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As I pointed out in the GT-S55 review, most scanners come much closer to their ratings in our testing. The Ambir ImageScan Pro u , which is also rated at 40 ppm and 80 ipm, came in at Very much worth mention, however, is that I saw an obvious lag between giving the scan command and the scan actually starting. The more pages you scan in a batch, the smaller a percentage that lag will be of the overall time, and the faster the speed will come out in pages per minute.

The speed for scanning to sPDF format, which is generally preferred for document management applications, is potentially more of an issue. When adding the text recognition step for sPDF files, the GT-S85 takes longer than less expensive scanners with slower raw scan speeds. I timed it at 2 minutes 6 seconds on our sheet duplex text document, making it only 11 seconds faster than the Epson GT-S55, more than a minute slower than the Canon DR-C, and about a half minute slower than the 30 ppm, 60 ipm Kodak i If you need to scan primarily to sPDF files, in short, you can get equal or better performance with less expensive scanners.

Using the default ppi setting, the GT-S85 read both our Times New Roman and Arial text pages at font sizes as small as 10 points without a mistake. At ppi, it managed to read both at 8 points without a mistake.


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More impressively, it also did as good a job or better with several fonts that aren't part of our official tests because few scanners or programs can handle them well. If you need to scan primarily to sPDF format, less expensive scanners can do the job as quickly or faster. If you need to scan primarily to image formats, however, you can take better advantage of its speed.

So although the Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S85 isn't a compelling choice for every office it is aimed at, it may be the right choice, or at least a reasonable choice, for yours. Bottom Line: Aimed at companies that are most likely using scan-related software running on servers or in the cloud, the Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S85 offers a page input capacity and fast speed. Pandigital Personal Scanner S8X David Stone is an award-winning freelance writer and computer industry consultant.

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Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The scanned colors differ from the original colors. Blank pages appear in my scanned image when using Epson Scan. Why do I see only part of my inch long document when I preview it? When I scan a text document, the letter O is missing in some areas. An area I highlighted with a fluorescent or neon marker does not appear in my scan. Select the questions to view the answers How should I clean the product? How should I transport my product?

Paper jammed in my product.

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Select the questions to view the answers How can I scan directly to an e-mail? How can I scan business cards?

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Software or Setup. Select the questions to view the answers My product software doesn't work properly. How do I decide which scanning resolution to select when scanning? How can I convert my scanned documents to a PDF file? Event Manager does not open.

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When I scan multiple business cards, only the first business card is recognized by the BizCard software. When using Presto BizCard to scan multiple business cards, only one business card image is displayed. When using Presto BizCard to scan business cards, the image is truncated or cut off and I have to manually change the scanning area width to 2.

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Why is this? I see the message Image size is too large. The Ready light doesn't turn on or flash. Can I use the product as a copier? The product does not turn on. How can I speed up the scanning process? What do my product's lights indicate? The LCD screen is not displaying my language. What type of documents can I scan using the carrier sheet?

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How do I replace the roller assembly kit? Does my product have a security slot? What size paper can I load in the product's input tray?

How many sheets of paper can I load in my product's input tray? How do I load documents in the input tray?

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How do I load cards in the input tray? Why do I see punch holes in the images I scanned to my e-mail, after I've selected the option to remove punch holes in Epson Scan? My product freezes after previewing an A4-size document. There is a paper jam in my product, the paper feed rollers turn, and there is no error message. When I scan a inch long document, the paper jams. Why does my product pause periodically while scanning a multi-page document?

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