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How to fix iTunes Home Sharing problems?

The window changes to show the media on the other computer. Select the music you want to play just as you would normally. For Home Sharing only, you have additional options: Click the icon representing the type of media you want to stream Music, Movies, or TV shows; or click the More icon for additional media types.

How I Would Fix iTunes, Part 12: Fix Home Sharing

To download media to your own computer, right-click or Control-click it and choose Import. It turns out that Home Sharing is completely separate to the old sharing system in iTunes and the old version can be switched off. This has improved the performance a lot for me. It certainly seems worth trying if you don't need the old style of sharing. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.

It may be obvious to others, but, how do you turn off the old method? The hint doesn't state. Just tried this last night, 80gb of music being shared by a G4 Cube with mb ram, shares the music out a lot faster than before, it is running You killed my father, prepare to die Search Advanced.

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Turn on Home Sharing

What's New in the Forums? Nano 7 - backgrounds TM backup via Ethernet. Step 1: Install the latest version of iTunes and launch it on your computer. For iTunes version Step 5: Click on Done.

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Step 6: Repeat step 1 to 5 on every computer you like to enable iTunes Home Sharing. Step 1: Click on the Settingsā€¦ button on the lower right side of the page while viewing the content of a computer within the Home Share. Step 2: From the next screen select for which type of files you want to enable automatic transfer and click Ok. To avoid duplicate file from other computers from showing in the list follow the below steps:.

Step 1: Click on the Show menu located at the bottom-left side of the page. Step 2: Select Items not in my library from the list before transferring any files. This will enable Home Sharing for both type of contents. Step 2: Enter the Apple ID and password. Step 4: Now, select a shared library to play music or videos from that. When iTunes is downloaded, a service called Bonjour Service is also downloaded. It allows remote apps and share libraries to be used with Home Sharing. Check if the service is running on your windows.

If status is Stopped start the service by right clicking on the service and selecting start. With iTunes Home sharing, iTunes really makes a wonderful life in your family. Everything is made so easy. But when it comes to file sharing, the complicated iTunes operations and restrictions may bore most of us.

How to Setup & Use iTunes Home Sharing

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Enable iTunes Home Sharing

Share music, movie, app, books, TV shows, and photos. Automatically transfer purchased media files to the shared computer. Stream media files shared among the computers to an iDevice or Apple TV 2nd generation and above.