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Just download and run CS6 instead of or in addition to CC for the apps you want, and then you can install and use CS6 on the same computer s , either on Windows or on macOS or both, as part of your membership. Will I still be able to deactivate it on my old computer and install it on the new one? If so, what will I need to use to log in to everything and register the new computer so it can run CS6?

In the case of CS6, you would need your original serial number a. The background. I also use Lightroom 6.

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I have read that there are restrictions with the CC versions running on the version of Windows I use. I appreciate that there may be file compatibility issues, but intend to keep the original files from Camera on a portable hard disk, so it should not matter if I process them on either device. I have been led to believe that once I subscribe to CC, my CS6 version under my account name will be disabled — is this true? This of course would limit me from using both versions.

The reason I believe this is that when CC was first released for some unknown reason, I was offered a trial of it and accepted. Once I had done this, CS6 was disabled and I needed to contact Adobe to allow me to remove the trial and re-activate my CS6, at that point in time I could not see the point of CC for my level of usage, I now feel that some of the features would be useful to me. Hi John, the complication with trying to run CS6 perpetual with CC subscription on the same machine was simply because CS6 was included as part of a CC subscription, therefore the licensing converted over to subscription.

If you later stopped CC, then as you discovered, you needed to reactivate the CS6 perpetual licensing on that system. Also, there is no conflict at all if the two different versions CC and CS are installed on two separate computers… That seems to be what you are talking about, so there should be no problem for you with your plan. John Haslehurst Just a bit of additional information to this… What I do not understand is that the version of CS6 that I use shows a license number with the word trial after it.

This number is not the same as the license media that I have, on a second PC where the software is installed it does show my correct license number from the media but says it is unlicensed; not sure what is going on. Thanks John. Not sure either, but again if you are installing and activating CC on an entirely different system your Macbook from where CS6 is your PC , then there will be no affect to your current licensing setup. ProDesignTools Thank you for your reply, I was concerned that the whole thing was managed by adobe by way of my user ID.

Looks like I will be going ahead then. No problem; our pleasure. I have the original installation CD, however I purchased it from a reseller, not Adobe. Thanks in advance for your help. You said you bought CS6 from an authorized Adobe reseller. Which one exactly name , and do you still have the receipt?

Was it a physical store, or an online website? Do you know if the reseller was Adobe-certified and legitimate? If these questions are not able to be answered clearly, then you may have gotten ripped off by an unauthorized vendor or other scammer… For more details, see:. Creative Cloud desktop app can only be uninstalled if all Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro have already been uninstalled from the system.

It means you have to keep Creative Cloud on your computer whether you need it or not. To receive future Adobe discounts and coupon savings directly from ProDesignTools.

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Thanks for subscribing! What are the differences between Adobe CC vs. Do you have any questions about CC or CS6? CS6, 5, 4, 3? Last Chance! Comments 16 Leave a comment. June 16th, at Their website does say this : If you require a different language or operating system version of a non—Creative Cloud product you purchased from Adobe, you can exchange your product. But when a pc crashes, you can't do that and is still activated!

It's clear from that thread that the reason most licenses are "revoked" is simply that the software is pirated, so when re-installed, it does not pass Adobe's current verification methods. It's clear that you didn't read the whole thread as you would have read that most purchased directly from Adobe. For the Windows 10 part, that is totally bogus. It is almost certainly not the case if the key used to work.

Adobe has been revoking CS6 keys for no reason.

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No, CS6 works just fine with Windows I think their logic runs something like "Windows 10 came out after CS6, so if you have Windows 10 even if that's not what your computer came with we're going to force you into our subscription model, even if you purchased fully legal permanent licenses to other versions of the software. We aren't going to tell you, either - we're just going to remotely disable your software by telling our authentication servers your key was revoked, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. I bought a boxed version and the serial number worked - but since upgrading to Windows 10, it says that the serial number has been revoked.

This doesn't make sense because the programs still work. Is Adobe providing a solution to this? I am having this issue also. My cs suite reverted to the trail version and my serial number has been revoked. I also have a fully licensed CS6, it was bought outright 3 years ago on the old payment model Adobe used. As far as I am aware, and please correct me if I am wrong, there is no time limit on existing legally purchased licences. Hence this action is illegal.

Error: "The serial number is not valid for this product" | Adobe Creative Suite

Also very clear that since Adobe switched from local American support to Support in India it has gone downhill. I am just glad I still have local European support. I purchased my licenses straight from Adobe and never had any problems reinstalling software, also cs6 on Windows 10 creators edition. Took my license key straight away. I deactivated CS6 on the old machine and had no problem whatsoever activating it on the new machine with OSX I suffered through a similar experience a couple of months ago when I replaced my single HDD, which had a couple of billion hours on it, with a pair of new ones in RAID 1 array.

I deactivated CS6 before reinstalling Win My license was purchased directly from Adobe, as an upgrade. If anyone wants to get an idea of how happy Adobe is to assist in your quest to reinstall, go to their website and try to locate ANY information on downloading and reinstalling. After finally finding and installing a trial version of CS6 yes, very odd , I was met with a slightly different message from yours, after entering the license. It stated that the license didn't exist not exact words. I logged into my Adobe account, and there it was.

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I tried entering it multiple times, triple-checking my accuracy, with no success. After contacting India by phone, the rep had me jump through a couple of hoops to verify by entering a code, and it was good again. A few weeks later, after a major Windows 10 update, a Microsoft-specific problem occurred which caused Windows update to fail. After trying dozens of fixes, including a last-ditch attempt to recover or repair, I lost my RAID 1 array and had to clean install Windows again.

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The path looks weird because I wrote some parts of it inside angular braces, which were removed by the stackexchange editor. You need to look in the "product name" subfolder to the Adobe folder. Regarding Adobe, just google it, if you have a psecific program you're looking for - and it's not a generic question like it originally sounded. Eric Eric 21 2 2 bronze badges. This is a fine, stand-alone answer. I've edited it to exist properly as one. Here is a partial dump Featured on Meta.

How to Move Creative Cloud or CS6 from One Computer to Another

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