Running windows on mac os 10.7

For Windows to operate properly on your Mac you need this support software, so select that option and click Continue. Insert the disc and click any OK buttons necessary to more the process along. The support software will be burned to that disc. If you have a Mac that lacks a media drive choose the second option. Click Quit at the bottom of the window and then relaunch Boot Camp Assistant. You must now relaunch Boot Camp Assistant. Creating a Boot Camp partition.

If you have a Mac with a media drive choose to install Windows 7.

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If you need more storage space than the default 20GB partition, drag the Windows partition to the left to increase its size. If the amount of free space on the drive is greater than the amount of space currently used by your Mac—say, the files on the Mac currently account for GB on a GB drive—you can click a Divide Equally button to create partitions of roughly equal size.

When your Mac recognizes the disc, it will begin the partitioning process.

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When Boot Camp Assistant finishes partitioning your drive it shuts down any running application and reboots your Mac into the Windows installer. After agreeing to the license agreement, agree to install Windows. Choose Custom. In the window that appears choose the boot camp partition, which is clearly labeled. A window will appear that warns you that formatting the partition might be a bad thing. Once Windows has formatted the drive you can continue the installation by clicking on the Next button.

The Windows installation will proceed, restarting your Mac a time or two. You install those drivers by inserting the disc or drive that contains the Windows Support Software and double-clicking on the Setup application within the WindowsSupport folder on that disc or drive.

How Apple Boot Camp Works

Do this and the software installs the necessary drivers. When the Mac restarts and boots into Windows, a Boot Camp help window appears. As such you need to take the same precautions as other Windows users.

Apple MacBook running Windows 7 & OS X Lion

You should absolutely use antivirus software. Additionally, be sure to install Windows updates when prompted. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc.

A Mac running OS X About 15 minutes of your time. Some files you wish to share. Click the Network preference pane in the System Preferences window. From the Location drop-down menu, select Edit Locations. Create a copy of your current active location. Select your active location from the list in the Location sheet. The active location is usually called Automatic. Click the sprocket button and select 'Duplicate Location' from the pop-up menu.

Type in a new name for the duplicate location. Click the Done button. Click the Advanced button.

Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac

Select the WINS tab. In the Workgroup field, enter the same workgroup name you use on your PC. Click the OK button. Click the Apply button. In the Start menu, right-click the Computer link. Select 'Properties' from the pop-up menu. In the System Information window that opens, click the 'Change settings' link in the 'Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings' category. In the System Properties window that opens, click the Change button.

The button is located next to the line of text that reads: 'To rename this computer or change its domain or workgroup, click Change. Remember that the workgroup names on the PC and the Mac must match exactly.

Boot Camp (software) - Wikipedia

Click OK. A status dialog box will open, saying 'Welcome to the X workgroup,' where X is the workgroup name you entered earlier. Click OK in the status dialog box. A new status message will appear, telling you that 'You must restart this computer for the changes to take effect.

Close the System Properties window by clicking OK. Restart your Windows PC. From the list of sharing services on the left, select File Sharing by placing a checkmark in its box.

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In the Finder sheet that drops down, navigate to the folder you wish to share. Select the folder and click the Add button. Repeat for any additional folders you wish to share.

Navigation menu

Select a folder listed in the Shared Folders list. The Users list will display a list of users who are allowed to access the folder, as well as what each user's access privileges are. To change access rights, click on the current access rights. A pop-up menu will appear, listing the access rights available for you to assign. Not all access right types are available for all users.

The user can read files, copy files, create new files, edit files within the shared folder, and delete files. Read Only.

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The user may read files, but not edit, copy, or delete files. Write Only Drop Box. The user may copy files to the drop box, but won't be able to see or access the contents of the drop box folder. No Access. The user will not be able to access any files in the shared folder or any information about the shared folder. This access option is primarily used for the special Everyone user, which is a way to allow or prevent guest access to folders.