Formater mac os x lion

The boot process will take a long time, so be patient.

Be sure to turn on all monitors that are connected to your Mac because in some multi-monitor setups, the main display may not be the default monitor used by the OS X Lion installer. Disk Utility will open and display a list of connected drives. This process can take some time, so be patient.

How Do I Reformat My Hard Drive In OS X Mountain Lion?

Select the disk you wish to be the target for your OS X Lion install. Remember that we're going to erase this disk, so if you haven't performed a current backup of the data on the disk, stop and do it now. If you have a current backup, then you're ready to proceed. Select the disk you wish to erase. A drop-down sheet will appear, asking you to confirm that you wish to erase the target disk.

Click Erase.

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Disk Utility will erase the drive. A drop-down sheet will appear, asking if you agree to the license terms.


Click Agree. A list of disks will appear; select the disk you wish to install OS X Lion on. This should be the same disk you erased earlier. Click the Install button.

The Lion installer will copy the necessary files to the target disk. The installer may also download necessary components from the Apple web site. In our installation tests, there were never any downloads, but this feature may ensure that the installation has the latest updates, and there may not have been any current updates. A progress bar will display, with an estimate of the time to copy the needed files.

Mac OS X Installation Basics SATA Drive | Seagate Support ASEAN

Once all the necessary files are copied to the target disk, your Mac will restart. After your Mac restarts, the installation process will continue. A progress bar will display, with an estimate of the installation time, which can run from 10 to 30 minutes. Once you see the installation progress bar, the install process is identical to steps outlined in the following article:.

How to Unlock Recovery HD on Mac OS X Lion

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