Mac os restore to factory settings

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You can also perform the exact same actions as described here from a boot USB disk if you have one. The initial erase and data removal process is how this primarily differs from simply reinstalling OS X system software on the Mac without formatting the Mac to begin with, which would maintain files and apps and user data, whereas the factory reset completely removes everything and starts fresh. Be sure you backup any and all personal files and data that you care about before starting this process, if you do not back up your personal data and files they will be permanently lost as this process erases the Mac and resets the computer to factory default settings.

Do not skip backups of your stuff! If you want to completely erase the Mac and get a factory reset Mac OS X version that is blank and back to default settings as if the computer was brand new, this is the process to achieve that.

How to Restore a MacBook Pro to Factory Settings

This will reset Mac to the factory default version of Mac OS X on the computer, everything else will be removed in the process. On the other hand if you are setting it up yourself, go ahead and go through the initial setup process, it will be just like it was when the Mac was brand new, requiring setup of the user account and system software, setting up as a clean slate of factory default settings.

No personal data will remain on the Mac, no apps, no files, nothing, it is entirely wiped clean of all data and then a fresh factory version of Mac OS X system software has been installed. All Rights Reserved.

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Depending on the size of data your hard drive has, the process may take some time to complete. You must log in or register to reply here. Now I just k MacBooks 7 Mar 21, C after i click on reinstall os x to factory settings, im getting an error message..

How to Erase and Factory Reset Your Mac

Now I just k after i click on reinstall os x to factory settings, im getting an error message.. Reinstall procedure not working How to restore macbook pro to factory setting and keep microsoft suite? Post thread. Laptop General Discussion. Started by Misha Jul 24, Replies: 4.

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  • First, Back Up Your Data.

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How To Erase Reset Restore a Macbook to Factory Settings - Mac OS X 2019 LATEST GUIDE

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