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Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. In the list of network ports on the left, you should see one or more items with a green dot next to it. These are your currently active network connections. You can have more than one active network port, but we're only concerned with the one that is marked with a green dot and is closest to the top of the list. This is your default network port; for most of us, it will be either Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

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Highlight the active default network port, and then click the Advanced button on the bottom right side of the window. In the drop-down sheet that opens, click the WINS tab. If it doesn't, you'll need to change either the name on your Mac or the name on your PC.

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If your Mac's Workgroup name matches the one on your PC, then your all set. Go to the Network preferences pane, as you did in the "Confirm Workgroup Name" section, above. In the Location drop-down menu, make a note of the current location name, which is probably Automatic. Click the Location drop-down menu and select Edit Locations.

A list of current network locations will display. Make sure the location name you noted above is selected it may be the only item listed. Click the sprocket button in the lower section of the window, and select Duplicate Location. The new location will have the same name as the original location, with the word "copy" appended to it; for example, Automatic Copy. You can accept the default name or change it if you prefer. Click the Done button. Notice that the Location drop-down menu now displays the name of your new location.

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Click the Advanced button, near the bottom right corner of the Network preferences pane. In the drop-down sheet that opens, select the WINS tab. Hardly regressive on Serif's part! Or vice versa.

This stuff all costs. The question is, how many users would have to pay more for a few people who use Affinity on both platforms. And bearing in mind Affinity apps need quite high spec machines to run on effectively, if you are wealthy enough to be able to afford that, the cost of Photo is tiny in comparison. And many allow only two instances to run concurrently, which can be a real PITA for those with several networked computers in their homes who prefer not to have to keep track of which apps they have to quit or close on which machines to run them on the one they are sitting in front of.

IMO, it does not get any more "regressive" than that. As if that were not sufficiently restrictive, the secondary installation must be on a portable computer, and that copy may only be run by the primary user of the main computer. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Posted January 10, Posted January 15, Do I need two purchases or only one? Posted January 16, And the Mac App Store knows about that I suppose. I have done so, and it works. Posted July 13, If you're looking for information on how to use the proofing tools or turn spelling or grammar checking on or off see: Check spelling and grammar in Office and later. When you change the keyboard layout, Office changes the spelling and grammar language for you.

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For more information, see Enable or change the keyboard layout language. To change the language while checking the spelling of a database or workbook, change the dictionary language during the spell-check process:. In the Spelling pane or dialog box, choose the language you want in the Dictionary language list. If that happens when you're trying to change the dictionary language consider intentionally misspelling a word to force the dialog box to appear.