes 42, Seems like an outlier to me! There's a difference, but it shouldn't be that much. Did you have the same tabs open in each? On Safari, but thinking of switching back again. Better experience with Chrome especially when I'm a heavy Hootsuite user Hootlet.

And I never seems to get Gmail on Safari to work - which makes everything harder when buttons and tabs stops responding. Anyone with same experience? I switched from Safari to Chrome a few years ago. At the time, Safari suffered of latency problems is it solved?

Never looked back on Safari but this article push me to test it again soon. I like Safari better but need Chrome for Amazon video because Safari only supports Silverlight for Amazon video as yet. No html5 so Chrome is by default my browser for that. I agree that Chrome is not so great for Mac's and its surprising given that Google mainly requires Mac's for employee's and I would think Chrome is used?

But I think the culprit in performance with Chrome is more due to plugins and specifically PepperFlash which is google's own version of Flash. Its really bad and many times lately crashes Chrome or freezes it. If you turn off Flash totally you will find Chrome behaves much better. But Safari definitely holds the advantage in saving on battery. If you are using a Mac and need battery life Safari is the browser and second is Firefox. Chrome is really the worst choice.

Thank you for the article, course I prefer Safari being on a mac and all but for a few things I was inclined to use Chrome. Thank you! I mean I've not really smashed it as I normally do with Chrome i. People can dis me, it's fine! I like the brutal feedback personally, makes me want to become a better communicator. I know this isn't Apple support but after very happily using Safari for a few days I've struck a brick call this morning. After a successful no quibble restart, the address bar has seized to operate as one. Happens when a new tab is opened, it freezes goes into shock and creation of new pref file by removing the current, clearing caches, clearing caches.

Again, no expecting a resolution as this isn't Apple support, just my 2p. Of course I'd be happy if someone has some tricks up their sleeves and would like to share. Disabling the search suggestions should fix it until Apple sorts out the problem. Well thank you for that. Allowed to work with Firefox for a bit while I couldn't make Safari work. Point to add though, still better at NOT eating battery, Firefox that is. Not as much as Chrome I mean.

Fan speed pretty calm and all. Not by a long shot. If you are looking for maximum battery life Safari should be your first choice. No surprise here given that they know the ins and outs of App Nap. One issue I do have with Safari is the use of extensions. They simply don't work as good as on other browsers. And if you have multiple extensions handling the same content e.

Safari vs. Chrome on the Mac

WOT and some security suite browser extension they usually interfere with each other making Safari rather sluggish. Firefox uses a website for preferences just like Chrome. Does that make both of them outcasts or is Apple lacking behind the trend? Safari "is supported" on all OS X versions but there are differences.

Here is a funny story about that: Before Christmas I encountered an issue with a business web platform for productions and logistics which worked just fine on OS X So looks and versions can be deceiving. I really did prefer when Firefox had its own window for settings, but they've also decided it's easier to not maintain different GUIs.

Oh well. So once in a while hitting Q by mistake is a real possibility for me. Some of the features are not native since it is a multi platform browser. Safari isn't. Also I would suggest you looking for hify chrome extension which will greatly reduce the issue with video playback on youtube and keep your computer cool and nice, in the price of bit more bandwidth.

This article seems like 2 or 3 valid points stretched out for the clickbait-style headline which nobody argues that they work, but doesn't necessarily make it respectable journalism. Chrome does things its own way instead of the Mac way and it causes a lot of inefficiencies battery life, processing, etc. As far as I'm aware though I'm no expert , their apps make it more efficient than running purely on HTML, so if you're using google's web ecosystem on chrome Docs, Youtube, etc.

You're right, I was probably leaning a bit too much on ranting and not enough on evidence for this one. I'm learning from it, though it's a conflicting bit of feedback I'm getting because more people are reading this article than most. Still, my job is to be both entertaining and useful, and I can always do with some feedback, so thank you.

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I am in college and there are some web based programs we have to use for classes that do nof work properly in Safari. Those program's support have told the professors that we need to use chrome or sometimes even Firefox depending on the program. It's too bad that Safari doesn't work well for you, or even Firefox. Lots of people feel stuck with Chrome, and I guess you're one of them.

I agree with Dushan, this is ridiculous and sad that Makeuseof has fallen this far. It used to have real articles based on fact. I'm unsubscribing - there are enough reliable sources of information out there that I don't want to waste my reading time on hatchet jobs. I and over users I support use chrome without any of the made up isssues I'm reading of here.

It's hard, because while I'm seeing complaints like this and sincerely want to learn from them, I'm also getting way more positive comments and traffic than is typical. Put simply, writing in a way that everyone finds interesting and useful is really, really hard and even though I've been doing this a long time sometimes I'm going to fall short of the mark to some of the audience most of the time.

In this case I wanted to put all the arguments against Chrome in a single place for future reference. I realize now that I could have spent more time collecting numbers for the first few points, and will try to do that next time. Thanks again for the feedback and I hope you don't stop reading the site on my account. The energy use criticism is not made-up—it's a well-established problem.

Chrome also does a lousy job of going to sleep. The rest of the article, yeah, a mixed bag, and highly subjective. Frex, I don't care about the notifications integration, because there's nothing I can do with a web browser that I want to have notifications for. Plus, I don't use the OS X notifications system, because Growl is so much better, so I only care whether something plays nice with growl, rather than Notification Center.

I should mention that One note is a Microsoft product. The folder mentioned only accessible through Chrome is because One Note online is enabled through a Chrome extension so of course it is only accessible through Chrome. But it is not really a part of Chrome. I have also noticed a slowdown while using Chrome on my Mac. Anecdotally, it seems Safari is better on the Mac. Things appear to get worse when you add flash enabled applications Zynga games, etc.

Always been happy with it, but sometimes used Chrome. Hardly any more. But what I have noticed in the past year since moving to Yosemite on my iMac haven't made the leap to El C yet , and still using Safari, my iMac gets pretty darned hot. A lot of processing means a lot of energy consumed means a lot of heat.

This article is spot on with my experience. I loved Chrome until it wrecked my MacBook Pro's ability to function - around the time Mavericks came out. Ask Question. Asked 6 months ago. Active 6 months ago. Viewed 1k times. Nimesh Neema Yuvaraj Yuvaraj 4 4 bronze badges. From the App Store Review Guidelines : 2. Nimesh Neema Nimesh Neema At the end of the list, it closes all tabs and then starts all over again. Each time through the loop the elapsed time and remaining battery life are logged to a file. I also logged results as updates via messages sent to myself via iMessage, so I could monitor the progress of the hours-long test runs from my phone.

I set the display brightness at exactly I think the Air did poorly just because it was so old and so well-used. It still has its original battery. I saw no erratic fluctuations in battery life across runs of the test. Anyway, the whole point of including these results in this footnote is that I also ran the exact same test with Chrome on the inch MacBook Pro With Touch Bar. The average result: 3hm. On the exact same machine running the exact same test with the exact same list of URLs, the battery lasted almost exactly 1.

My test was in no way meant to simulate real-world usage. But the results were striking. Wikimedia used to publish stats like that, but alas, ceased in