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In some cases, we may need to remotely access your system to troubleshoot the issue s. We use a software called TeamViewer. We use Mac OSX Here's the download link for your reference. The Safari browser that comes with OS may not able to redirect you to the download page. You may need to switch to a different browser, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. We use Google Chrome to do the download.

And you should be able to find the downloaded file there.

TeamViewer free download for Mac | MacUpdate

We suggest you sort the folder by Date Modified. Then, the file will show up at either top or bottom depending on using ascending or descending order. Double-click the icon in the middle to start the TeamViewer QuickSupport program. Click the Open button to continue. If you don't see it, either is your Mac has no Internet connection or the program can't connect to the Server. If it is good to go, you should see a green rectangle with the message 'Ready to connect secure connection ' near the bottom of the program window. That's it!

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For your information, TeamViewer QuickSupport 'module does not require installation or administrator rights — simply download, double click, and give the provided ID and password to your support representative. Under the Actions tab, you can find options to end the session, reboot your device or even invite additional participants.

View tab contains the most useful options. You can select the screen fit, optimize speed and quality and select the screen resolution for the target system. You can share a file between the two system via drag and drop or using the file manager. TeamViewer provides an ID and password which can be used to take control of your system. However, signing up for a free user lets you store these credentials, and quickly connect to a system without the hassle of typing it every time. You can always record a TeamViewer session for a later access or for the records.

Once you are connected to TeamViewer, navigate to Extras in the Toolbar and you will find the option to start, pause and stop recording. Once a recording is done, you are prompted to save it.

TeamViewer supports multiple sessions simultaneously, you can take control of a second system without being disconnected from the first one. For IT support people, this can be very useful.

You can share a file by selecting File Transfer from the TeamViewer toolbar. You can either select the file which you want to share, or drag and drop a file using option File box. This is important since you can push an application to the target machine and install it without having a physical access.

Visual Settings options lets you optimize your connection to the target machine by giving you options to choose the Quality, Scaling, Screen resolution. It can be accessed via View option.

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In case there is a lag, you could select Optimize speed under Quality options, or disable GUI animations. TeamViewer app is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile which can help you take a look at your system anywhere, anytime. This lets me access my system and check if some downloads are completed, or even change the music track without reaching out to my system. Are you a TeamViewer user? What other tools do you use for remote desktop connection in Linux? Let us know in the comments how it helps you!

Or install anydesk — it is lighter and has the same functionalities most people use teamviewer for. Please log in again.

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The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

Download Teamviewer V-6 for MAC/Linux/Mobile

Download TeamViewer for Linux. An ID and Password is displaced on the screen. Enter the ID of the target device. Connected to elementary OS from Ubuntu system. Like what you read?

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