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Again, we start with the Frames. Since we've already made a color change, we need to revert to before the change. Fortunately, in all cases, that was just one command ago. Follow through with the same settings on all files and then save them the same way, but this time use the tag "yellow" as in Frames. Don't forget to grab the test color! In this case " d0b" is the color we need to record.

How do I Make a Template in Apple's "Pages?"

When you're done, be careful not to save any of the Photoshop documents over the original blue graphics. These need to retain their original glory Close each of the graphic images being careful to select Don't Save for each instance. Now our resource folder has expanded to 36 files. Don't bother renaming the original graphics files.

As long as the name is unique from the other two colors, they'll be fine. Now that all of our graphics are together, we need to make a tiny adjustment to the content. Currently, it already knows where all the graphics fit, but we're going to want to change the color of the title text.

We simply need to add a label for that. Open the content. Personally, I use TextWrangler. If you just don't want to add this free utility to your Mac, you can change the suffix of the file to "txt" and edit it in TextEdit. Be sure to name it back to content. Checking the Quicklook of the html file, we're going to want to edit the color definition of the Taylor Ethen Andrews line.

Save the file and on to the next step. If you haven't installed Apple's Developers Toolkit , the following will be a lot more difficult. Using Property List Editor will make it a lot easier. This is the part that tells you how it all works. For those that don't want to learn anything, you can download this file below.

For those willing to learn, read on Double-click the Description. If Property List Editor is installed, it will open the file. Throughout the file, you'll find each graphic defined by one filename. We need to convert each instance into a Dictionary of three filenames. Now change the Type to Dictionary. Expand the list by clicking the arrow left of "item 1" or pressing the right-arrow on the keyboard.

Now the Add icon will change to "Add Child. Type in the color and paste in its Value. Click "Add Item" and name the second color followed by the filename for that color.

Letterhead Templates [Mac Pages / Numbers]

Now repeat for the third color. Now that our images are defined, let's define our font color. Open it and add another dictionary by the class name we assigned to the Font definition. Add the three color items and give them the values we wrote down previously. We now need to define the editing portion of the Stationery. This will prevent the color from changing while your writing and clicking. Now, click the arrow to the left and click Add Child. Name the child, Top Margin and set it to Click Add Item , name it Width and set it to Lastly, create a new field called Default Color and set it to blue.

Save your work If you didn't notice, I made a typo in the Background images by misnaming the lbg. This resulted in the left-background-image not changing. The last graphic shows the correction. If all went well, you should be able to open the Stationery in Mail and click the preview icon or background to change its colors. Now, Mac users Announce your newborn daughters, twins or new HD Entertainment Systems!

As an exercise, try adding completely different background graphics to other Stationery. Below you will find two installer packages. BabyColors will install this modification. StickyColors will install a number of color choices into the Sticky selection under Stationery. After completing this Instructable, I continued learning how to contruct stationery. I've created two that I consider quite cool.

You're welcome to download the installer and install it in your Mac.

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If you like it and would like to share it, send this Instructable to your friends. Big Note: An alternative to Sticky with a lot more space to fit your note. Hand Card: A lot like those placards you see in the airports. Please don't distribute this package outside of Instructables. The Pro version does not support that feature yet very odd. Reply 3 years ago. It's a free download.

Preference files plist are now editable directly in the XCode app. I have tried to resize them but it is just gone when I did. I have the same problem and its annoying. Any idea how to resolve it?

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  • Step 1: Locate the Stationery File for Editing....
  • Ideally it could display in list display mode or at least we could enlarge the stationary selection panel. I like Mail Stationery templates but my text is often too much for the text box Specifically I'd like to use the photo template "tack board" with 7 images Thanks for the instructions but I have a need to turn a template image into a clickable link.

    How is that done?

    Mail Stationery free download for Mac | MacUpdate

    Need for info? Let's say I select the Air Mail template from the Photos category. I drag in three separate photos. How do I add a link to each photo so that a receiver can click on the photo and be taken to a specific web page or site? Is that option there am I just missing it?

    Editing a Template

    Thanks for any tips! Reply 5 years ago on Step The easiest solution for this is to create a hidden web page not linked from any other page on your site containing the body of the email with all the links and any other bells and whistles you like. Add plain text at the begging of the page reading "If this isn't displaying in your email reader, click this LINK to view. Problem solved! Good luck! Great set of instructions Would be good to see a good file and share this MAC feature more widely I have adjusted a template and will be emailing out next week with the results.

    This is one of the easiest ways to get your email blocked because it looks like spam to mail server filters. If it's business email, leave off the stationary, and send plain text not html, and not rich text if at all possible. Edit: I just made a change to Step 8.

    A paragraph was added to define the Letter Rectangle. This feature prevents the colors from changing while you're trying to edit your message. Trust me Without this, editing can be quite frustrating! Free War Bomb Game. Free Rate Mate Game. Free Dragon Game.

    I have created over two hundred different original templates for you to enjoy.


    This free desktop stationary download archive is full of of templates for you to collect as you grow your graphic library. The high quality publishing products are available as both 'iWork templates' and 'PDF templates'. Please help supporCreate your own Stationery Library with this free archive of downloads. Pages is a publishing, word processing and page layout application with an emphasis on visual presentations. It comes with templates for newsletters, stationery, journals, invitations, resume, clipart, educational Projects, business marketing, iwork Pages has a media browser for inserting pictures, music, and video from iPhoto, iMovie and iTunes.

    Help our efforts to build up your graphics archive by returning to see what we create in the future.

    Step 2: Cook Up Your Own Design

    All images are created from the following commercial and royalty free sources. Bookmark us - Since you will seriously need to return. IWork is Apple's suite of productivity software, including Pages, a word processor; Numbers, a spreadsheet program, and Keynote, presentation software.