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Clean up code, some of it is not great software engineering, but i'm just trying to get it all working at the moment. Feedback welcome, fork it and pull request if you're interested as well!

Box modeling works perfectly; in the impedance tester, some warnings might pop-up if you try to verify sound card compatibility, but if you ignore those warnings it actually works as intended. Below is a screen shot of the same speaker as the above screen shot, just modeled in an infinite baffle while the top screen shot was modeled in an ideal B2 closed box.

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How to get it to come up on a mac Note, if you've never fired up the Terminal. You're about to venture into Unix territory. There are two major open source package managers out there for mac, macports and homebrew. For reasons I can't remember, I went with macports. I've never really had a problem with it and it has a darn good selection of packages.

You first must install Xcode from the app store so macports can compile programs. It's a big package.

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See instructions here. I already had python3. I needed two more things, so I installed them. I include some of the other packages I'd already installed which you'll need: sudo port install python34 pypyaudio pypyqt4 pymatplotlib pynumpy You might need more that I had already installed.


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It appears twice. The input and output appeared separately in the sound card list. Perhaps it's a Mac thing that the inputs and outputs appear separately. I get a weird error message when doing the test. Now you can leave reviews for loudspeakers. Specify in your review enclosure type, which you use, and its parameters to help other users choose box volume and speaker in future.

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New feature box parts calculations. Available parts calculations for these box shapes: Added advertise, to remove it you must make a donation. Users who added a lot of speakers received version without ads. Now program considers box losses Ql, that increase accuracy. Added logarithmic scale of frequency axis on graphs, can be changed in the settings inside the application. Fixed crash upon registration when you refused to accept the notifications.

Fix some bugs 2. Added shared on-line database of speakers, in which you can add your own speakers and edit existing one, and after it will review by moderator it will be available to other users of "Speaker Box Lite" 3. Calculation of box volume for multiple speakers, include isobaric system. Interface adapted for 8 and 9 iOS versions 4. Added variation mode, in which you can conveniently sliders to change the VB and FB and watch the curve change frequency response, phase response and time delays for the current dynamics 5.

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Menu added feedback function through which you can inform us about the error or about your offer. Fixed minor bugs 2. Added history drawn graphs associated with their colors 3. Added the English system of measures the switch is located on the settings tab.

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New interface Added the ability to create database speakers The ability to save your project added Maximum number of charts increased to six. Size Category Utilities. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Hi all, I'm one of those Apple people and I can't run hornresp on my shiny mbp, any other software available that would let me muck about with some horns. Any tips or info would be very much appreciated! Cheers, Digs.

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