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Each radio station can be assigned an individual command, which then allows the station to be played or stopped via Siri.

Connect to an Internet broadcast

With the Siri shortcuts, radio streams can now also be played directly on the HomePod via voice commands. With the new CarPlay support Receiver comes now finally also into the vehicle. This means that all users of the Receiver iPhone app now have a slim, easy-to-use radio on their CarPlay system.

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We give you a choice of more than 40, radio stations. Browse stations by genre, region, language, popularity, or even sound quality. Get an overview of the most popular radio stations in your area. If you don't find any suitable live radio shows, have a look into one of over 25, podcasts on demand.

While listening to a live radio station it is easy to see all the podcasts the station provides. Sync your favourite stations and podcasts and gain acces to them on all of your iOS, Android, apple TV or Fire TV without the need of any third party registration.

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Using the extensive alarm function of Receiver allows you to wake up from a radio station, a Podcast or an alarm sound. We made it a high priority to make the app accessible for the visual impaired.

ESP32 internet radio, ESP-IDF Mac Osx Mojave

We know that radio is a very important medium for visually impaired people. The positive feedback we got proved that we succeeded in this area. This lets you access all your favourite stations and podcasts on all of your devices.

And The Winner Is… Best Internet Radio Streaming Service

Receiver lets you listen to over 40, radio stations from all over the world, or just browse through more than 25, podcasts. Use your Apple Watch for controlling Receiver: Select a station or start and stop the playback right from your wrist. Get to sleep with the Receiver Sleep Timer: The sleep timer function fades the radio station or podcast sound within a selectable time frame. Receiver shows the cover art of the song that is currently played by a radio station.

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With one tap you can look up the song in iTunes. Sometimes, special events are streamed live on the Internet before the edited version appears on regular TV if it appears at all. While web-based players and premium streaming services give you access to a world of content, web-based players are typically channel specific. However, there are several products that allow you to transmit all the content from your TV, directly to your MacBook — Broadway box is one such product.

30’000+ Radio Stations IN VOX

It then sends the converted signal to your home router, and your router forwards the signal to your laptop via your home Wi-Fi or Internet connection. Essentially, this just turns your Mac into a set-top box, but the best ones also provide electronic programme guides and hard-disk recording so you can view the content at a later time.

The tuner itself is a compact size that fits into a spare USB slot on your Mac, and the other end has a full-sized coaxial socket to connect to your TV aerial feed.

It also comes with the EyeTV software, which contains a program guide and can also record programmes to disk for later viewing. The beauty of these external USB adaptors is their diminutive size and convenience, plus the fact that that you can pick up all the free-to-air DVB digital TV channels pretty much anywhere.

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