Mac mini server 2012 hardware raid

The biggest USB 3 Direct Attached Storage device I've seen was a 5 bay unit made by Drobo I won't have those anywhere near my data centers because of their reliability issues. Can you expand them? Sure, by purchasing another enclosure. As long as you have free USB 3 ports, you can add another unit.

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So, IMO DAS really isn't a cost effective solution in the long run which, ultimately means the Mac mini isn't a great file server to begin with. I would go with the NAS as it's much more cost effective, feature rich, and flexible. To the contrary, running macOS an OS more oriented to the desktop rather than a server just adds way too many layers of complexity to your storage equation.

A NAS is precisely designed for one specific thing and that is to manage and serve files over a network connection. You wrote that, " You are comparing apples and oranges here.

Upgrading a 2012 Mac mini — From RAID to Fusion

Whereas the Mac is designed to be a general purpose home computer. Meaning that while it could do what you are asking it is not optimized for that function. There is a reason that Linux and other Unix variants are the most popular OS for servers, they perform better. Unless you need your NAS to do a lot more than just serve files over a network transcoding video, running a bittorrent client and a bunch of other things all at once stick with the NAS as they are simple, reliable appliances designed to serve files, quickly and with minimal fuss and upkeep.

That's what I did with a similar Mini.

How to configure a software RAID in macOS Sierra’s Disk Utility | Macworld

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Viewed times. Backup our laptops Time Machine. No particular performance issues. I thought it would add some performance but if not I can use it as a cache folder for my system But on to the ram requirements.

How to configure a software RAID in macOS Sierra’s Disk Utility

I read that ZFS uses a lot of ram. I think the limit in my mini is 16GB so that is half the memory just for the filesystem? Thanks for clarification. Most of the memory is used for caching ARC. You can tune it up and down to taste. I should also add that if you leave o3x in its default configuration, it will utilise nearly all of your computers memory, until such time as the machine experiences memory pressure e. At which point o3x will release memory in accordance with the load. Some people cant get over the idea that ZFS is using most of the computers memory, however in many ways its not really different from the OS filesystem cache.

If you look at the memory usage graph, we show up as "wired" memory, whereas the OS cache does not feature on the graph itself.

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  • How to set up a RAID in macOS Sierra’s Disk Utility.
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  • I would like to implement ZFS on the TB4 for the obvious data integrity aspect irreplaceable home video of relatives now gone, kids grown up, etc. Has anyone had success with this? I asked Macsales tech support and they reported it couldn't be done but based on this thread it sounds like that isn't right.