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I cannot use software I paid for and registered, simply because I bought a newer computer. It's a pretty crappy way to treat a customer who has never had the kind of money it takes to stay up-to-date. Frankly, I've enjoyed the fact that I don't have to be held prisoner to their subscription model, because what a rip-off that is.

Recommendations are great, but none of that is happening unless a rich uncle dies or I win the lottery.

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I will be losing my only livelihood in under 30 days, when I will no longer be able to open my software programs. The reality here is that Apple continuously changes MacOS, and the latest versions of MacOS have changed enough since you last purchased Creative Suite that the copies that you purchased on the perpetual license no longer run. This isn't Adobe holding you hostage. We fulfilled our obligations and delivered working software. This is the hard reality that MacOS changes, and keeping software running on MacOS requires significant, ongoing engineering costs.

Flash Player doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's dependent on the host browser, and there are interdependencies between them. We ship Flash Player monthly, in tandem with the major browser vendors, who are on week update cycles, depending on the company. If you want things to work well and be in a secure state, you need the latest available browser version and the latest available Flash Player.

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Again, changes to MacOS require that we make significant changes to Flash Player in order to continue running on current versions of the operating system. We don't get the luxury of staying static in a world that's constantly changing. Tech specs Adobe Flash Player. So yeah, you have two choices. You can update to current versions of the operating systems and software available for your hardware which requires paying for the work involved in producing said software , or you can choose to freeze the machine at a certain point in time and take no more updates.

If you decide to never update again, then take the computer off the network because old software and operating systems aren't secure , and just use it as a Photoshop kiosk indefinitely.

Google's new browser is now available for Mac

Alternatively, you could upgrade the machine to a current operating system, pay for a Creative Cloud subscription that would entitle you to the latest versions of Adobe's products on a continuing basis, and continue to browse the web with the latest versions of your favorite web browser and Flash Player.

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Show 13 replies. Just wondering if you ever found a solution for this problem? I don't understand why Adobe leaves so many of us in the dust. Opera on Mac OS X Safari on Mac OS X So I give up. Since this is the Flash Player forum, we'll focus on the Flash Player issue.

Where can I find the dmg file for 32-bit Google Chrome?

If you want things to work well and be in a secure state, you need the latest available browser version and the latest available Flash Player version. Go to original post. Retrieving data Correct Answers - 10 points. Go buy an external drive and run Time Machine before your 7 year old internal drive decides to quit on you.

living Google Earth on OSX 10.6.8

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Viewed times. To find the model, select "About this Mac" from the Apple Menu, and read model information from the displayed box. Well you need to give more information. For example, my computer is a iMac Have you also considered running Windows 10 or a version of linux such as Ubuntu?

Linux usually is free. Windows you can try for free, but in the end you have to buy a license. So yes, whoever said your laptop was ancient was correct.

GOOGLE Chrome-Download(Mac OSX 10.6 and WINDOWS)(virus free)

Time for new hardware. Your fourth paragraph is excellent advice. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!