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Forums Hardware Graphics Cards. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. K4rMa Honorable. Feb 18, 5 0 10, 0. Any idea?

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Any other link? Someone could upload the drivers from the CD? Akhilcool Distinguished. Feb 12, 0 18, The drivers on the CD aren't anything spectacular. They are usually older versions of the drivers on their sites. Just try some older drivers and see if they work. Oct 2, 6, 0 28, Well, most probably no other drivers are going to help you out.

How to install a legacy ATI (AMD) Radeon driver on Windows 10

Something is wrong with the card or then with the rig. Where did you buy the card from? Why was there no disc with it? What card were you using before this? Answer all these and we might be able to help you. The graphics card is working fine! My friend gave it to me because he bought a new one, but he have lost the cd. Before this card i was using a nvidia one mb. Here some stats that i managed to take:.

Mac Pro 1.1 With ATI 4870

Apr 29, 26, 29 81, 2, System specs? So the only issue you have is downloading a new driver? If it's working fine then you shouldn't change anything much. Give us a feedback here. Then use driversweeper to remove the Nvidia components completely from the rig.

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After that install the ATI Card and try to install the drivers. I dont know what is memtest and how to use it. Driver sweeper i can find the link but what could i do with it?

ATI Radeon HD 4870 Mac Edition

Mar 29, 56 0 18, 1. Driver Sweeper will let you remove the drivers installed for your old nVidia card. I used it delete all nvidia drivers , restarted the pc. Did you uninstall all the ATI stuff too before you tried to install drivers or just the Nvidia drivers? You must log in or register to reply here.

Flashing an ATI for MacPro 1,1 « Computer Solutions Blog

While the GT happens to be just a little faster for OpenGL games — the is faster for the Core Accelerated video functions such that Motion, Aperature, etc use. The was specifically has tuning for such applications according to ATI when this card was first made available to us. As for why things slowed down under OS X X Tiger, it slowed dramatically for me or appeared to.

Work demanded I leave the mac pro for a while and now on my return, I am still convinced Ive been sold a 5k bathtub. Recently spoke with Apple re a graphics upgrade.. So I bought it, installed it, to find I then needed to purchase I actually like the guy :. Rominator, would you mind to supply me with the flashin procedure for the They also work together perfectly in bootcamp with Vista bit using the most recent Nvidia driver.

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I have not tried the mini displayport on either OS but it is recognized by both. I have put some picture of my setup! That would be nice,. I have the 2. Really nice i had no problem to have 2 Display to my Mac Pro on the floor. But i will buy a extender when it will be available. Rominator: I am interested in how you got the card working!

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  • March 14, 2009.
  • I have the first 8-core-3GHz version 2,1. Currently with x, looking to upgrade to the new HD There is no email displayed for you, so if you could please email me on tufta hotmail. Thanks GT. Great to see you all found this blog and particular post. Intent of post was just to give a quick insight as to what cards would work in previous model Mac Pros.

    Apple never mentioned this when I ordered two of them for my video workstation. In the meantime, the is a good card and is now quiet noisy as stock because ATI wanted to make it a single slot card for a wider base, increasing noise from a smaller fan once I replaced the fan with a passive cooler since the bottom PCIe2 slot has room for a dual space card it is now super quiet I works great, very quiet and very very cool to the touch, unlike the older ATI xt which was an heat generator and loud.

    I just love how we Mhz Mac Pro owners are left out in the cold when it comes to video card upgrade options. These machines are fast and stable with lots of life left in them, why are we being ignored when it comes to better video cards? Bummer, I was looking forward to getting a for my Mhz Mac Pro. Are you absolutely sure the GT works in a MacPro?

    Are there any drawbacks? Or have you only tried the MDP straight out?

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    Did you boot the old Mac Pro with the drive from the new Mac Pro? Namely, you can buy the for either the or Mac Pro, but the GT is only sold as compatible with the new Mac Pro, according to the Apple Store site. Here, you get the GT to work with both and models, but the only partly works with the model. Apple does not offer either as compatible with the MHz model. Be Sociable, Share This!