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This guide works mostly on Android devices powered by the MediaTek processor and only a temporary change in MAC Address can be done using this method.

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Once you restart your Android device, the MAC reverts to the old one. I have shared two easiest way to change MAC address via Apps and manually.

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Different Methods to Change the Mac Address on your Android Device

Hence, below we are going to list the methods which require your device to be rooted and also the methods which do not require your device to be rooted. For this method, you will be requiring a rooted Android device, busybox app installed in it and terminal emulator app installed too. The steps required in this process are listed below:. Step 1 : Launch the terminal emulator app which you have installed on your rooted Android device. Step 3: You will now be assured for root permissions.

Step 4: You will now be shown the original Mac address of your device. Then, enter the command mentioned below. Your Mac address will now be changed. In this method, you will need a rooted Android device, busybox and ChameleMAC apps installed on that particular Android device. The steps which you need to know are listed below. Step 2: This app then asks you for root permission.

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Click on the grant option to start exploring the app. Step 3: You will find two different options.

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Step 4: Now, a confirmation box will pop up. Click on the change option if you wish to change your Mac address. This method is for unrooted Android devices and also, this change is only temporary and not permanent. Whenever you reboot your Android device, it will use your original Mac address. For this method, you will-will need an Android device, terminal emulator app installed in it. Then, follow the steps listed below one after another. Download nMac. So Many different types of modes available in this app, which is help to get how to change mac address WiFi mac changer application, which is also helps to change in many android devices.

WiFi Mac Changer software is can also generate random mac address for you, so you can use that mac address in your phone for change it. There are many more features mentioned in this app.

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You can easily change mac address in Your Android Smartphone with the help of these apps.