How to use lexar flash drive on mac

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Helpful answers Drop Down menu. That's the Erase command in the Special menu. It does not offer the option of DOS format, and I suspect that's because the drive is currently in a Mac format. Loading page content. Jul 21, PM in response to grey bird In response to grey bird Hi, you don't have any drive formatting software around?

Recover Data from a Lexar Storage Drive on Mac

FWC toolkit is another one that folks recommend. I say this assuming that you've tried Apple's Drive Setup and it didn't see the drive. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Simon Teale Simon Teale. I'll look and see if the Erase command is available and if it works when I get a chance. I guess it also wouldn't hurt to look for third party software as well.

Jul 24, PM in response to grey bird In response to grey bird Ok, if Drive Setup says it's not compatible, then there's no native support for the drive. Jul 25, AM in response to grey bird In response to grey bird Ok, that does change things a bit. They saw it from day one, as I recall.

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So, this makes me think that the drive is not being mounted for some reason. Do you use other USB devices with this machine? Are you using a hub? Have you had problems with other USB devices? I've found before that I sometimes needlessly over-complicate things with Macs. If this isn't a problem then I will just back up onto the drive in its current filesystem.

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  • Lexar flash drive not working in Mac.
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Btw, thanks much for your help! Jul 25, AM in response to grey bird In response to grey bird Ok, that's good.

Format A Flash Drive For Both Mac OS X And Windows

I think the drive should be OK as is. One way to find out is to copy some OS 9. If the files are still typed correctly i. User profile for user: Expressive Indigo Expressive Indigo. User profile for user: eww eww. Jul 25, PM in response to Expressive Indigo In response to Expressive Indigo Expressive: Grey Bird's flash drive is detected by his software and he can copy files to and from it, so whatever USB port he's using, it's obviously working fine.

How to Format Your USB Flash Drive to exFAT?

His question has to do with erasing his JumpDrive, not mounting it, reading from it, writing to it, or what to connect it to. Whatever problem you had and conquered , it was entirely different from his, and is not relevant here.

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  5. Jul 26, AM in response to eww In response to eww Wonderful! I'll try Finder's Erase when I get home and see if it works. If not, I'm certainly no worse off than before and I may have saved bucks by not buying a third party app. As data loss is inevitable from a Lexar storage drive, this explains the importance of backup. By backing up your Lexar drive, you make redundant copies of your essential files to different locations that can be used to restore them if the original data is lost.

    Also, your backup is only good as the last backup; therefore, have updated backup files to ensure that you have the backup of latest files as well. You can restore your missing data from the backup drive readily on your Mac.

    How to Format a Drive on a Mac

    More straightforward the process, more natural it is for you to recover data from the Lexar storage medium on Mac. The software scans the Lexar drive for recoverable files. It also displays information about the scanning process like time elapsed, files found, time left, etc. Step 4 After the scanning is complete, the software lists all the recoverable files that can be sorted accordingly. Double-click any file to preview it. Step 5 Select all the files that you want to restore, click Recover and specify the destination to save the files.

    Note : You need to activate the trial software before saving the data. The blog brought to your attention some of the general situations through which you can suffer data loss from a Lexar storage drive. Data loss is generally attributed to human error, software issue, and component failure. So, it would help if you had the habit of creating a backup of your Lexar storage drive to tackle any data loss situation. In case of logical data loss, utilizing Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is a great way to recover missing data from the Lexar storage drive on Mac. The utility salvages lost, deleted, or inaccessible data from any Lexar flash memory technology devices.

    Free download the software to scan your Lexar storage medium and preview the recoverable files. Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar addressing several data loss scenarios on a macOS system. He loves to read autobiographies and his personal favourite is of Steve Jobs. View More. My drive got corrupt while transferring important files from my MacBook pro to Lexar USB drive due to sudden power failure. Is there any way to retrieve files from this corrupt drive?

    I advice you to stop using the drive immediately. Professional data recovery software i.

    Guide: Formatting a USB Flash Drive for Mac & PC Compatibility

    Stellar Mac Data Recovery has the feature to recover files from corrupt drive. Run the software and follow the steps to recover your files. Your email address will not be published.