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If it has not been resolved, follow the directions below to report the issue. By filing a report or bug, you can help Adobe work with driver manufacturers to address issues.

how to fix safari youtube 1080p60fps 4k problem on mac

Follow the instructions below to provide your video adapter driver information. Also provide a clear and detailed description of your issue with the information that Adobe requires to investigate.


5 Easy Ways to Insert YouTube video into PowerPoint

Or select Run and type dxdiag. Save this file to your desktop so that it is easy to locate. Optional: If you would like to quickly view your video card name, manufacturer, and driver version, click the Display tab. Submit your problem report, including the DxDiag. Submit your problem report, including the glxinfo. Provide title, description, and steps to reproduce.

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Copy and paste the following requested information:. Video playback issues Search. Flash Player User Guide. Select an article:. Applies to: Flash Player. You may experience one of the following issues while using Adobe Flash Player: Video does not display. A black or white box replaces the video. Colors are splotchy. A green line splits the player in two. The video stops playing when you change the resolution especially in full screen mode.

Check if you can see an HTML5 video. See the following videos in an HTML5 supported browser.

Solve video playback issues. If you experience problems when playing back video, follow these steps:. If you are using Windows, try updating your driver.

YouTube Downloader Not Working. There Is a Fix.

Report a video playback issue to Adobe. For Windows users. For Mac OS users. You can use Next Frame and Previous Frame adjoining the Play button to fine-tune the location where you set a marker. To trim the beginning of the clip, click the green Set button on the left-hand side. To trim the end of the clip, click the red Set button on the right-hand side. Expand your Office skills.

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