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Mac startup sound in .wav format

A Sad Mac may be deliberately generated at startup by pressing the interrupt switch on Macintosh computers that had one installed, or by pressing Command and Power keys shortly after the startup chime. On some Macintoshes such as PowerBook c, if the user presses the command and power keys before the boot screen displays, it will play the "chimes of death".

The chimes are a fraction of normal speed and there is no Sad Mac displayed.

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Mac OS X On the iPod , if damage or an error occurs in the hardware or the firmware , for example, if its files are deleted, a Sad iPod appears. This is similar to the Sad Mac, but instead of a Macintosh, there is an iPod, and there are no chimes of death. The icon also lacks a nose, and the frown is flipped horizontally.


It also does not show hexadecimal codes indicating what problem occurred in the iPod. This error screen will not show up when a problem occurs in the newer iPods. Different Macintosh series used different death chimes. The Macintosh II was the first to use the death chimes a loud and eerie upward major arpeggio , with different chimes on many models. The Macintosh Quadra , Centris , Performa , LC and the Macintosh Classic played a generally softer and lower pitched version of the upward major arpeggio, followed by three or four notes, with slight variation depending on the model of the Macintosh.

The PowerBook , , and used the second half of the 8-note arpeggio as found on the Quadra and Centris models, or the entire death chime if the error occurred before the screen lights up. The Power Macintosh and Performa and series, along with the Power Macintosh upgrade card, used an eerily dramatic 3-note brass fanfare with a rhythm of drums and cymbals.

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Since the introduction of the iMac in , the Chimes of Death are no longer used and were replaced with a series of tones to indicate hardware errors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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